Holiday and Christmas Treats in Disney World

Yep — Christmas has come to Disney World! It showed up around Wednesday of last week and hasn’t shown any signs of slowing!

Lucky for you and me, my Mom and Dad are in Disney World this week and I’ve been getting a steady feed of photos sent to the coffer each day!

Candy Cane Garden next to City Hall and the Firehouse

So here are some of the Christmas- and holiday-themed goodies you can enjoy in Walt Disney World this season. (By they way, this is by no means an extensive list; I’ll be heading to WDW in early December to capture even more holiday snacks on camera as they come available. I can’t wait to see what Karamell Kuche will do…)

First off, everyone’s favorite holiday treat — pumpkin fudge!! They found this at the Confectionery on Main Street in Magic Kingdom.

Pumpkin Fudge

And a yummy-looking seasonal muffin from Writer’s Stop in Disney’s Hollywood Studios! Dad says its pumpkin-cranberry (which sounds heavenly)!

Seasonal Muffin from Writer's Stop

These adorable holiday cookies are a lot like the Dory and Nemo cookies sold year-round. Basically sugar cookies with a hard icing. I really like the little stockings!

Holiday and Winter Cookies

Holiday and Winter Cookies

I haven’t seen this ribbon candy in WDW before; have you?

Ribbon Candy -- Haven't Seen This Before

And of course there are the Mickey Gingerbread Men with chocolate-dipped ears!

Mickey Gingerbread Cookies with chocolate dipped ears

And now you can make your very own! This gingerbread cookie mix comes with a little Mickey Gingerbread Man cookie cutter. Great gift item, eh?

Gingerbread Cookie Mix with Mickey Cookie Cutter

These aren’t edible, but are very cute. Anytime I can wear food — count me in.

Candy Cane Mickey Ears

This little box of Rice Krispie Treats is a great teacher gift, I think. It includes two chocolate-dipped Mickey Mouse krispies, one candy cane krispie, two “gift” krispies, and one plain square krispie.

Holiday-themed Rice Krispie Treats in a Box

And these are great for on-the-go!

Holiday-themed rice krispie treats

An advent calendar filled with milk chocolate…I wonder how long that would last in my house…

Advent Calendar With Chocolate Treats

Peppermint Bark, Chocolate Covered holiday colored pretzels, Holiday Cheer Coffee (not shown), and Christmas themed candy corn are festive additions to any holiday party!! YUM! (Though I doubt the pretzels would make it to any party I was holding…they’d be gone by the time I pulled into the driveway!)

Peppermint Bark

Chocolate-covered holiday pretzels

Christmas themed candy corn

Finally, this great ornament filled with chocolate goodies is another idea for a Christmas gift or even a stocking stuffer (if your family is like mine and has really big stockings).

Ornament with Chocolate

Stay tuned! I promise there’s more where that came from… :-) What edible Christmas and holiday goodies do YOU recommend I try this December in Walt Disney World? Let me know in the comments section below!


  1. says

    Thanks to your parents for reporting in for us!
    I love the gingerbread kit with the cookie cutter—for years I’ve been “attaching” ears to my gingerbread men to get the same effect—its about time they save me from that tiresome task! LOL

  2. says

    I was pleasantly surprised to see that A) The fudge was a snack option on the DDP and B) That it was so huge! My husband and I could easily share one piece!

    I love Cranberry/Orange muffins so I would probably like the Cranberry/Pumpkin, as well.

    It all looks adorable.

  3. Carolyn says

    Yay for parents!! Thank them for us. The treats look nummy. I want a bad of white chocolate covered pretzels!! Mmm!!! The krispy treats look like a great gift. Those traveling to Disney this holiday need an extra suitcase just for the treats!!!

  4. says

    Kelly — Remind me again when you’re going?

    Dana — Hilarious! I’m picturing you painstakingly attaching ears to your gingerbread men! I’m so glad this option is now available!!

    Jayne — Yes! The fudge is a snack option! DDP snack credits really do provide a lot of value, eh?

    Carolyn — Yay for parents, indeed! I want those pretzels, too! YUM! I really like how so many of the treats are clearly packaged to be possible gifts.

  5. Amanda says

    Called first thing this morning for the gingerbread cookie mix – got 2 of them for the kids. Kinda bummed that they won’t ship out the chocolate advent calendar and they couldn’t find the holiday rice crispy treats in their system :(

  6. says

    Amanda — Bummer! I’ll put it on my list to get the UPC for the holiday rice krispie treats when I’m there in December. Maybe they’ll be able to find them with the code.

    Kelly — Oh THAT’S right! I’m gonna get to see you!!!

  7. Laura says

    Oh my…everything looks so yummy!! Def thank your parents for the awesome pics!! We are also going to be in WDW 11/30-12/5. I hope that the pumpking fudge and muffin are still around then cause they look sooo good. I will also be on the lookout for the pretzels and know I will have to get the kiddos their own bag cause I will not want to share those goodies :)

  8. Tia says

    Oh how I wish we could have that Advent Calendar this year! Next year though for sure. We’ll be there just in time to buy it and get it started. I’d love to have the gingerbread kit!

  9. says

    OMGoodness it all looks so yum. I am beside myself with excitement as my trip (kids first trip) is just a day away; we leave on Thursday!! I am definitely gonna be on the lookout for those treats-gotta bribe the teacher somehow so she forgives me for taking my son out of school:)

    Thanks for pics

  10. says

    PS I have really enjoyed it here while planning our Disney trip, I haven’t been since I was a kid so basically I am like a first timer. I took you advice and made reservations at Tony’s in hopes to get a great seat on the porch to watch the parade on Saturday night and will definitely be hitting up Casey’s Corner for a hot dog.

  11. says

    Laura — I hope the pumpkin fudge is around when I go in December, too!!

    Tia — I’ve heard that the gingerbread kits can be purchased through WDW Mail Order!

    Joy — That’s SO exciting! I can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back! I hope you let us know how the kids liked everything :-)

  12. Jennifer says

    I’m so excited. We are going to be in WDW on the first week of December. I’m hoping to bring back some of the great treats they have to offer as gifts. I just hope they survie the trip back to Hawaii, that’s of course if I don’t eat them first. This will be my first trip to Disney World and I can’t wait. I’ll be checking in for more treats before we leave. Aloha and see you soon. :-)

  13. Mom and Dad says

    Just a note from Mom and Dad – – – You know, we sacrifice our waistlines to this blog!!! Back home 7 pounds heavier but very content. Now to starve for a week so we can eat Thanksgiving dinner without shame. And then Christmas – – – OMG! Fudge, cookies, you name it! I’m going to try to make my own carmelcorn – anybody have any recipes?

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