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  1. I remember that about the time EPCOT opened, WDW had a meal plan that included all three daily meals. At each meal every person received an appetizer, main course, dessert and non-alcoholic beverage. A plastic card was was issued for each participant in the program.

  2. You failed to mention that some of us are diabetics and do not eat desserts at all. I don’t care for anything artificially sweetened so a dessert made with fake sweeteners would not be my choice. I believe they are going to prix fixe meals is because of the limited menus. It makes the lack of choices look more favorable with more dessert, appetizer choices. Limited choices has to make the restaurant more money because they purchase less product that may not be a popular choice. We usually share a meal, as we are not big eaters. With the dining plan, everyone in the party HAS to purchase the meal plan. No sharing.

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