Review: Pop Century Resort’s Tie Dye Cheesecake

After featuring the Tie-Dye Cheesecake recipe on Disney Food Blog back in July 2009, I figured it was high time to review it!

Found at Disney World’s Pop Century Resort, this unique dessert has been a staple since the resort’s opening in 2003. And one reason why I think it’s particularly special (besides the fact that it’s gorgeous) is that it’s one of only a few unique, resort-specific desserts found on Disney World property (Animal Kingdom Lodge’s Zebra Domes and Port Orleans French Quarter’s beignets are two others in the club).

While this cake looks crazy, it’s actually pretty simple in structure. A multi-colored cheesecake sits atop a red velvet cake “crust.” That’s it! And boy is it delicious.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. It looks like play-doh. Well, yes. It does look like play-doh. And even when you’re eating it, it’s kind of wacky that your eyes are telling you that it’s probably going to taste awful. But the creamy texture, rich taste, and moist red velvet cake chaser are — honestly — a wonderful dessert! One I crave every time I go to Pop Century’s awesome food court!

And, for $3.59, this is a Disney World bargain!

So, have you tried the tie-dye cheesecake? Have you actually made it at home? Let us know your experiences in the comments section below!


  1. says

    I actually had the Tie-Die cheesecake when we stayed at POP last fall – and I was SUPER excited to try it. Honestly though, it was too sweet for me – and for some reason not what I thought it would be. I didn’t expect it to be half cheesecake, half cake, so maybe that was the letdown. Definitely looks cool though!

  2. Emma Godbold (from the UK) says

    Wow!! That looks awesome! It’s worth battling the bus crowds to Pop Century just to get a photo of that creation!

  3. says

    Kelly — Bummer! I’m so sorry you didn’t enjoy :-( (Can I have the rest of yours, then? ;-D)

    Emma — I know! The best and worst part is that you can’t get it anywhere else ;-)

    Natalie — I’m so glad it’s stuck around this long!

  4. Galloping Gourmand says

    Yeah, the cheesecake part is a bit of a sugar bomb. It’s also outlandishly tasty. People who buy it often don’t even know they are getting the red velvet cake. I love food surprises like that when they work as well as this does.

  5. says

    One of the reasons we stayed at Pop Century in May ’09 was to try the Tie Dye Cheesecake. Three generations of us fell in love with it. Of course, our kids loved that the fun colors made their tongues turn silly colors. TechyDad and I have tackled making it at home. We have written about it a few times as we did multiple trials. We have found that we actually like to use Strawberry cake base at home over the Red Velvet. For some reason the red velvet at Disney is not as harsh as the ones we tried. Lots of our friends who have never tried the Pop cheesecake have made them for parties and especially for holidays with color schemes.

  6. Pudge the Fish says

    Never a a lover of the tie dye cheesecake, but I was always a fan of the Twinkie Tiramisu, moment of silence, RIP. Thankfully I have found the recipe for it online and it is rather easy to make, and people don’t even know that they are eating Twinkies. ;)

    We love Pop for the food court, and it is also the home of worms and dirts, and ginormous hand dipped sundaes and shakes.

  7. Carolyn says

    Ok. I admit it. I didn’t try it because it looked like you said!! But shame on me! I had no idea it had a red velvet cake bottom !! Next time I’m at pop, I’ll give it a try.

  8. Heather says

    Sadly, I don’t love the Pop. I also don’t love this cheesecake–because it’s only half cheesecake and half red velvet cake . . .

  9. eliza says

    I really wish i could try this! But we always stay at the Grand Floridian< and I dont know if we would have time to take the bus to Pop… the bus ride there is soo long! But we can try for this cheesecake!

  10. says

    I’m not much of a fan. For me it was too thick with the cake under it. Too much going on. Glad I tried it, but don’t need to get it again.

  11. says

    I’d say that’s definitely worth fanagling the busses to POP to check it out…how could something that pretty be bad? Well…okay. But I’m going to go in with an open mind!

  12. Mary says

    I have made the oh-so-long bus trip to POP to pick up tie dyed cheesecake and returned to my smiling family with multiple slices in hand! My girls LOVE this dessert and for a snack credit (or 3 or 4, ’cause you have to make the bus trip worth it,) why not?! And yes, the pictures of their rainbow stained lips and the memory of them enjoying it were worth every minute of that bus ride!

  13. Michelle says

    Love tie-dyed cheesecake! I have made this dessert at home (with a red velvet box cake mix instead from scratch) and it always turns out yummy! I have even changed the colors to coordinate with holidays and special occasions.

  14. Greg says

    I’ve made this at home several times. It’s a real concersation piece whenever we bring it to a party. Always a big hit!

  15. Brandi says

    We stayed at Pop in June. I had heard about it from this site and just had to try it. We LOVED it! I spent several snack credits on this yummy dessert!

  16. Alan says

    The colors sort of remind me of a New Orleans Mardi Gras King cake. The price is right, but
    oh boy those colors are a bit too much. It seems everybody loved it though.

  17. Rose says

    Watch me Eat has a point about all the food coloring. My Daughter in law is the only one of us who has tried it and…..How can I say this delicately. The next morning her poo was a really weird color! (her words) Just stating a fact!

  18. says

    Mmmm….I ALWAYS have to get a tye dye cheesecake- even if I’m not staying there, I have to make a trip over to get one. Lately though, I’ve been noticing the red velvet to cheesecake ratio is switching, with there being far less cheesecake and much more red velvet, but they’re still good nonetheless!

    I made my own- but I turned them into mini cupcakes- (served on a vintage record “plate” too!)

  19. Kitak Law says

    I’ve had the Cheesecake before – one of the must-dos when I stayed at the Pop Century Resort. And I might not be a cheesecake expert, but it worked well enough for me. The colours took some getting used to, but they’re fun as long as you don’t mind your tongue turning blue or green by the time you’re done.

  20. Jenny says

    I’ve never tried this despite staying at pop for all of our recent trips. It is definitely on my must do list for next trip! do you know how many other resorts have desserts that are specific to that resort? I would love to try some of those other desserts as well?

  21. Jen says

    I am presently at POP and they have significantly cut the portion size of the cheesecake down. It’s now in the same round small bowl as the chocolate cake with Mickey sprinkles at other QS restaurants.

  22. James says

    Yest, I was just there a week ago and it was not good at all. It is in a small bowl and have no cake to it at all. Wal Mart has better cheesecake. I was so disappointed. I actually went there just for the cheesecake and it was awful. Cheap.

  23. Sara says

    When we stayed there it was solid yummy cheese cake, no red velvet on the bottom, that to me sounds gross, the solid cheese cake was gorgeous and oh so yummy. I swear we were there 7 days and we ate it twice a day, cheese cake for breakfast! YUM-O!

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