Guest Review: Coffee Mocha Cupcake at Disney’s Boardwalk Bakery

Join me in welcoming guest author Dereka Erickson with a review of another awesome Disney Cupcake!

As a chocoholic, one of my favorite things about staying at Disney’s Boardwalk is the easy access to the Boardwalk Bakery and Seashore Sweets. One day, I’d like to walk in and say, “I’ll have one of each!”

On this particular day I had to settle for only one item: The Coffee-Mocha cupcake caught my eye, as I’d never seen it before. It sounded promising, so I asked for one of those and an Oreo Bonbon cupcake for my husband.

Cupcakes in Case

Cake Review

When I took off the wrapper I was initially disappointed to see “wet” cake. I do not like soggy food. I took that first bite hesitantly, but my hesitation quickly turned into enthusiasm! This was “wet” cake done right.

Chocolate cake can sometimes come off as a bit dry, so the coffee added to this definitely prevented that without going overboard. It was not soggy at all.

The coffee beans that you see are actually molded dark chocolate. Even my husband commented that they were a nice touch.

Coffee Mocha Cupcake and Oreo Bonbon Cupcake

Frosting and Filling Review

The frosting on this has a nice, smooth mocha flavor. It’s not super-sweet and is very smooth. It isn’t that kind of frosting that “tickles” your teeth and throat.

The filling inside is a little thicker than the frosting on top, but maintains the mocha flavor.

To be honest, I didn’t even [Read more…]