Cantina de San Angel Concept Art Released

In addition to the Italy Pizzeria concept art, Disney has also released concept art for the expanded Cantina de San Angel!


From the rendering, it looks like the Cantina will be primarily an enclosed structure with some outdoor al fresco seating outside. According to Disney, this restaurant will seat 400. We’ve heard it will have both counter service and table service components. This restaurant is scheduled to open this Fall, just in time for the 2010 Epcot International Food and Wine Festival.

Looks like this will be yet another “book it early” spot to view Illuminations, Epcot’s nightly fireworks show!

More Info

Cantina de San Angel construction pics.
More News on Cantina de San Angel refurb and Via Napoli

Read more at Disney Parks Blog!

Image Copyright Disney


  1. says

    Amy — Nope, as far as I know, San Angel Inn will still be the dedicated table-service restaurant for the Mexico Pavilion. (The same company will run both restaurants, so I’m hoping the menus aren’t TOO similar…)

  2. says

    Thanks, AJ. I could see them making it like the dessert viewing thing they do in other areas of Epcot. Would be a nice money maker for WDW and a cool place for groups and company events.

  3. says

    Pretty!! I actually only went to the Cantina for the first time in December, so I’ll be happy to see its new and improved return. :)

  4. says

    Scott — Great idea on the dessert viewing idea. I wonder if they’ll ever introduce a publicly-available “Illuminations Dessert Party” like the Wishes Dessert Party

    Chip — Ha! Now where have I heard that before…?

    Zanna — I can’t WAIT to eat here. Really looking forward to it.

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    do you think that when they open this rumored all counter service for lunch/ half counter service, half sit down for dinner that this will be a trial based ‘thing’ for the new Be Our Guest Restaurant in the new Fantasyland Forest area?? B/c it seems to have the same meal serving plan.

    Its just an observation on my part :)

    I like this building better than the pizzeria one, the pizzeria seems a bit generic, but its ok. :)

    Thanks AJ for the news.

  6. says

    Cody — Wow, really interesting thought! I hope that if they weren’t considering this a trial period for BOG, they are now! :-) Agreed — I do like this building better than the pizzeria; we shall see what happens in “real life.”

    Chip — ha!

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    True. True. Im heading to the World on Thursday for the Vinylmation Jr. Quest thingy.. haha… If I head to Epcot, ill take pics of the locations. Im sure that the buildings will be better in “real life”.

  8. says

    It’s going to be very pretty but hopefully the food will be even better. And while I’m dreaming, is it too much to ask for house made tortillas?

  9. says

    Cody — Would love to see the pics of how the buildings are progressing!

    Chris — Oh, wouldn’t that be wonderful?


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