Review: Crew’s Cup Lounge in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort

Another spot that I consider to be a hidden gem in Disney World is this little wooden bar and lounge that offers a relaxed atmosphere, some decent food and drink, and great service. Crew’s Cup Lounge is located next to Yachtsman Steakhouse in Disney’s Yacht Club Resort — within walking distance of Epcot and Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Crews Cup is located next to Yachtsman Steakhouse in the Yacht Club Resort

The tiny little lounge packs a big punch when it comes to accessibility, consistency, and relaxation.


Paneled from floor to ceiling with wood and sporting some very cool light-up rowers “stenciled” across the walls in brass, Crew’s Cup’s atmosphere is clear, but not overwhelming. Complimenting the craftsman-like decor of the Yachtsman Steakhouse next door, this location is cozy and comfortable.

Crew's Cup Booths to the Left and Tables to the Right

Crews Cup Seating

Crew’s Cup is rarely busy and always offers guests a great spot to kick back, have a drink or a light meal, watch the game, or just visit with friends. In fact, when I’m spending a lot of time in Epcot, I’ve found myself relying more and more on the Crew’s Cup Lounge for a quick lunch, a place to meet up with friends or family, or even a spot to rest and rejuvenate before heading back into the park.

Great service and a comfortable atmosphere mean that Crew’s Cup is a very easy place to relax. The lack of crowds and decent menu make this the perfect place to rest and re-group.

Crews Cup Bar

If you’re there in the evening, you’ll be able to watch through the special window to watch Yachtsman Steakhouse cast members prepare the restaurant’s steaks for cooking!


While the main lounge drink menu is the same one that’s found in most Disney World restaurants and lounges (see the Disney World drink menu here), there are a few added items and a specialty drink every day.

Crews Cup Drink Menu Cover

The food menu is somewhat surprising, including several full meals as well as some fun appetizers. You can order crab cakes, pan-seared chicken breast, cheeseburgers, salads, steak, and more.

Crews Cup Menu

On our visit, we chose to share the Crew’s Cup Spinach-Cheese Dip for Two ($9.99) with tomatoes, bacon, and chopped onions; the Buffalo Chicken Nuggets (yay!!) ($7.40); and the Angus Chuck Cheeseburger ($11.40), which is served with either Vegetable Orzo Salad or French Fries.

I’d like to point out that all of these items are large enough to serve as a meal, and each one costs less than many counter-service meals, even though you have a table-service experience at Crew’s Cup.

We started with the Spinach and Cheese dip, which we enjoyed. I liked the addition of the bacon and cheese on top, though I could have done without the raw onions (cooked onions in the dip would have been amazing!). This dip was not too bitter (occasionally I find spinach dip to be bitter due to the cooked spinach), and had a high cheese to spinach ratio — the true determining factor in a good spinach dip…at least for me!

Crews Cup Dip

We also ordered the cheeseburger, which, again we enjoyed. This was a cross between a Beaches and Cream burger and a heartier version, but the presentation was great and the burger was cooked to order (properly). I liked the addition of fries in a ceramic cup!

Crews Cup Burger

The boneless Buffalo Chicken was a true winner for me, though. You guys know how much I love Buffalo wings, and the boneless version is a guilty pleasure of mine (the breading makes it easier for the wing to hold more sauce!).

These were a tasty treat that really hit the spot when I hadn’t yet found too many other places on property that served Buffalo wings (so far House of Blues and ESPN Club are my favorites, outside of the Crew’s Cup).

The portion size was perfect for a quick meal or a light lunch. I would have added fries if this had been my only order at the time. And the taste was perfect; spicy, but not overwhelmingly so.

Crews Cup Buffalo Chicken


Crew’s Cup is reliable. It’s small, relatively hidden away, and usually very quiet during the day. If you show up for an early or late lunch, you’re likely to be one of the only patrons in the place.

And while I’ve never been here at a time when I couldn’t find a table, it sometimes gets crowded during prime dinner hours as guests waiting for their Yachtsman Steakhouse reservation end up in the Crew’s Cup for a beverage.

