Disney Food Trend: Trios

Obviously Disney’s keen on the fact that most of us can’t make up our minds about what we want to try in their restaurants! They’ve slowly, but surely, started introducing ways for us to sample a little bit of everything — even when we’re not at a buffet.

Trios of dishes — small portions of three menu items served together as one dish — are popping up everywhere, from casual to signature dining. And while these used to be relegated to the dessert menu, we’re now seeing trios pop up in the appetizer and entree sections of the menu. Here are a few examples…

Appetizer Trios
Epcot’s Le Cellier put a trio of appetizers front and center on its menu a while ago, giving guests an opportunity to sample three of their most beloved apps: Cheddar Cheese Soup, Lump Crab, and the Tomato Stack.

Le Cellier Lunch Menu Appetizer Trio

Sanaa, in Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, has followed suit with trios of salads and appetizers. The one below includes carrot, orange, and mint on the left; roasted beets in the center; and chickpeas with cucumber and tomato on the right.

Sanaa Appetizer Trio

Entree Trios
While several restaurants are sampling how entree trios are selling, our favorite is one we reported on a couple of weeks ago — the Tasting Plate at 50’s Prime Time Cafe in Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Once again, thanks to Mandy Jansen for the photo and heads up!

Tasting Plate at 50s Prime Time Cafe

Dessert Trios
And the Wave over in Disney’s Contemporary Resort has been playing with dessert trios in a new and different way since it opened a few years ago.

When I visited recently with our DFB columnist Erin Foster, we couldn’t resist ordering all three trios on the menu! One of my favorites of the new options? The popcorn gelato! It did taste more like caramel corn, though, so don’t expect any buttery saltiness coming through…

Other options included in these trios: peanut butter and jelly gelato and olive oil infused chocolate truffle mousse. Fancy!

The Wave Dessert Trios

Our Desserts

Have you seen any interesting trios around in your travels in Disney parks and resorts? Any you want to sample? Let us know in the comments section below!

Sanaa Photo copyright Disney
50’s Prime Time Cafe Photo Credit


  1. John B says

    I really like trios. I love sampling a little bit of everything! My only complain is the lack of options for them. For example, at the Wave, instead of forcing you into 3 of those desserts, why not list all 9 and say pick 3 for $8? PF Changs does something similar and it seems to work there.

    This would be hard to do for entrees and apps, of course, but for desserts I think it would work really well!

  2. says

    John B — Great idea!! I do love when I go to PF Changs and can order as many carrot cake mini-desserts as I want…

    Christa — I believe it was $19.99 :-)

  3. Alan says

    This seems like a variation on the “small plates” trend. I think it’s a great way to try new things and for sharing. I notice these are all Disney owned restaurants. Does anyone know it any of the non-Disney places on property are doing this. Is Disney following a trend or starting one?

  4. Tilly says

    Had the Kouzzina trio a few weeks ago – highly recommend

    “Kouzzina Trio – Tasting size portions of Greek-style Lasagna, Char-grilled Lamb Burger, and Cinnamon-stewed Chicken with Orzo”

  5. Betsy says

    I second Tilly’s recommendation of the Kouzzina trio. I’m not a big fan of Greek food, but I really enjoyed having these three options in tapas sized portions to get a variety of flavors. I would definitely order this again.

  6. Rose says

    We were able to mix and match desserts at the Wave two different times. That dinner at the 50’s prime time looks soooo good. I wonder if you can get it at the bar. We try to eat there instead of making reservations.

  7. Shayne says

    The Botana appetizer trio at La Hacienda de San Angel was great, as well as the appetizer sampler for two at Restaurant Marrakesh (beef brewat rolls, chicken bastilla, and jasmina salad). When we eat some place new, we like to try as many different things as we can, so these trios are perfect!

  8. says

    When I ate at Sanaa last September, I had the vegetarian sampler, which allows you to choose two entrees and one rice. I loved being able to have two different tastes, and if I were to go again, I would try two different vegetarians dishes.

    Does anyone know of places in the World to get a sampler of drinks, like beer? I don’t usually care to drink a whole beer, but like to sample some different ones.

  9. says

    Lisa, I was at The Wave about 2 weeks ago and I believe I saw a beer sampler there.

    And speaking of dessert trios, the one at Sanaa was delicious. We can’t stop raving about the chai cream.

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