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  1. Before Magical Express, we would do a one day car rental from the airport to our Disney hotel and return it onsite. On departure day, we’d rent onsite and return at the airport. A pain, but less expensive than paying a car service. That was years ago. We’re older now and have gotten used to the luxury of Magical Express, especially having our luggage show up in our room. Without the availability of Magical Express, I’m also wondering if the price of car services to and from the airport will increase. I’m not happy about this and hope Disney executives are reviewing reactions to their latest cut in services. I think Disney believes that people will pay anything for a Disney vacation, and sadly, that may be true.

  2. Has Disney taken into consideration, how many vehicles their decision to eliminate the complimentary bus and luggage service, will put onto the roads of Florida? The roads are jammed now. There will not be enough cars to rent. There will not be enough space in the parking lots to accommodate the extra vehicles. The extra pollution to the air by the extra vehicle’s will be alarming. In the end, Disney will have created a bottle neck of wasted time for vacationers, frustration and high anxiety yielding to unfavorable vacation experiences. Government officials of Florida, need to step up now to discuss with Disney, to evaluate environmental ramifications, traffic safety on its roads and complete intentions for the Florida tourist experience, right up until the vacationer enters their Disney hotel. It is obvious that these are quick fix ideas without long tern solutions. Will airport baggage handling move luggage to the train? Will Disney move the luggage from the train to the hotels? Will there be departure services available from Disney to the airport? Not to mention how moving through the airport terminal to departure gates. So many questions and no answers.

  3. This is very saddening news. Disney used to have such seamless service which is disappearing everywhere you look. Their prices keep going up and the dollar value keeps going down. The Magic Express made it very easy for someone unfamilar with Orlando and the Disney World area. Tried the Means transport system and found them poor and not customer oriented. This move by Disney is one more reason to take Disney World and or Disney Anaheim out of our vaction destinations. We have been annual pass holders for many years. This family of 18 people who would go to Disney 3 or 4 times a year and spend a fortune on all the extras because we loved the place, have all decided that we probably are done with Disney. Many of the competitive parks are offering better prices and better customer service than Disney. So sorry that you are ruining another good perk.

  4. With all the other changes occurring at WDW that are not so positive, this may seal the deal on my family not taking any more vacations there. Part of the draw to WDW is all the magical little perks you would receive leading up to your vacation and upon arrival. Most of these are now gone. So sad!

    I can understand the savings Disney will see from not having to lease space at the airport and maintain a vehicle fleet, but the magical moment of entering the ME queue and knowing your vacation just started allowed people to instantly de-stress.

    Curious to see what business comes in and corners the market in Orlando to provide this service once ME is gone.

  5. I really am upset about this it was a perfect setup for disney and every guest that stays at the park. What do they want now us to rent a car and pay for parking each day it justs sits in the hotel parking lot. It is to big of a price for a rental for a week and parking for less then 100 miles

  6. Wow, just WOW!! You’ve got to be kidding me!! THIS perk in itself was the reason we all went on vacation to disney. From the time we got on the plane to the time we got off when we got home it was stress free (well, mostly anyways) Add another $1000 easily to rent a car and another $150 for parking at the hotel. Not to mention wasting the whole day waiting at the airport to get a rental. We were going to go May 2022 but now i’m not so sure. I guarantee next on the chopping block will be the shuttle service from hotels to the parks. Oh yes, that’s coming my friends! So tell me, where are the perks to staying on site now? Total BS. I’m not sure we’re even going now. And yes, this does make it or break it for me!!



    If they want to save money, why not charge us something?


  8. I am extremely disappointed. We were suppose to have our trip in August of 2020, but we had to cancel due to the covid. We had planned to go in 2022 and there is not service to the resort and the train will not be done. I don’t like them making it sound like the customers no longer need this or want it. This is because they blew through too much money and did not handle things in the best way, so they are cutting services and other things like magic bands, and storage of our bags, but I bet they don’t cut the price. I am very disappointed on how Disney has become all about money. They are out pricing the working class of people and offering less. I realize these are tough times, but guess what it is tough for everyone, well, maybe not the extreme rich. This has been poorly run and when they don’t even have the train service, they are making hard for those of us that still need to redo our vacation time there.

