Disney Food Trends: Desserts + Fire

Crepe Suzette at Bistro de Paris

I’ve been noticing some interesting trends at Disney area restaurants lately! I mentioned the gourmet Mac & Cheese trend a while back, but here’s an interesting one that has to do with dessert — flames!

Yep, that’s what I said. Fire. Right there at your table.

Flambeing is certainly nothing new, but to have it as a prevalent show at so many restaurants in the Disney area is pretty interesting. Here are some of the spots where we’ve seen it recently…

Bistro de Paris, Epcot
In the France pavilion of Disney World’s Epcot, Bistro de Paris offers high-end dining in a beautiful second-floor dining room. The view of the fireworks is just a bonus here, as the food and service are incredible.

On our visit, we ordered the Duo de Crepes — one Suzette and one apple. The Suzette was flambeed table-side and caused quite a stir!

Crepe Suzette About To Catch Fire

The Show Begins

Final Product

Bull and Bear Steakhouse, Waldorf Astoria Orlando
Over at the Bull and Bear, they’ve perfected the art of service and show. Bringing this flaming creme brulee to the table is just the beginning — or should I say “the end!”

Bull and Bear Steakhouse Creme Brulee

The best part? Even more crunchy, crystal-y caramelized sugar for us to enjoy, because the sugar is increased in order to keep the fire burning while the dessert is placed on the table.

Todd English’s bluezoo, Walt Disney World Swan & Dolphin Resort
Over in the Epcot Resort Area, bluezoo offers an all-chocolate all the time dessert called the Chocolate Melange. As part of this decadent set of mini-desserts, you’ll get a milk chocolate malt creme brulee that comes to the table in flames!

Chocolate Melange Dessert

Close Up of Milk Chocolate Malt Creme Brulee

A gorgeous ending to what’s sure to be a wonderful dinner!

Now, I know these aren’t the only places to get a side of fire with your dinner! Have you tried others? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. says

    Neat piece. Funny you should mention flaming desserts – the (now defunct) Concourse Steakhouse at the Contemporary regularly featured a delicious Bananas Foster – flamed everynite “on stage.” One of our most popular desserts. I’ll have to send you a pic :-)

  2. Alan says

    Once again, the upscale restaurants at WDW are right there at the cutting edge of new dining trends. However, none of the eateries shown here are on the DDP. Things like this are why I don’t think I’ll be using the plan anymore. Between the amount of food and the $$$ spent on it, these better places seem like just too much.

  3. says

    Brooke — Yes! Pic please!

    Alan — We often skip the dining plan because we can save more money with our AP room discount + Tables in Wonderland, AND because we eat too often at places like this! Good point.

  4. says

    So this is very interesting to me because I ate at Kouzzina in January and when I asked if they set the Cheese Saganaki on fire at the table, our waitress told us that they had to do it in the kitchen… Disney forbid it tableside. What’s up with that, I wonder? I know Cheese Saganaki doesn’t HAVE to be set on fire, but really… cheese + fire is just as awesome as dessert + fire, n’est-ce pas?

  5. Heather says

    That’s very interesting that these desserts are just appearing at WDW now. It was, for a long time, very common in New Orleans, but lots of restaurants have stopped doing them because it increases the insurance premiums!

  6. Steve C. says

    Columbia Restaurant in Celebration serves a ribeye steak called the “Chacho,” flamed at tableside with high-octane bourbon. For dessert, try the Brazo Gitano “Cien Años”: Spongecake soaked in syrup with Spanish Manzanilla Sherry, filled with Spanish cream and strawberries, rolled and topped with meringue. Served tableside with strawberry sauce and flambéed.

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