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  1. We will never visit again. Went into one at AK and were served water. No one ever returned and we were sitting at the BAR!! The ppl next to us couldn’t get their bill! Bad Juju. 20 min later we walked out

  2. I tend to end up at a Rain Forest Cafe during my trips to Disney. The wait at Disney Springs can be pretty long, if you don’t get lucky.
    I have found shorter wait times at the one outside of Animal Kingdom. They are dependable restaurants. The quality is always good
    and younger diners will really appreciate the atmosphere. Some diners may find it a bit loud. (especially if you are next to the gorillas)

  3. Your right, it is a little pricy…aaaah…a lot pricey for pretty good food… but if you join the frequent guest club and get a Free $25.00 credit every
    Year during your birthday month. I go every year.

  4. I only read the title, I didn’t read the article. I assume it was complaining of some sorts like most articles nowadays. But robot gorillas do sound interesting. Robots in and of themselves are interesting. The hardware and the software, very mind blowing. Back to you complaints

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