That said, the benefits definitely outweigh the risks on this little place. The next time you need a break from Epcot or would love a table-service meal but don’t have a reservation, consider heading over to Crew’s Cup to enjoy decent food, low prices, and great service.

What are your thoughts about Crew’s Cup Lounge? Have you been? Let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Frank says

    Been going there for many years. Lots of the CM’s have been there for as long as I can remember. It is a hidden gem.
    We were just there on Saturday. We’ve done a cocktails pre-dinner, coffee post, or as on Saturday, we were appetizer-ing our way around the Epcot Resorts.
    Fun place. Great people!!

  2. Alan says

    This is a place we used to stop at frequently years ago when WDW had fewer choices. But as more resorts and choices have appeared over the last twenty or so years it has kind of fallen off our beaten path. Thanks to AJ and the Food Blog for reminding us of how much we liked it.

    There’s another small lounge nearby, the Ale and Compass Lounge, which is a really great spot for a couple of drinks on a hot afternoon. It has a beautiful ambiance and serves a good cup of coffee in the morning.

  3. John Grigas says

    You hit it right on the head . . . when the ESPN Zone is jam packed for a game, this is a great spot to watch it in a quiet atmosphere. It’s also a small enough venue that you can easily end up talking to some other guests while you watch. Nice spot!

  4. Shayne says

    We plan to have lunch at Beaches & Cream on our arrival day in December. If it’s jam packed, we may head over here instead. Thanks for the tip, AJ!

  5. Chris Eliopoulos says

    Aw, man. You gave away my secret spot. I love sitting here, getting a quick bite and a drink. SO comfortable and relaxed.

  6. Frank says

    Last Saturday evening, my wife and I did Martha’s Vineyard for ribs, clam chowder and a cocktail, then down the way to Crew’s Cup for their Lobster sliders. It’s fun to appetizer our way around the resorts.
    Anyone remember Riptide Lounge next to Cape May. Saw a couple of NBA finals in there…pre-ESPN.
    Or Ariel’s when it was a restaurant.. Loved both of those places too.
    Or the old Beach Club lobby 8( …….. boo hoo… I REALLY miss that old lobby.

  7. Matt says


    This is one of my favourite spots in Disney. A great place to go for a quiet beer before going to the steakhouse next door. Although if I don’t have as much of an appetite the food in the bar is good too.

    We can’t have everyone knowing about it or they’ll all want to come ;-)

  8. dana says

    Im torn! I dont want everyone to know about my favorite secret spot, but its also so nice to finally see someone mention it!! For a while, it was as if this place didnt even exsist!

    We have been here when a table wasnt available but it was later in the day- maybe 8pm. Its worth the short wait, and we LOVE it. Its a great place for a light dinner- I always have the nachos and my husband has the Buffalo Chicken. Its off the beaten path, and its so relaxing at the end of a busy day.

    You will most definitely find us there in 65 DAYS!!!!!

  9. marci says

    this is why I love reading your blog AJ! I never knew about this place and will definitely be trying it out on a future disney trip.

  10. says

    I LOVE boneless buffalo chicken and that looks so good. I really like the Beach Club’s tiny lounge (I can’t remember the name, but it is right next to Ariel’s), but haven’t tried the Crew’s Cup out, yet.

  11. Dana D says

    I am sad to report that Crews Cup has taken Nachos OFF the menu :(
    This was my favorite spot to relax and have a light meal…I always have the nachos…..very sad

  12. Joanne says

    Discovered Ale & Compass 2 weeks ago, Crews Cup is next on our list. We love eating at the bars around WDW–so much easier than making dining reservations, and the food choices are just as varied.

  13. Jamie Mims says

    Just visited this great spot last week before dining at the Yachtsman Steakhouse. We were very hungry so we ordered the Truffle Fries, served in a cone via a metal holder. They were served with a grilled onion dip on the side. These fries are great but very salty. The server recommended we ask for them without any salt next time, as they are normally served highly seasoned. The atmosphere is very nice and service was fast and friendly.

  14. Marie says

    Does anyone know if you can order desserts from Yatchsman’s Steakhouse in here? I’ve been dying to try the Peanut Butter Pretzel cake!

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