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  1. My favorite continues to be Orange. It only comes from A) Sunshine Tree Terrace in MK and B) my house when I mix orange sherbet with a splash of milk.

    I hope this pilot is successful so Dole will add Orange to the collection.

  2. Purchased the pineapple flavor. My 11 year old grandson didn’t like them. I tried one and hated it too. Reason— tastes like coconut. Look at ingredients. Organic coconut cream. Didn’t taste like pineapple at all. Other two went in trash. What a letdown!

  3. I just got these from Costco and was quite excited to try and didn’t read the ingredients. They are absolutely disgusting. I do not like coconut flavored things and this tasted mostly of coconut with a faint taste of pineapple. While the taste was gross the texture was nice.

  4. I was so excited to purchase these cups. I feel in love with it in Hawaii. I found a local frozen yogurt place that had it. Exact replicate of what I had in Hawaii. I thought it would be perfect to buy the individual cups. The taste was horrible, it truly taste like coconut oil. Not even close to what you get in Hawaii. The rest are going to the trash. Truly disappointing. Back to the yogurt shop

  5. Just finished my first, and probably last supermarket pineapple dole whip. Seems they forgot the part where it tastes like pineapple not coconut. Not even close in flavor. Planning my next trip to Disney World to get some of the real stuff.

  6. Sorry I didn’t read the comments before I bought is ****. It really is horrible. Dole should be ashamed of putting their name on this horrible product! Very disappointed!!!

  7. The grocery version is NOT vegan because they have added honey to the recipe. Those who are strict vegans will not be able to eat this. Good news, though, as the other comments mentioned, the taste is disgusting (strong fake coconut flavor) so you aren’t missing anything.

  8. I believe anything would be better than the Dole Whip served at Disney. No offense to anyone that likes it, but this summer I finally tried it after seeing it at the Parks for 10+ years. It’s exactly what I thought it would be: underwhelming and not very good! Of course it would have to do with the ingredients. Last I checked dextrose, gums, coconut oil, artificial flavor and mono/diglycerides are not top notch ingredients in anyone’s kitchen! Yuck. The ingredients of the grocery store one and the one at the Parks is so different they almost shouldn’t be called the same thing, but there is marketing for you. Thanks for this! Signed a subscriber of DFB

  9. Kind of surprised anyone thinks the organic coconut cream tastes fake – I believe them, it’s just that it’s the one at the Parks with the artificial ingredient, not the one in the store.

  10. I was SO EXCITED when I saw these in the grocery store last week, that I bought a box of each of the 3 available flavors…Pineapple, Strawberry and Mango. They cost nearly $8/box, but I did not care because I WILL NEVER FORGET how good the Pineapple Dole Whip was at DisneyWorld, and I have not been there in 30+ YEARS! It was as magical of a memory to me, as the park itself!

    BUT THESE…I AM SO SORRY TO SAY THIS…THEY ARE BEYOND DISGUSTING! They are INEDIBLE, in my opinion. I was/am so disappointed. I feel duped by a trusted brand name. They are NOT JUST A LITTLE BIT DIFFERENT (than those sold in the parks)…they have literally NOTHING in common…except the Dole brand name on the label. I am shocked that a company as historically good as Dole wants to be associated with a product that is this awful. I VERY RARELY throw food away that is not spoiled, but being that these are perishable I cannot donate them, and so sadly they are indeed dumpster bound. :

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