Buddy Cake Pops, Sweet Candy Tears and MUCH MORE Coming to Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff at Pixar Pier in Disneyland Resort!

Pixar Pier is opening in Disney California Adventure in a matter of DAYS, and I can’t WAIT to get there!

Pixar Pier... opening SOON!

Pixar Pier… opening SOON!

But none of us have to wait any longer to take a sneak peek at some of the colorful, whimsical, plentiful goodies coming to Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff!

Buuuut…while Pixar Pier will officially open on June 23rd, according to Disney’s latest post, Bing Bong’s won’t open until “later this summer.” We’re guessing that means it won’t be ready for this weekend???

Super bummer…but we have lots to check out in the meantime, because this confectionery will bring all sorts of classic Disney snacks — along with unique offerings as well — to guests on Pixar Pier. 

Bing Bong's Sweet Stuff Concept Art ©Disney

Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff Concept Art ©Disney

Of course, even those classic snacks will sport some new Bing Bong-approved designs, playing on Pixar pal themes!

"Buddy" Cake Pops ©Disney

“Buddy” Cake Pops ©Disney

Case in point, the spot’s Cake Pops will rotate seasonally, featuring Pixar characters in “Buddy” pairs like Nemo and Baby Dory, Wall-E and Eve, and Woody and Buzz. Look for Inside Out Emotions to be featured, too.

And since no Disney confectionery is complete without caramel apples, you’ll find specialty apples like the Rainbow Unicorn Apple and the Bing Bong Apple. (But inside? It’s totally that signature Granny Smith, no matter which one you choose!)

Bing Bong and Rainbow Unicorn Caramel Apples ©Disney

Bing Bong and Rainbow Unicorn Caramel Apples ©Disney

And, yes, there will be plenty of CANDY!! Lollipops, Lemon Drops, Red Licorice, and Sour Apple Balls will be available alongside Saltwater Taffy in assorted flavors such as Strawberry Banana and Peaches and Cream.

Saltwater Taffy ©Disney

Saltwater Taffy ©Disney

Pixar-themed Popcorn will feature Inside Out Emotions in selections like Fruit Punch (Fear), Blue Raspberry (Sadness), Red Hot Candy Popcorn (Anger), and Confetti Popcorn (Joy).

Pixar-themed Popcorn ©Disney

Pixar-themed Popcorn ©Disney

And we know a little more now about the new slushes hitting the scene! Called Memory Refreshers, you’ll be able to order up a Rainbow Unicorn with grape soda, blue raspberry soda, lime, cherry, lemon-lime and rainbow candies. Or try an Imaginary Pal (among other choices), made with pink lemonade and grape soda with rainbow cotton candy, topped with a marshmallow flower.

Expect Colorful Slushes!

Expect Colorful Slushes!

Rainbow Cotton Candy will add another colorful creation in flavors such as Blue Raspberry and Orange. And, of course, Bing Bong’s own sweet candy tears will sweeten up the place, too!

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Which item are you most excited to try at Bing Bong’s Sweet Stuff?

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