Le Cellier Cheddar Cheese Soup…to go?

Today the Food Blog has been shocked and excited to learn that maybe…just maybe…it’s possible to get Cheddar Cheese Soup from the Epcot World Showcase Canada Pavilion’s famous Le Cellier steakhouse without a coveted (and hard-to-get) advanced dining reservation! Guest poster James Chapman from the (soon to be live) DisneyfotoBlog.com shares his experience and photos.

2012 NOTE: We have heard that the Soup to Go option has not been available for quite some time. :-(

I first had the Canadian Cheese Soup at the 2008 Food & Wine Festival and absolutely loved it! I never would have thought that “cheese soup” would turn out to be one of my favorite foods from the event, along with the chocolate on chocolate dessert from the African cart, the Empanada de Queso from Chile, and Spanakopita from Greece.

Cheddar Cheese Soup, Breadsticks, and Moosehead Beet

Cheddar Cheese Soup, Breadsticks, and Moosehead Beet

Amy and I were fortunate to have two wonderful visits to the Food & Wine Festival last year: once during late September where the lines were 2-5 people deep, and then in early November on the last weekend of the event with the park slammed and the lines 10-20 people deep. We enjoyed both visits and had a great time tasting either a dinner, wine, or dessert from each of the 25 carts along the walkway. During our second visit in November, I had the opportunity to try the cheese soup from the Canadian cart, paired with a Moosehead beer, and both were delicious!

Having had the opportunity to try the cheese soup during the festival, I hoped that I would have another chance to taste it again during a future visit to Epcot. During our June 2009 visit, with Amy and Chloe enjoying a ride on Nemo at the Living Seas Pavilion, and while I was out taking photographs at the World Showcase, I decided to stop by the Le Cellier Steakhouse to see if I could purchase a “cup-to-go” for lunch!

Cheese Soup Thief

Cheese Soup Thief

I wasn’t quite sure if I’d be successful as reservations are required, however, a kind host welcoming guests to the restaurant spoke to a waiter inside; within a few moments, I not only had a cup of cheese soup to go, but also three delectable bread sticks! I strolled up to the beer cart and purchased a Moosehead beer to go along with the soup and found a nearby quiet location to sit down and enjoy my feast.

Just to confirm, folks, you can order the soup any time of the year just by walking up to the podium at Le Cellier! There are no seasonal restrictions. Bon Appetit! –AJ


  1. James says

    I can confirm this post. On one of the occaissions that I have eaten at Le Cellier, the waiter mentioned that they do have the soup to go.

    And yes, it is wonderful.

  2. admin says

    @Gray — Doesn’t it sound great!

    @James — Thanks for confirming! I think this is a little-known perk that many folks might be able to take advantage of. (Le Cellier should add a to-go window…)

  3. Kate says

    I did not have any luck with this. They said they were busy and could not make the time for soup to go. It was in January, an off month, and it was not crowded at all. I would not count on getting soup to go. It did not work for me.

  4. Sioux says

    This looks to me like it’s the serving from the Food and Wine Festival in October. They have it at the outdoor booth just like this, but it’s only for that festival.

  5. says

    Sioux — Thanks for the comment! While the F&W Festival booth does usually serve the soup, this particular blog post was about actually getting the soup to go from Le Cellier itself (where you’d get a larger portion as well as the breadsticks — that doesn’t happen at the F&W Festival). Hopefully they’ll continue the practice eventually! Until then, I’ll definitely keep visiting the F&W festival booth each October!

  6. gobbler says

    Last week (Feb. 4th, 2012) I was behind a couple asking for the soup to go, they were told take out was no longer available at LeCellier. This was at lunch time on a very non-crowded day FWIW.

  7. Brian says

    We tried ordering the soup “to go” when we were at Epcot on 1-1-13. We were told ot was not possible and against policy. So it appears things have changed. So much for that magical Disney customer service!

  8. canboy says

    I’m very surprised that this hasn’t been able to happen. I used to be a server there and we did this quite often. It can be hard for a host to find a server that isn’t running around very busy (believe me, even if it doesn’t look busy… it is for them) but as far as I know, we never turned ANYONE away.

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