Ice Cream Double Take

You might think that all of the Disney parks sell the same ice cream treats — Mickey Premium Bars, Strawberry Bars, Itzakadoozie Pops, etc. But, would you believe, it looks like not all of the ice cream stands sell the same products!

I did a little experiment and took photos of ice cream stand menus in each park. Here are the results:

The Animal Kingdom ice cream board:

Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom

The Epcot ice cream board:



The Magic Kingdom ice cream board:

Magic Kingdom

Magic Kingdom

Disney’s Hollywood Studios ice cream board:

Disney's Hollywood Studios

Disney's Hollywood Studios

So what does this tell us? Let’s do a little debriefing:

  • If you want a no-sugar-added strawberry bar, you’ve gotta go to the Magic Kingdom or the Animal Kingdom (yep — it’s there — ya gotta look at the small print!)
  • I can’t find those Edy’s Dibs anywhere but the Magic Kingdom…
  • DHS and Epcot have pretty much the same offerings, but they’re the only two identical menus!
  • Itzakadoozie pops seem to only be at MK, Epcot, and DHS — not at AK
  • Where’d the Nestle chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches go?! Has anyone seen them?
  • Only at MK and AK will you find the Haagen Daaz Vanilla and Almond ice cream bars
  • The four items you can find everywhere: Mickey Premium Bars, Mickey’s Cookies and Cream Sandwiches, Edy’s Strawberry Bars, and Frozen Bananas
  • You’ll find almost everything at MK…except my favorite — the pineapple bar!
My Favorite Pineapple Bar, purchased in Epcot

My Favorite Pineapple Bar, purchased in Epcot

Now, I have to admit, very little of this makes any sense to me: sometimes the menus are stamped “Nestle,” sometimes Edy’s or Haagen Daaz products are sold, sometimes small print advertises items not pictured. I also have to admit that I have no idea why this is so interesting to me. Regardless, I can’t wait to find out what you guys are seeing in the parks! Do different stands in the same park sell different items? Is there a reason why you can’t get certain items is specific parks? What are you finding in YOUR experiments? :)


  1. Anne says

    This is so oddly interesting! I hadn’t seen the frozen bananas in a while, and I thought they were gone from the parks. But I don’t think that even all the ice cream stands in the *same* park are consistent; I was at a stand in the Studios that didn’t have frozen bananas or pineapple bars, unlike the one in your photo above.

    BTW, I have seen the Dibs ice cream bits at Blizzard Beach. And to possibly clear up the mystery about the different brands: both Edy’s (called Dreyer’s on the West Coast) and Haagen-Dazs are owned by Nestle.

  2. says

    I have to stop looking at this blog before breakfast!

    No experiments or reasoning to add…but I do have (all of a sudden, LOL) a hankerin’ for a Mickey bar! I bet I can find one of those Vanilla and Almond bars today…

  3. Sarah says

    I’ve only had a Mickey’s Premium Bar maybe once in my life, although I was thinking about that fact the other night and thought I should have one again! I always went after the strawberry bars :)

  4. Carrie says

    No Nestle Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches! I love those the most. Do you happen to know if you can still have them made at Starring Rolls at DHS?

  5. says

    Anne — That’s great! You’ve just answered about 53 of my questions! I was wondering if the different locations within the same park might be different as well, but you never know with Disney; sometimes there are strict lines drawn, and sometimes it seems haphazard!

    Janna — Ha! I keep posting sugary stories for you, pre-breakfast! I haven’t had a Mickey bar in ages, actually. We’re always eating at so many restaurants (per the blog research, of course!) that I’m never hungry for heavy snacks! But I do make occasional room for a pineapple bar; those are just fruit, right?

    Stephanie — Yum! So refreshing.

    Sarah — I can remember getting a Strawberry bar when I was a kid. I loved the big chunks of strawberries in it! It was my favorite for a long time…

    Carrie — As for the home made ice cream sandwiches, I know for a fact you can get them at Sleepy Hollow and Main St Bakery in Magic Kingdom and at Dino-Bites at AK. I never knew you could get them at DHS, but if that’s true it makes me love Starring Rolls even MORE than I already do…if that’s possible. As for the pre-packaged cookie sandwiches, I know I’ve seen them at resort food court grab and go areas within the last year, so I’m pretty sure they’re still around…

  6. says

    Yum! I remember in the 80’s when they had the FROZFRUIT bars (predecessor to the Nestle fruit bars) they had strawberry, coconut, and possible another I’m forgetting. I always got the coconut and the little bits of coconut would cut my tongue leaving red streaks on the bar after a while. Sounds gross, but it didn’t hurt!

    My mom misses when the Mickey bars were made with Dove chocolate, but I was never really a Mickey bar fan – too messy! :P

    What J. and I miss are the Pocohontas/Hercules/Goofy bars – remember those? They were chocolate covered with caramel inside. I think it might’ve been chocolate ice cream. They were the best and the name changed every year depending on the movie that was coming out until they finally went with Goofy bar. But then they disappeared. *sniff*

    Also, I have a picture of me at age…6? 7? eating a frozen banana in front of the Castle. Good times. I recently found out my son actually likes them too so it’s come full circle!