  9. With the exception of the 60 day Fast Pass (which who knows if /when that will return), there really isn’t an incentive to pay for Disney resorts. Plus, my guess is when Tron and GotG open, they will have the Boarding Pass process like RotR – no fast pass. The things that made it worth staying at a Disney Resort are gone: free magic bands, Magical Express, extra magic hours, etc. Thirty minutes early isn’t an incentive when non-resort guests arrive early at the gates to go through bag check lines. And with the ME gone, my heart sank. That was something we ALWAYS loved and I would suggest to people to stay on WDW property because of that perk. But, now, the anxiety of getting off the plane, waiting for your luggage, fighting to get an Uber/cab, etc. Is gone. We used to let out a huge sigh of relief when we got off the plane knowing that all we needed to do was get to the resort and hop on the first bus to MK. Not anymore. I truly wonder who is making all these decisions and why they think their loyal WDW fans would still be okay with it. No more expensive WDW hotels for us. We have never stayed anywhere else!

  10. Disneyhas become unfriendly. Family unfriendly, customer unfriendly and value unfriendly. Covid or not, Disney has been going down hill for sometime. Services like the magical express made staying at the over priced Disney Hotels attractive. People could take a plane, get the bus at the airport and stay at a Disney hotel, use the Disney transportation around the parks and not have to worry. THat was a plus. Last year Disney started charging hotel guests to park thier cars at the hotels. What the hell are they thinking.
    As far as I am concerned, I wont ever be making a trip from Washington State to Disney World ever again. We stayed at The Old Key West last visit, It was the worst Disney Hotel I ever stayed at, What garbage. No view, services were poor, mold in the bathroom, doors that were sticky and grinded across the floor.
    When you spen close to 10K for a weeks vacation from the West Coast to WDW your expect that you would enjoy your time. THat has not been teh case the last few times we traveled to WDW. Disney…..Your should be ashamed, You will soon be out of buisness as your customer service declines
    I wont be back.

  11. We are a big family, with multiple children from 6 months to 9 years old. Renting enough cars with car seats, or Uber or other car service with car seats will put our annual Disney trip out of our intended price range. This is just sad for all of us. Very sad.

  12. This is terrible news! Disney, what are you thinking? Magic express is an integral part of any WDW vacation for people who fly. I am so disappointed by this decision. Has Disney given up on their core commitment of creating the happiest place on Earth and decided to make getting to and from the park a nightmare experience instead. Maybe Disney should do some marketing research and gather some consumer data. If Disney is so financially strapped that they can no longer provide this courtesy service, charge for Magical Express, but don’t eliminate it. So sad. Walt would be heartbroken at this decision.

  13. Is there a petition we can all create and sign to beg Disney to keep the Magical Express? That was a serious piece of the magic. As soon as I get off of a 5 hour plane ride from California, I knew that everything would be taken care of for me. I actually purchased DVC this year BECAUSE of the Magical Express going to a DVC resort for drop off. I have proof in my receipts of only shopping, dining and staying on Disney property the whole time because I’m too lazy and cheap to book a taxi elsewhere, but I’ll spend $100 more at a restaurant at Disney Springs because I refuse to get transportation. It’s also limited my stays to Disney and I haven’t gone to Universal. For a clan of 4, you can’t even get in an Uber these days due to social distancing rules. That means you have to rent two ubers. Disney please keep your bus drivers employed and keep this magical perk. You will have loyalty to the end of time with people like me if you just keep these types of perks going. And I know payroll is expensive, but with the caring cast members that make up the Disney fam, it’s worth it because guests like me are making unforgettable memories because of them being cheerful and happy. So as a priority please add the Magical Express, and please find a way to bring back Extra Magic Hours for folks staying on property. Make it a real Disney vacation !!

  14. I am reading these comments and I’m so disheartened but feel the warmth that everyone here seems to share the same sentiment. Bring the Magic back Disney!! I wanted to add to my last comment that they also need to make the rooms less sterile, bring back the bed runners! When I purchased DVC this year, DURING the pandemic might I add, my guide told me that Disney would never take away a benefit without adding something back in. I NEVER in a million years thought they would take away the Magical Express. I hope that Disney realizes and remembers that the first time a kid gets off a long plane ride and steps onto the magical express- not even having to wait for luggage, makes the experience magical. Because a minute to a kid is like a thousand years in their minds, and so every minute counts. Their eyes get so big and they smile so wide when they step on and the bus driver cast member greets them. It really is a treat. Please bring back the Magical Express Disney. And bed runners! DisneyFoodblog.com can you start a petition that we can all sign?

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