DFB Video: Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland Food Tour

Hey, guys! We’re back with another DFB Video this weekend, and I hope you’re ready to blast off with us as we take you on a food tour of Magic Kingdom’s Tomorrowland!

Mission to S'mores Latte from Revive in Tomorrowland

Mission to S’mores Latte from Revive in Tomorrowland

When you think of Tomorrowland in Disney World’s Magic Kingdom, visions of Space Mountain, the Carousel of Progress, and Buzz Lightyear’s Space Ranger Spin likely come to mind… and I don’t blame ya! But even though Tomorrowland is home to some stellar attractions, it’s also home to some terrific eats. You may even run across a certain singing alien who may serenade you while you dine! (And here’s a tip: if you’re looking for specialty coffee, but want to avoid the morning rush at the Main Street Bakery, Tomorrowland’s got you covered there, too). So join us today in Tomorrowland!

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So check out the video and then let us know: What’s your favorite thing to eat in Tomorrowland? 


  1. Dave says

    Jan trip we hit Joffreys kiosk for the S’mores Latte and a fresh baked donut and it was goooood! Unique which is what we like to try. Personally we feel Auntie Gravity’s has the best quick counter soft serve in all of Disney. Don’t know why but somehow its different, more creamier there. Maybe the machines get it colder I don’t know but our entire family agrees, soft serve is best from AG. Cosmic Ray’s, while we used to go there previously, we dont anymore as there are many better places that have opened throughout Disney that we bypass it. Its such a massive place and crazy packed all the time and just feels like a 3 bay chaotic cafeteria. When we want good pulled pork sandwiches we go to Capt Cook’s or Flametree BBQ. A great burger is only at D-Luxe for us so we can also get the gelato shakes there and fries with 6 dipping sauces! If we want one in MK we only get them at the Plaza, awesome burgers there and usually can walk up and get in. Tomorrowland Terrace like you mentioned is more about the dessert party than being open for regular meals. Maybe 1 in 4 visits is it even open so we look on way in and see what they have available to help us with lunch decisions.

  2. Marc says

    What?! Cosmic Ray’s no longer has the plastic cheese at the toppings bar! Glad I watched. (Not that I normally add it to be pulled pork sandwich, which I love here!)

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