Five New Disney World Drinks You’ve Gotta Try

You guys know I’m always looking for new, fun drinks to try, and I had a field day on my recent trip to Orlando! Here are just a few of my new favorites:

Yak and Yeti: Shaved Ice Martini
A.K.A. — the snow cone. This fun drink comes in three flavors — Grape, Cherry, and Citrus/Melon. I chose the shockingly bright green version, which included vodka, midori, and pineapple juice along with my (beloved) sweet and sour. The presentation is the best part, but who WOULDN’T want to try an alcoholic snow cone?! Find it at Yak and Yeti Restaurant in Disney’s Animal Kingdom.

Citrus Shaved Ice Martini

La Luce by Donna Scala: Limonata
A straight-up pucker-fest, the Limonata is a classy drink served in a classy atmosphere. It’s light, refreshing, and sour — just how I like it! Pair it with the fritto misto or the (incredible) four cheese pizza appetizer. Find it at La Luce by Donna Scala, a new restaurant at the Hilton Bonnet Creek Resort right in the middle of Disney World property.

La Luce Limonata

La Hacienda de San Angel: Orange Mango Fire Margarita
This firecracker of a drink has orange, mango, ginger, and lime flavors with Tabasco sauce and a “Tagin Chilli Powder” rim. It starts off with a sweet-sour kick and ends with a very spicy finish. I’ve heard that some folks didn’t find it as spicy as they’d liked, but maybe my bartender had a heavy hand with the Tabasco! You can always ask for extra-spicy… . Find it at Epcot’s new La Hacienda de San Angel.

Orange Mango Fire Margarita

Todd English’s bluezoo: White Russian Dippin’ Shots
OK, I know these aren’t on the menu yet — but they’re amazing, and I have to include them! On the cutting edge of molecular mixology, bluezoo’s team has created another winner. Long story short — these are little pebbles of White Russian that have been frozen instantly in liquid nitrogen, right in front of my eyes. Pretty cool…and pretty tasty! Eat ‘em with a spoon. You can find this (and other fun new drinks) at Todd English’s bluezoo at the Disney World Swan and Dolphin Resort.

White Russian Dippin' Shots in Glass

Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Jiko: Victoria Falls Mist
Tangerine, melon, banana, and Van Der Hum combine with a few other ingredients to create what has probably replaced my long lost Leisure Suit as my favorite drink in Disney World. Unfortunately, this one is going by the wayside as well. No longer found on the Victoria Falls menu at the Animal Kingdom Lodge, you can only find it on the Jiko menu these days. If you’re lucky, one of the bartenders at Victoria Falls might remember it, though, so it never hurts to ask.

Jiko's Victoria Falls Mist

Have you tried any of these? Do you have other drinks to suggest? Let us know in the comments section below! We’re always looking for more to try!


  1. says

    Ok so the Shaved Ice Martini looks like quite possibly the most awesome thing EVER. And I would have totally chosen the neon green one as well haha. I’ve never been to Yak and Yeti, but this is definitely tempting. I wonder if my boyfriend will mind me tweaking our ADR’s for our December trip….yet again… :)

  2. Emma says

    those ‘snow cones’look fun!

    I have tried & liked the ‘Yak Attack’, also at Yak & Yeti .. and the green tea martini from Teppan Edo :)

  3. Alan says

    They all look great. Something for everyone who likes a cocktail. Does anyone know if the snow cone drinks are available at the Yak and Yeti beverage stand?

  4. says

    I think I may pass on the spicy margarita, but that drink at Jiko looks terrific (and I’d have to try the white russian dots just for the novelty)!

  5. says

    As someone who doesn’t drink alcohol, I have to say that I’m always jealous about the cool glasses and colors that all these drinks come in. That frozen pebble drink is such an awesome idea. May I request a follow-up to this post with five unique drinks that even your kids can try?

  6. says

    Kelly — I love the cosmo slush, too!! YUM!

    Sara — If you tweak your ADRs, go to Yak and Yeti around 3pm. You can watch the AK parade from the window seats at 4pm!

    Emma — I def need to try the Yak Attack! I think they sell it at the drinks window around the corner, too!

