If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth as you tour World Showcase, we suggest stopping in Epcot’s Germany pavilion and visiting Karamell-Küche (German for “caramel kitchen”).

This charming store lures you in with the sweet smell of caramel, and once inside you’ll spy many tempting sweets behind the glass counters. And, if you’re lucky you’ll be able to snag a sample of their amazing caramel corn!

Service: Counter service

Type of Food: Snacks

Location: Epcot, World Showcase

Disney Dining Plan: Yes, Snack Credits

Tables in Wonderland: No


Caramel popcorn, caramel apples, milk chocolate and caramel covered strawberries, chocolate caramel grapes, caramel corn cupcakes, and more.


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Important Info:

  • You can often get a sample of the homemade caramel corn before you buy a bag (or two!)

Famous Dishes: Caramel corn, caramel corn cupcakes

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