DIY Disney: Disney Village Peach Cobbler

About twice a month, our resident Chef BigFatPanda puts together his amazing step-by-step, photo-filled posts where he and Chef Mickey show you their adventures in the kitchen cooking up Disney goodies! Today, Chef Big Fat Panda’s DIY Disney Recipes brings us a gorgeous sweet treat! Take it away, Chef!

Hello again! Chef BigFatPanda here with a truly wonderful, easy to make recipe.

I don’t consider myself a pastry or dessert expert by a long shot, but after making this little gem, I certainly want to aim for it. By this time next year, I likely will have posted enough Disney sweets that I will be more comfortable with these delectables.

So, coming off of a less than stellar Chili recipe a few weeks ago, I am so glad I opted for this next adventure. Today, I am presenting you with a Peach Cobbler from Chef Mickey’s Village Restaurant at the Disney Village Marketplace.

But Chef Mickey’s is at the Contemporary! you may exclaim. Some history is in order here:
I believe that when the Village Marketplace first opened or was renamed in the 80’s, the restaurant we now know as the Rainforest Café was the Disney Village Restaurant. I remember going here with my Mom for a very pleasant dinner. Some years later… and it’s hard to find specifics… it became Chef Mickey’s Village Restaurant. It was not uncommon to see Chef Mickey roaming [Read more…]