    Alan — I didn’t see the snow cones at the Yak and Yeti bev stand when I was there. I think they’re too new.

    Christina — Great plan! Be sure to blog about it!!!

    Gray — the Victoria Falls Mist was an incredible beginning to a wonderful meal. I can’t remember — have you been to Jiko yet?

    Mallory — It’s too much fun! I’m trying the cherry one next time.

    James — Yes, you may! I’m headed back to WDW in December and will be sure to try a bunch of non-alcoholic stuff to write that post!

    Morgan — You’re gonna LOVE it. And take pics of it. ;-)

  7. Ro says

    It’s not on the menu, but next time you’re at Le Cellier, ask for an ice wine martini. Smooth and deadly.

  8. says

    I really wanted to try a drink at Yak & Yeti’s on the last trip, but we never made it there. Now I will be sure we head that way on our next trip! I will definitely be trying out the shaved ice martini!

  9. carolyn says

    I want to try the Yak and Yeti one too! That looks great. I’m not much of a drinker but colorful fun girly drinks sometimes are tempting. Like right now! :)

  10. Galloping Gourmand says

    Those white russian dippin’ shots look interesting, but maybe too gimmicky. I think that’s that reason the whole molecular gastronomy thing doesn’t do anything me.

    I lave a deep love for snow cones, but sadly a less than deep love for martinis. Now if they made a snow cone margarita I’d be all over it.

    That Orange Mango Fire Margarita is the only one I’m really, really interested in.

  11. says

    That snowcone thing looks yummy and The Victoria Falls Mist looks really refreshing! The dippin’ shots are interesting too…

    I recently read about a bunch of crazy drinks at Bluezoo. Have you tried the Bacon Bourbon or the Burnt Orange Cocktail? The burnt orange looks delicious, but bacon in a drink?

  12. says

    The shaved ice martinis are awesome, I had one when I was there the 1/1/10-1/11/10; My boyfriend picked the citrus and I picked the cherry, both were delicious but I was surprised that I really liked mine better than his (I am a sour freak, so I was worried about passing up the citrus.) The cherry is really cherry lime, and it was wonderful. Now that I know these are still around I will be excited to try grape one on my next trip, I had feared that they would be gone, since they weren’t on the normal drink menu and we were there near the holidays.

  13. says

    Ro — I WILL. I love ice wine. I was at Le Cellier twice on this recent trip; not sure when I’ll be back. Maybe they can put one in a takeaway cup for me ;-)

    Beth — Awesome! And don’t forget the ribs!

    Carolyn — It’s not all that strong, either, so no worries.

    GG — I guess I’m one for gimmicks, then; I loved watching them make the dippin shots! :-) The snow cone drinks don’t at all taste like martinis. I’m not a martini lover, myself (don’t like the glasses, actually), but this was too fun to pass up. Have you been (or are you going to) La Cava del Tequila? Margarita heaven.

    Ashleigh — The burnt orange looks awesome! Haven’t tried it yet, but hopefully on an upcoming trip! Not sure about the bacon… ;-)

    Alex — Thanks for the info that the cherry is more sour — I’m a sour drink fan, too! Let me know how the grape is!

  14. says

    Not really the smartest thing to have an Alcoholic drink in the shape of a Sno-Cone as I could see many kids wanting it, until they realize in disappointment that it is a grown-up drink.

    The Orange Mango Fire(cracker) Martini has really made itself ‘the’ drink of La Hacienda de san Angel as that is the most pictured drink I have seen from the restaraunt.

    …And no, I have not tried any of these due to the American laws that are here. ;)

  15. Marisol says

    I’m sitting here wondering how I could fall a little deeper in love with this blog…and then I see the drinks!!!! My friends are coming to Florida from NY in just a few days! I can’t wait to try these on them…man, am I going to be the hit of that reunion! Thanks AJ!

  16. says

    Josh — Good point on the sno cone! I wonder if they could make a non-alcoholic version for the kids and for those who don’t drink!

    Marisol — Ha ha!! Thank you!! And you’re very welcome!! Cheers!

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