Thoughts About New “Cars Land” Restaurant

While looking around the Blue Sky Cellar in Disneyland, I noticed a section of the Cars Land concept art labeled “Taste-In.”

Cars Land with Close-Up of Taste-In Area

After a bit of searching, I found out that the Flo’s Restaurant idea seems to have been changed slightly, allowing for a “drive-in” theater restaurant similar to Disney World’s Sci-Fi Dine-in, where guests sit in automobiles to dine while watching humorous “drive-in movie” reels for entertainment. From what I’ve read, the menu — burgers, shakes, hot dogs — would be similar to the Disney World counterpart.

This is just speculation on my part, but it would be a great addition to the theme. According to ScreamScape, the entertainment might look something like the cameos we saw during the Cars credits:

Eager to find out more if anyone has info! Let me know what you think…

Hat tip: Jim Hill Media, ScreamScape


  1. says

    I would love to have this at WDW, there is plenty of space at the studios to build this. Come on Disney what is 1 more park expansion?

  2. Galloping Gourmand says

    Can you imagine how awesome Sci-Fi would be with even decent food? I still go there frequently because I love the atmosphere. I hope this is Sci-Fi done right.

  3. AlanKeno says

    Will there be car-hop service?
    Will the food be greasy?
    Will there be cup holders?

  4. says

    You’re on the right track…

    The “Taste In” you show is the hippie van’s (George Carlin) house. I’m not sure if that’s supposed to be a drink stand or what, but it’s not the drive in.

    There was a drive-in proposed, but it’s not going be a part of the first phase of this area. Its budget was diverted to other things. Instead, it’s likely that it will be added later. I asked an Imagineer if it had been cut completely or might resurface later, and he said that it’s definitely something that they still want to do.

    I would be a drive-in just like you see in the movie, but inside a large building (so you can have the nighttime effect, I assume). The actual site for this would be to the left of the image you show above, if I’m not mistaken. I have a picture of the model, but have to wait until I’m home from work to post it.

    But yes, it should be cool! And a nice thematic fit. I just hope it’s a better deal/better food than the one at MGM. Love the concept, but it’s a bit pricey for what you get!

  5. says

    Michael — Thank you for all this great info! Much appreciated. I’d love to see the pic of the model if you remember to send it along. Now, when’s the next radio hour?!?

  6. Rhonda says

    That would be so cool! DCA is sorely lacking in good, fun eateries. We loved the atmosphere of the SCi Fi, and will be going again.

  7. Lillian C. says

    Oh, I hope they actually have the money to make this table-service restaurants. There’s very little options for food in DCA. The only place I really like is the Pacific Wharf Cafe. I’d love to see a Sci Fi Drive in – like restaurant in DCA…… Can’t wait!

  8. Joe Shelby says

    Maybe, if it is based on Carlin’s character, the Taste-In will just be a drinks stand, but in keeping with the characters “organic” theme, have it serve up fruit drinks and shakes, and gourmet coffee? (as well as the obligatory soda/water bottles).

    Maybe Flo’s place could actually combine the best of the two main DHS dining options – where the seating is like sci-fi dine-in, but the service treats you like the 50s Diner does, since this is meant to look back at that 50s golden age of Rt 66 in its own way?

  9. says

    GG — It would be great to see the problems with Sci-Fi fixed in this location. I’d love the change-out of the bad B-movies to the Pixar reel as well…

    AlanKeno — I hope so on all counts!

    Rhonda and Lillian — I hope DCA gets another table-service spot, too. Right now, the options are VERY limited (and I’m never going back to Ariel’s Grotto again.)

    Joe — I think that version of the Taste-In would fit in perfectly at DCA, actually! Also like the idea of combining the two best elements of two of my favorite DHS restaurants into the table-service spot.

  10. Mark says

    I have a better idea than Flo’s Diner for a Cars theme restaurant…have home cooked southern food and call it Tow Mater’s Meat ‘n Taters.

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