News: Disney World Price Hike on Soda Pop

Along with the counter service price hikes noted in the parks this past week, we’ll also be paying more for our soda pop fix as well.

Pop Varieties

We heard via twitter from Epcyclopedia today that soda pop prices have risen by $.40 per cup. Old Fountain Drink Prices: $2.19 and $2.49. New Fountain Drink Prices: $2.59 and $2.89.

Studios Central reported that soda pop was $2.79 at Disney’s Hollywood Studios’ Backlot Express (which has refill stations that guests are able to access).

While price hikes aren’t necessarily “news” in Walt Disney World (they’re pretty much an expected standard at least once per year, right?), your family might drink enough soda pop over a week-long visit to have this make a difference. If your family of four purchases five drinks per person, per day, for seven days, that’s $56 extra dollars spent on beverages.

Interestingly, that’s about the same price you’d pay to purchase four refillable mugs. Of course, refillable mugs can’t be used in the parks, which is where you’d most likely be spending your money on soda pop during counter-service meals.

Note: We’re not sure if the price hike continues for table-service restaurant beverages.

Will this change make a difference for you? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. Courtney says

    “If your family of four purchases five drinks per person, per day, for seven days, that’s $56 extra dollars spent on beverages.”

    Do people drink/allow their kids to drink that much soda? If they do, that scares me more than any price hike…

  2. JoAnn says

    I have the dining plan so I won’t see a difference. If I didn’t have the dining plan, I would just get water with most meals.

  3. Sandra says

    Yes, Courtney, they do. We even see folks putting cola into baby bottles, setting their kids up to spend lots of time in the dental chair. I know milk is expensive, but iced tea slightly sweetened would be a better choice if you are not going to put milk or juice in the bottle. Water would be even better in terms of dental health.

    Lemonade, a fruit-flavored drink, and iced tea are available at most food court drink stations. We get refillable mugs each trip, even if we aren’t getting DP, because we really give them a workout. Coffee, tea and hot chocolate in the morning, Diet Coke, iced tea and lemonade during the day and with meals, and usually one more Diet Coke or hot chocolate before bedtime.

    So although it is true that you can’t use them in the parks, we find that we get at least 4 drinks each per day at our resort, and over the course of a week, it really does save us money to get the mugs. When we are not using a DP, we just order free ice water at CS places in the parks for most meals and save more $ that way.

  4. Tim says

    WDW soft drink prices still look pretty good to me. At our home park, Cedar Point in Ohio, a regular soft drink is $3.85 and a large is $5.99. This is par for the course at many of the Cedar Fair parks.

  5. Steven says

    … that’s why I do NOT buy soft drinks inside the park. We stay at a vacation Club resort (owned there since 1994) … freeze a half bottle of beverage overnight, then fill the rest up with the same (unfrozen) beverage. Works wonders … even in the hottest days! It’s one thing to make a profit … it’s another to ROB people!

  6. Meg says

    Wow, I didn’t realize that many people drink that much pop (or soda depending on where you’re from :-p). When my husband and I are there, we always got a large iced tea and split it, so I guess the prices will somewhat affect us. I personally wasn’t allowed to drink pop until I was well into elementary school and we plan on raising our kids the same way, so I think we have a couple of years until this really catches up to us. I wonder if milk and juice prices will be going up as well…

  7. Carolyn says

    depending on what I eat, will depend on what I drink. Usually water cause I’m cheap but if there are refils and I can take to go I’ll get a soda.

  8. Tammz says

    I drink lots of pop (and iced tea) and will get a refillable mug for the resort However my 5 yr old has NEVER ever had pop and he is not an iced tea or lemonade drinker! I think its ridiculous for only pop to be available for the refillable mugs!! give Juice too! people who feed their kids pop on a regular basis should reconsider! (once in a while for a treat I can see) Milk Water and 100% juice is all kids need!!

  9. Alan says

    Just tank up at the Coca Cola Cool Zone so that the idea of more soda doesn’t appeal at the restaurants or snack carts. It’s free although some of those flavors are tough.

  10. canadianslovewdw says

    to beat the soda prices we take a reusable water bottle and some of those instant drinks.. you can get a cup of ice water at lots of places in all the parks…

  11. John B says

    I noticed this when I was just there last week. Oh well, it’s only like $0.30 more per drink. It didn’t add up to too much over 5 days, but then again I was only paying for myself. As you said, price increases at WDW are never a surprise.

    And yes, the price was increased at TS restaurants also.

  12. Jeff says

    This will only affect me at the Magic Kingdom.
    Because I’m on vacation, and around the rest of property, WDW is one giant bar/lounge. LOL

  13. Melissa says

    We get the refillable mugs but usually as just a souvenir. My son (age 5) has never had soda and yes people sprite is no better than any other kind of soda. I’m appalled people think that’s OK. I really hate that fountain stations don’t have options for children like 100% juice that’s the only thing my son does drink not that “fruit punch” or lemonade. We usually pack bottles of juice and a refillable bottle. I fill the container about 3/4 full and ask for ice whenever I can around the park once the juice is gone. We drink water and every once in awhile I will allow him to have a shake or smoothie. Your tummy is not a trash can so stop putting garbage in it.

  14. patti D says

    I realize that alot of people probably take advantage of this system, but really Disney?
    Tickets for one day are over 100.00, hotel rooms for Value resorts over 100.00 per night and prices are constantly going up. Now I don’t mind buying my mug but if i get back from the park and I am thirsty I cant have a refill until after 5 minutes have gone by???Are they really jailing the drinks that much? Also I like the idea of turning your old mug in towards a discount for the new mug. But what if I come back 4 times a year I have to re buy a mug each time????? What about a 5.00 fee to reactivate it if you already have a mug
    Disney give your guests a break

  15. miami777 says

    The prices they charge for food, soda’s beer and trinkets are totally insane. I realize they must make a profit, but their prices are insane, like $3,85 for soda, $7.50 for domestic beer and $11.00 for imported beer. We are all not that wealthy. IO believe they are insane for robbing the public like that. It really makes me mad to see them take advantage of the public like that.

  16. Nadia says

    They will probably never have 100% juice. Soda costs pennies per mug (if that), so Disney makes a huge profit on it. With the reusable mugs, people would have to stand there all day and drink for Disney to lose money on it. Juice is expensive. Even wholesale. Juice is not done like soda where they get huge bags of “dust” and add carbonation to it.

    Patti, yes they have the times so people do not fill their mugs, pour them into a bigger mug and repeat. Or, buy one mug for the family, fill it for each and pour it into each one they bought from home.

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