Snack Series: Paw Print Brownie

One of the newer snacks available in Disney World is the paw print brownie, which you can find in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Theme Park. Once there, head up to the Africa section of the park — tucked back into Harambe village, next to Tusker House Restaurant, you’ll find Kusafiri Bakery!

Kusafiri Bakery in Disney's Animal Kingdom

Kusafiri used to be part of the Tusker House Restaurant, but with recent renovations, it’s taken its own tiny little piece of real estate. And to create an even more significant stamp of independence, it’s developed three incredible and exclusively sold snacks: the White Chocolate Elephant Cupcake, the Zebra Cupcake (which we’ll be highlighting on the food blog in the near future), and today’s decadent snack — the Paw Print Brownie:

Animal Kingdom Paw Print Brownie

This one is a lot like another of our favorite snacks — the White Chocolate Chip Brownie — but with an added layer of lard-y, fatty, sugary frosting on top!! They’ve started out with the incredible brownie base, topped it with that chocolate ganache frosting, and then covered the whole thing with an incredibly thick layer of vanilla buttercream frosting. (Note: Don’t worry about the little bit of condensation — it was a super hot day and the brownie had come from a highly air conditioned area. Didn’t change the texture or flavor of the snack at all.)

Paw Print Brownie -- Side View and Frosting Close-Up

Brownie Cross Section

More so than just about any other snack we’ve featured on the Disney Food Blog (excepting, perhaps, the Butterfinger Cupcake), you’ll need to share this one! You’ve got that ultra rich, thick, “cake 2.0″ brownie at the bottom followed by the extremely rich ganache and frosting…surely it will get to be “too much” for just about anyone eventually. Then again, if you’ve been in frosting training, you should be able to soldier through it.

Good luck, and keep us updated on your conquests!


  1. says

    Looks Delish! Thanks for sharing. will definately have to check out next time im in DAk… with everything else..haha

  2. says

    That thing looks insanely rich and dense- definitely a Disney indulgence! I’ve never seen that brownie before, I’ll have to hunt it down the next time I’m in AK!

  3. Tricia says

    OMG…I have to have one of those. My 6 year old son will “help” me. Any idea how much it costs or if it qualifies as a snack credit?

  4. says

    Cody — I wouldn’t have found it if you hadn’t tipped me off to the Zebra cupcake! That’s why I went over there in the first place!

    Heather — Absolutely rich! I’m pretty sure Kusafiri is the only place you can get it, so head to Africa :-)

    Tricia — Usually, these cost around $3.99, and they are often on the dining plan as a snack credit. Good luck!

  5. Christina says

    I had this – it is divine. I used a snack credit to get it. Wonderful deal, as it served as my breakfast and kept me going til lunch. I highly recommend!!!

  6. Sarah says

    This is too cute! This may have to be dessert after Yak & Yeti next Saturday, before heading over to the Studios. :)

  7. says

    I totally missed this bakery on my trip last week to AK, and i usually have a sixth sense for finding disney bakeries. Thanks for the tip!

  8. James (Disneynorth) says

    Wow! Just….. Wow!! I felt my heart stopping just looking at the thing….

    I’m not sure I want to add this to my list of snacks to eat in the fall… I’m actually afraid of the thing!! LOL.

  9. JoAnn says

    I really need to stop reading about these snacks. I want to try them all. I need to lose weight before my trip in November to offset the weight I will gain trying all these snacks.

  10. Essie says

    I know that this is from 2010, but I’m fairly new to the blog and I just came across this. *Absolute Awe* Can this really be as good as it looks? Why is part (a very minuscule part) of my brain saying that this is probably all artificial and chemical tasting (I’m used to ‘homemade baking) and not good for me, while the other part of my brain (99.99%) is saying, “Another thing on my ‘Must do List’ for November.” I have a huge ‘Must do list’ for this year’s trip and most of it is because of this Food Blog!!!! Thank you so much!!! :)

  11. says

    Essie — I loved it! I don’t have a distinctive palate for chemical tasting stuff, though, so you’ll have to let me know what you think! I also highly recommend the Elephant cupcake from here — I’ll have it on the blog soon! :-)

  12. Essie says

    LOL, I found the elephant cupcake blog, also, AJ. and commented on that. Thanks for the work you do; I can’t tell you how much enjoyment I’m getting from your site.

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