News! Rose Gold Churro in Disneyland

Well, it’s not just snacks all over Disney World that are suddenly sporting the Rose Gold hue… because now you can get a Rose Gold CHURRO in Disneyland!

Rose Gold Churro

Rose Gold Churro

Find this strawberry flavored Churro at the Churro Cart next to Sleeping Beauty Castle. That’s what our friend Sabrina did (she’s @everythingdisney.55), and she thought it was delicious!

Rose Gold Churro sign

Rose Gold Churro sign

She also shared that the treat should be available for the next two months (through about mid-April). So, don those Rose Gold Ears and Spirit Jerseys and grab yours soon!

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Would you like to try a Rose Gold Churro? Please let us know with a comment!


  1. Kristen McCormick says

    Are the rose gold churros only at Disneyland? My family would love to get one while we are here at DisneyWorld this week. How can we get one?

  2. DFB Sarah says

    Kristen, we have not see the Rose Gold Churro at Disney World yet, but that’s always subject to change!

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