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  1. Something that I’ve found useful in my trips to Disney is buying Disney gift card from Target, you get 5% off with your red card!! I use the gift cards for food, drinks, and merch without ever having to spend any extra money of my own! I allot myself a certain amount of what I should spend every day!

  2. I have a Disney visa and I absolutely love it but you dont always get 10% off on shop Disney. It’s hit and miss what it’s allowed on

  3. I would recommend checking out the outlet (not far from Disney Springs). They sometimes have ears, masks, clothes, toys and it’s a lot cheaper than in the parks. But I would recommend going early on a day not going to one of the parks, since it does get busy and have to wait in virtual line.

    It’s a short drive from Disney.

  4. I can vouch for the credit card rewards strategy. Our last trip in 2020, right before everything in the world went to crap, my bank was offering a promotion for 5% cash back for everything with no cap on earnings. I put everything on there, the park tix (for both Disney and Universal), the rental van (there were 10 of us going, and we didn’t want to fly), the rental house, a few of the pre-trip odds and ends. By the time everything was said and done, we had earned enough rewards to pay for our gas for the rental van for the trip down and back which totaled near $250.

  5. Last time I called to add another day to our trip, I asked about hotel discounts. We are planning on going in November and the Cast Member told me that since not all hotels are open, there are few discounts – especially with the 50th anniversary celebration. We like to stay on site and not rent a car, so other lodgings are a no-go.

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