Snack Series: Disney World’s Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Cones

We’ve talked about ice cream sundaes and we’ve talked about milkshakes, but now it’s time to devote the day to ice cream cones! Honestly, there’s nothing like that first taste of a true, hand-scooped ice cream cone in a favorite theme park, and here are my four favorite places to get one:

Mickey Ice Cream Cone

Hollywood Scoops: Disney’s Hollywood Studios
This cheerful ice cream spot at the end of Sunset Boulevard sits at the base of the Tower of Terror and next to the entrance to Rock n Roller Coaster. It’s Art Deco styling in mint green, blue, and pink will have you thinking you’re in a Cali suburb in no time!

Hollywood Scoops

The menu is simple here: get your ice cream in a cone, a cup, or a hot fudge sundae! Flavors include Chocolate, Vanilla, Strawberry, Cookies & Cream, Mint Chocolate Chip, Butter Pecan, and Fat-Free No-Sugar Added Vanilla.

Hollywood Scoops Menu

Dino-Bite Snacks: Animal Kingdom
This fun kiosk can be found on the way into Dino-Land from Discovery Island. This is one of my favorite areas of the park because the themeing here is spectacular, so slow down, grab an ice cream cone, and check it out!

Dino Bite Snacks Menu

Enjoy your ice cream here in a waffle cone, float (Coke or Root Beer), or hot fudge sundae. Flavors include Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, or Chocolate Chip. You can also get churros, potato chips, or freshly-baked chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin cookies here! And, when I was there in April, the famous ice cream sandwiches were still on the menu.

Fountain View Ice Cream
While this spot used to be a popular bakery, ice cream is Fountain View‘s specialty these days! But my favorite part about this location is the homemade waffle bowls you can actually watch them make! YUM!

Making Waffle Bowls at Fountain View Ice Cream

Located right next to the Fountain of Nations in Epcot (thus the name), this is the perfect pace to unwind after a long day in the theme parks. The Fountain is a great form of entertainment!

Ice Cream Flavors

The menu here is expansive and runs from ice cream cones (regular or waffle), sundaes (hot fudge or caramel) in waffle bowls, ice cream floats with Coke or Root Beer, soft drinks, hot drinks, and a smoothie! The best thing on the menu, perhaps, is the ice cream sandwich — another great way to use hand-scooped ice cream!

Fountain View Menu

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor: Magic Kingdom
Of course I wouldn’t forget the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor! This is the quintessential spot for ice cream cones in Disney World. Located on the corner of Main Street between the Bakery and the Plaza Restaurant, the Ice Cream Parlor is the ideal place to grab a giant cone just in time for the Main Street Electrical Parade or Wishes! It’s also a great place to stop on your way out of the parks — the perfect “kiss goodnight.”

Ice Cream Parlor Window

The menu here is small, and includes ice cream cones and floats (Coke or Root Beer), a Mickey Mouse kids’ cone (with chocolate cookies for Mickey ears!), and the famous Plaza Ice Cream Sundae in a waffle bowl. Flavors include Vanilla, Chocolate, Strawberry, Mint Chocolate Chip, Cookies and Cream, Fat Free Chocolate/Vanilla Swirl, and no sugar added Raspberry Sorbet or Butter Pecan. Tofutti and Rice Dream are also available here.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Menu

While these aren’t the only places you can get hand-scooped ice cream cones in Disney World (Beaches and Cream and Ghirardelli surely come to mind!), these are what I consider the best places to get those indulgent cones in the theme parks themselves.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Sundae

Remember, all flavors and menu items are subject to change!

Thanks to Brett Young for the Plaza ice cream cone photo!


  1. says

    I love Hollywood Scoops, but the problem I find is it’s often very crowded, mostly due to its location near Tower of Terror and Rock ‘n Roller Coaster. For those who are impatient (like me), you can alternatively get scooped ice cream at Dinosaur Gerties as well as Oasis Canteen.

    Thanks for the mid-morning ice cream craving AJ! ;)

  2. Brenda says

    My favorite place on property to get ice cream is in the Dolphin Resort at the Fountain! I think it is the BEST ice cream on property!

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    It’s all about the waffle bowl. That’s why I go back to the Fountain View again and again. Waffles!

    As to Main St. I just think it’s too busy. I don’t think it is bad, in fact it’s perfectly ok. Just too busy. I’m happy with a mickey bar when I’m at the MK.

    Have you been to the Fountain at the Dolphin? There seems to be a popular uprising here in the comments to get it mentioned. Even on your poll it was the most mentioned write-in.

  4. says

    Yum! BTW what is the name of the Ice Cream cone in the first image (Mickey Cone with Mint Ice Cream) and where can it be found?

  5. says

    Matt — Thanks for the info on the other places to get hand-scooped in DHS!! You said that Oasis Canteen used to be Dip Site, right?

    Bill — Definitely! They smell amazing and taste even better!

    Brenda — Thanks for the recommendation!

    GG — I’m most certainly going to have to get over there to try it! I haven’t been :-(

  6. Betsy says

    If the Plaza/Main Street are too crowded head to Sleepy Hollow for the hand dipped ice cream cookie sandwich (totally counts as a real sandwich if you’re looking for lunch…)

  7. says

    Thank heavens for a Hand-Scooped Ice Cream Post! I’m so sick and tired of Soft Serve Ice Cream from working at one it’s just so unreal now.

    The first place that comes to mind is the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor, as it is one of my most memorable places that we went when I was little. I’m glad to know that there are plenty other place to go as well for hand-scooped ice cream. Looking at the menu though I’m wondering as to what some of the items under “Special Dietary Options” but mainly the Rice Dream. Huh.

    By the way Bryan, the Mickey Mouse cone is from the Plaza Ice Cream Parlor if you look at the menu on the left. ;)

    My favourite post by far, now only if they had Cheesecake ice cream… yum!

  8. Paul W. says

    Ever since my first trip to Disney with my wife we stop by Plaza Ice Cream Parlor on our way out of the park after the fireworks. This tradition has now become a family tradition that we all look forward to. The last time we were there our 3 yr old daughter fell asleep as we were heading out from Frontierland. Once we got to the hub she woke up and asked when we were getting the ice cream. I love Disney memories like these.

    I agree with Jenn, we have only ever stopped at Plaza, we will have to fix that in October!

  9. Emma says

    One of my favourite memories on my last trip was sitting on the kerb outside Hollywood scoops with a chocolate cone. The ice cream was to die for – and the woman who served me was so nice she said if i dropped it she would replace it for free!

  10. Don says

    Help! I had the raspberry no sugar added sorbet at the MK Parlor on Main Street but cannot find it anywhere outside of the park. The parlor says it is hosted by Edy’s but the Edy’s website doesn’t have any sorbet listed at all. I’m too big to cry over this but I am a little choked up about it… Can you help me get to the bottom of this mystery?

  11. says

    Don — I’m not sure on this one! Have you tried calling Edy’s? Also check Dreyer’s website! I’ll ask around on twitter!

  12. says

    Don — After some research, it seems that Haagen Dazs is the part of Nestle (who also owns Dreyer’s and Edy’s brands) that does sorbet the most often. They have a no-sugar added Strawberry, so it might be worth it to contact them to see if you can find a no sugar added raspberry, too!

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