    Ok, this comment is completely useless, but as usual, I’m walking down memory lane in my mind! ;)

  7. says

    Zanna – I used to do the same with the coconut bars…I loved them! Wasn’t banana the other flavor? Or maybe pineapple, too?

    I just had a flashback…early 80’s, middle school…we had the cheapo (not the parks) version of the Mickey bar in our school lunchroom. It wasn’t bad in the grand scheme of school lunchroom food but it was MICKEY!

    Ah, memories…

  8. Lynne says

    My very favorite thing is the Mickey Cookies and Cream Ice Cream Sandwich. Way back–14 years ago–when I was pregnant with my son, my sister and I tromped all over Epcot and Magic Kingdom looking for one. Heck, even last Jan when I really wanted one, I had a difficult time finding one. I did realize, once we got back to All-Star Sports, that they had them in the freezer section. Here’s hoping that they’re still at California Adventure when we’re in DL next month!

  9. Sarah says

    Zanna/AJ – Were the FrozFruit bars the type that had the thin waxy coating on them? I remember how that used to ‘crack’ in the heat while eating, much like a chocolate coating on a Mickey bar. I can recall the time (perhaps when they switched to Nestle) that I ordered one and was slightly upset that it no longer had the coating. I got over it though – I was at Epcot, after all!

  10. says

    Zanna — You’re hilarious! I LOVED those Goofy bars. Sheesh, when did those get axed? I miss them now that you mention it! I’ve had, I think, one frozen banana in my life. I got annoyed that it was so hard to bite. What can I say, I’m an instant gratification kind of girl.

    Janna — Isn’t it funny how excited we get about anything Mickey in our daily lives?! I love it!

    Lynne — I hate that you can never find the ONE thing you’re looking for!! Whatever it is seems omnipresent until you REALLY want one!

  11. says

    Sarah — OHMIGOSH, I forgot all about those ones with the waxy coating! I’m not sure if they were the frozfruit ones, but I remember those for certain! Woah, memory jog!

  12. Melissa says

    I’m going to Magic Kingdom and possibly another park this weekend and now I’m curious to check the ice cream signs! Very interesting article. I admit, I never pay much attention because I always know I’m going to get my Mickey Premium bar :).

  13. Courtney says

    Oooooohhhh you can also get the Nestle sandwiches at Electric Umbrella at Epcot…or you could last time I was there.
    Does anyone remember a few years ago…ok maybe 10ish years…at DHS (MGM at the time) they had a “create your own” popsicle place near Indiana Jones. You could choose from like 4 or 5 different flavors of popsicle (coconut was my favorite) and they would dunk them in things like chocolate or peanut butter or both!!! So yummy!!!

  14. says

    Melissa — Let us know what you find! Are all the signs the same in each park?

    Courtney — NO WAY! A make your own popsicle place?!??!?! That sounds fantastic!

  15. James (Disneynorth) says

    Wait a second…. you’re telling me they sell other ice cream bars?!?!? I thought they only sold the Mickey Premium bars!

  16. says

    OK. There’s so much to say about this.

    First, I could have told you about this phenomenon from my increasingly desperate quests to find MR. COOKIEFACE (i.e., my pet name for the Nestle Cookie Sandwiches). They used to be everywhere, then just DAK and MGM… now, it looks like they’re gone! THIS IS NOT A GOOD THING.

    Seriously, this is a strangely valuable service to document the different offerings. This is why the internet exists.

    My favorite offering from childhood was the “strawberry bar with aspartame” as I still insist on calling it. And no, they’ve just never been the same since they ditched the wax coating. Those were the best.


  17. says

    MC, it sounds like we have very similar tastes. MR. COOKIEFACE and the strawberry bar with aspartame were two of my favorites since my early days at WDW as well. I think we’ve completely lost the wax-coated strawberry bar, but MR. COOKIEFACE has made appearances at the resorts in recent months.

  18. stephanie wanner says

    Hi I am hoping you can help me.
    Can you tell me where I could find out if the corn dogs are egg free, and if the mickey bars are nut free?
    Thanks so much

  19. says

    I know this is an old post but I was wondering if anyone else remembers Minnie shaped strawberry bars during the late eighties or early ninties? I remember getting them when I was very little but I may have totally invented them as I have found no evidence that they ever existed. I don’t mean the full body bars they sold at the grocery store that included Goofy and Donald along with the couple but heads like the Mickey premiums.

  20. Alisha says

    Nothing like commenting on a post that’s over two years old now.

    I reckon the Itzakadoozie pops aren’t in the AK is probably because of the super long stick, imagine it might be somewhat dangerous to have such a long stick possibly littered near the animals.

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