Snack Series: The Mickey Premium Bar

Can you believe it? I’ve written over 1,000 pages for this site and I’ve never given the Mickey Premium Bar its very own dedication. Let’s change that right now, shall we?

For those who haven’t tried one, a Nestle Mickey Premium Bar is basically vanilla ice cream on a stick dipped in chocolate. Think Dove bar or Klondike bar, but Mickey shaped. Plain, simple, delicious.

What makes it so good? I have no idea. Maybe it’s just better than a regular ice cream bar because you paid more for it and are eating it in a Disney park. Regardless of the reason, these sweet treats are some of the most in-demand Disney snacks available and are always on a list of best things to buy with your Disney Dining Plan snack credits.

Because these little bars are so iconic, they’ve been memorialized in all kinds of different ways, from Christmas Ornaments…

Rex and His Mickey Bar

to Mickey Ear hats…

Scratch and Sniff Mickey Bar Ear Hat

to Vinylmation…

One-of-A-Kind Mickey Premium Bar Vinylmation

to tote bags…

Mickey Bar Tote from Disney California Adventure

to trading pins.

Mickey Bar Pin

We love ‘em so much we’ve even created a t-shirt to commemorate them:

Yep — the Mickey Premium Bar is a beloved icon of Disney food in Disney parks and resorts all over the world.

When do you get your next fix? ;-)

A Great Way to Start the Day


  1. says

    Ahh, the Mickey Ice cream Bar. My husband thinks these are a waste if a snack credit, but I don’t think a trip to Disney is complete if you don’t have a Mickey bar at least once.

  2. says

    I love these! However, I am always wondering what they mean by “chocolatey coating.” Is it not really chocolate? It tastes like chocolate. It melts like chocolate. What is it???

  3. Billy says

    Whether or not that last photo was taken looking up toward the Chinese Theater, I’ve now discovered the perfect excuse for buying a Mickey bar. It covers the big a** hat! Thank you!!

  4. Dana (aka DragynAlly) says

    I think I had one of these when I was younger. But I don’t like ice cream bars as a general rule. Although these aren’t really a food as they are an epic legend.

  5. says

    Mmmmmm…Mickey bars! For us, best eaten while sitting in the rocking chairs at Fort Wilderness. It’s a must-do on every trip. Sometimes many times in a trip.

    …okay, *usually* many times in a trip.

  6. says

    I am soooo sorry to rain on the parade and please don’t hate on me. Have you read the nutritional information on these bars? They are full of saturated fat – in a really bad way. This is coming from ChefBigFATPanda… If it scares me, be concerned :) I think it’s a very bad (and not all that good tasting) snack alternative.
    I know….once a year it won’t hurt you and your on vacation and should treat yourself yada yada yada
    Look into a much healthier (comparatively) Dole Whip or Fresh Fruit Salad option…
    And in response to James…yes, what is chocalatey coating? No, not real – ick

  7. Billy says

    A Fresh Fruit Salad option? I’d rather go to babycakes. At least it would still feel like a holiday!

  8. Nikki says

    Could someone tell me if you can buy the Rex ornament at the parks right now? (and how much it costs?) I MUST HAVE HIM! I found it on ebay but I’m curious what the parks price is since I’ll be there in January. He is ssooo adorable. If the price is similar to ebay’s, I might have to order him now so he can be on my Disney themed tree before my trip :)

    And I agree with Chef BigFat Panda, I was shocked when I saw the saturated fat in these. I only looked because my dad is now on a heart-healthy diet since our last WDW trip. It was one of the few items I could even find nutritional info for, since WDW doesn’t provide nutritional info (even when I contacted them via the “special diets” email address.) Dad might be allowed to have only one of these on the trip, if any, he’s pretty heart broken about it! Literally! hah!

  9. carolyn says

    I’ve never had one of these before! I usually opt for the ice cream sandwich when I’m at Disneyland (and they are rock-hard! have to let it set a bit before you can bite in to it). I’ll probably always get the sandwich over the bars….but maybe someone will have a bar and I can sneak-bite a ear off so I can try it.

