Via Napoli Reservations

Great news! Pam Brandon over at the Disney Parks Blog has announced a few more details about Via Napoli:

You will be able to start booking reservations by August 6th for the official opening day — September 10th — and later.
A “grand opening” will be held August 5th, and walk-up patrons will be admitted through the September 10th official opening. After that, those with advanced dining reservations will be given priority.

Other news:

  • Table service only (no pizza window :-( )
  • Disney Dining Plan is accepted (one point per person per meal)
  • Lunch and dinner menus will be the same

Click the link to see our other coverage of Epcot’s Via Napoli.


  1. Lori says

    Sad there is no quick service available also…it would have been a very doable venue to make table and quick service

  2. says

    It just seems silly that this is all Table Service. When it was first announced, I assumed it was going to be a much needed Quick Service component to Epcot, and a good alternative to the TS already in Italy, especially given the type of food being served. When I heard rumblings it would be TS, I hoped there would be some Quick component, a la what they’re doing with Hacienda. But making this fully Table Service just seems very foolish and is quite disappointing. I really do not want to make reservations months in advance for a pizza pie. I mean I have my dinner reservations all locked up already and had fully expected to just pop in for lunch to check the place out. It’s hard enough to try to plan to be hungry at certain times for dinner, especially during Food & Wine. But for lunch…it’s just not going to happen.

    And I guess I should prepare myself to be insulted by what the prices will be for the type of food I can get quite cheaply, anywhere from Italian neighborhoods in NJ to the very streets of Italy these food is purported to be from. Sigh.

  3. says

    Lori and Jason — Agreed. I think a lot of us were excited about the chance to “grab a slice” as we walked around the Showcase. :-(

  4. says

    I can almost guarantee that you will most likely be able to walk up, with out ADR and get a table. With the exception of the first few months and just wait for its ‘newness’ to wareoff (sp?) and you can probably walk up to get a table.

    Though i am too a bit disappointed no quick service element.

  5. Michelle says

    Do you think you could just get a pizza to go? One credit = pizza, dessert & drink enjoyed elsewhere? I just wondered what you thought.

    Slices to go would have be wonderful though.

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