  10. Erin Foster says

    Two comments:

    – I’m pretty sure we have a Mickey bar shaped accessory for Mr. Potato head. I can’t lay my hands on it right this minute, but I know it’s here somewhere.

    – I mostly lost my taste for the Mickey bar after my daughter lost a tooth in one at Disneyland. The bar ended up covered in blood and I had to pick the tooth out of the ice cream in order to pass it along to the Tink (we decided she was covering for the Tooth Fairy since we were at DL). Anyway, now I can’t eat one without picturing it all red an oozy.

  11. says

    James — I know! The “chocolatey coating” sounds pretty dubious! Still, I love ‘em!

    Billy — Ha! I knew it was good for something!! :-) Also, I love my Chef BigFatPanda, but agreed on the fresh fruit salad.

    Heather — I’m a-gonna add that pic to the blog post!

    Dana — I think that’s right.

    Kate — Sounds like a great memory!

    Chef BFP — Aw, c’mon man! ;-) I do understand, though; one of my first “eat this not that” posts was about this bar.

    Eric — That’s high praise coming from a Disney food guru like you!!!

    Nikki — He was there in October — that’s when I took the pic! Not sure on cost… Good luck to your Dad, too. My dad’s been through the same, but he’s just fine 15 years later. Thank God for modern medicine and great doctors.

    Carolyn — I love those ice cream sandwiches!!

  12. melissa sue says

    30 DAYS!!!! I am so excited, I could bust!

    And my Food is a Theme Park sweatshirt just came this afternoon. A GREAT day for me. :)

  13. Nikki says

    thanks AJ! I might cave and order him off of ebay, he would just be too perfect for our Disney tree. I’ve been doing a lot of research for our trip to see what dad will be able to eat. The special diets people were able to give me some help, they just couldn’t provide nutrition info. Tricky since sodium is hidden in like, everything!

    Just read Erin’s story about the tooth to my family. They all cringed and then laughed!

  14. Bethann says

    I will be at Disney World on Friday for my first ever trip, and I’m sure I’ll be trying one of these. I’m also going to keep an eye out for the Rex ornament. Too Cute!

  15. Diane says

    I agree with Chef BigFatPanda – I just don’t think they are that good. I tried to eat one at Mickey’s Backyard BBQ and thought it was gross. I threw it away. I guess I have a heart of stone. I much rather have a Dole Whip. It did not, however, stop me from buying the ice cream bar Mickey ears and subjecting my humiliated dog to a photo session. Screensaver, wallpaper, FB profile pic . . . .

  16. says

    Nutrition information, saturated fat, chocolatey coating? Oh come on folks, it’s an ice cream bar in the shape of Mickey’s silhouette! This is just guilt-free, reliving childhood, unadulterated pleasure!

    Now, bloody Mickey Bar, that might turn me off too, at least for a day ;-)

  17. Mike says

    Imagine my surprise when I found out that the Mickey bars are available for dessert on he Disney Magic. Unfortunately, I only found out on the second last day of the cruise!! They served it in a bowl, unwrapped.

  18. Jack says

    I think Klondike bars are gross but Dove bars are really good. Which end of the spectrum are the Mickey bars on?

  19. Mischa says

    I know this post was least year but here’s my 2 cents. Carol, I think the Mickey Premium bars (taste wise) are up there with the Dove premium bars & magnum bars.

    Jack – I never understoof the hype surrounding klondike bars. The chocolate just isn’t that gr8 to me. But I definitely luv the Mangnum, dove bars, and of course the Mickey when I go to disney in Orlando, FL (I live in Florida).

  20. Linda Saunders says

    I can not find any ice cream bar in the “real” world that tastes as good as a Mickey Bar. Either the ice cream is not as good or the chocolate misses the mark. Just nothing compares to a Mickey Bar. I wish I could have one right now but I am 1200 miles away.

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