Two New Snacks: Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcake and North Bay Smoothie

Two NEW snacks have popped up in Walt Disney World recently! Thanks to DFB Readers for keeping us informed of the additions…and for adding your reviews!

Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcake at Toy Story Pizza Planet

Thanks to Katie Kelter for reporting on this Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcake that was recently spotted (and devoured)!

This out-of-this world food find occurred in Disney’s Hollywood Studios at the Toy Story Pizza Planet restaurant. Katie says that the delicious and pretty cupcake was likely created at Starring Rolls Cafe as she hasn’t seen anything so gorgeous at this quick service location. Until now.

Chocolate Cappuccino Cupcake

Katie’s review: The chocolate cake was moist and had a nice chocolate flavor, and the frosting was pleasantly fluffy (my preference over heavier frostings) with a tasty coffee flavor. Those are toffee bits on the outside and they added a nice buttery crunch. This was my first “Starring Rolls” cupcake, so I don’t have much of a frame of reference, but I really enjoyed this cupcake! I had the “free” dining plan last week, so I had a dessert at every quick service meal, and this was BY FAR the best I had all week!

Canada Pavilion North Bay Smoothie

Introducing the North Bay Smoothie, which was spotted in Epcot’s Canada pavilion by DFB readers @cheshirechip and @cherylp3 on twitter. This smoothie is $4 and can be purchased at the popcorn stand in Canada.

North Bay smoothie

@cheshirechip’s review: Some might call it refreshing and citrusy, but @cherylp3 and I thought it was way too tart. Stir before drinking as the red syrup at the bottom adds a bit more sweetness.

Have you sampled these two new snacks in Walt Disney World? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    I had’t even read the whole post before the photo made me salivate and lose my focus! Now that I’ve read it, I can say that I may attempt a similar cupcake at home. Not this weekend though; I’ll be baking cinnamon toast cupcakes for my son’s 7th birthday next week. Yay! :)

    I will say this, the reviewers may not have liked the smoothie, but it sure is pretty. I love my pretty drinks (read: mint juleps!)

  2. Grace says

    What kind of smoothie is it? What are the fruits in it? More info please! I LOVE tart stuff, so this might be right up my alley! Looks great and CAN’T WAIT to go! 31 more days…… :-D

  3. Nancy says

    Automatically on the list for the visit next month. This is a gotta have! Has the cupcake map been updated?

  4. Galloping Gourmand says

    I love a good somoothie. It looks like a lemon/berry affair like that awful one from McDonald’s, but I’m not sure how that qualifies it as “North Bay.” I’m fairly sure they don’t have mutant cold weather lemons up there and Canada isn’t known for it’s strawberries or raspberries so I’m not sure where the red comes from. Maybe it’s a citrus cranberry. That would be… interesting. Anyhow, that area is more of a pine forest. I forget my point.

    Oh yes. I like smoothies.

  5. says

    That cupcake really looks delicious, and wonderfully sugary. As for the lemonade, could it be a possible take on Strawberry lemonade? I know a few places that try to place strawberries on the bottom of lemonade and call it so.

  6. says

    Julie — I know! Don’t those pics look yummy! I think the two items would be great together — sweet and tart!

    JoAnn — You’ll have to try it on your trip!

    Grace — Agreed! I think I’m going to love this one! Will check it out for you while I’m there!

    Nancy — The cupcake map has NOT been updated! Sounds like a job for PawsnGo!

    GG — Ha ha! I think I’m gonna like it no matter berries or mutant lemons it has in it! I just hope it’s not too “dairy-y”

    Josh — Yay! Josh is back commenting on the blog! :-) I’m pretty excited to try the smoothie — I’ll report back.

  7. canadianslovewdw says

    cup cake looks great,, as for the smoothie.. for sure there are no lemons in northbay.. there are strawberries and raspberries though… maybe they just decided to throw a dart at a dart board and thats how they named it…

  8. Kitak Law says

    Longtime reader, but very rare commentor (I’ve only been to DisneyWorld once, so I really can’t make intelligent comments here).

    However, in answer to the questions about WHY the North Bay Smoothie is called that…well, as a Canadian, I can say this. North Bay is a small city in Northern Ontario that is apparently called the “Smoothie Capital of Canda” because one local smoothies franchise, Euphoria, claims that more smoothies are drunk there per capita than anywhere else in the country. So that would be my guess.

    As for the fruits involved, I’m not sure, since I haven’t tried it yet. But my guess is that they were just going for the “red and white” effect. ;)

  9. Jill says

    wow. I usually enjoy the mickey shaped rice krispy treat at pizza planet but i think i might have to try this one in January!

  10. says

    Chocolate and cappuccino are natural bedfellows. I’ll definitely seek this one out, though I’ll have to don my nose-and-glasses disguise if I’m going to be spotted in Toy Story Pizza Planet. :D

  11. vicki g says

    we had the cupcake 3 weeks ago and it was FABULOUS! even my youngest, who doesn’t usually like anything coffee-flavored, was scraping out the last of the crumbs. we should have gotten 2, the cookies were a pale comparison this time around!

  12. jcarwash says

    We got the cupcake at Pizza Planet during the week of Aug 22. It was nice to get a dessert there that wasn’t one of the pre-packaged cake/cheescake/cookie variety. Compared well to the Starring Rolls selection.

  13. Lc says

    I had no idea North Bay was known for its smoothies consumptions, I’d have thought it would be beer, lol. I wouldn’t exactly call the North Bay area a pine forest though, there are lots of other trees there as well such as birch, maple, cedar etc and it’s a part of the Laurentian mountains that span into the province of Quebec. As for Canada not being known for it’s raspberries and strawberries, I’d say that’s untrue as well. Canada has some amazing tasting berries growing here and the North Bay area has lots of both wild and tame strawberries and raspberries (and even blueberries). Since local berries tend to only be consumed seasonally that’s probably why it’s not known for them, but they are certainly a VERY prominant part of northern Ontario recipes.

  14. Angela says

    Wow… totally didn’t expect to learn a fact about North Bay reading a Disney food blog! haha. Someone should ask one of the cast members there if there is anything extra-North Bay-ish about this smoothie (besides it just being a smoothie). Maybe its not lemon…. maybe its beer. Beer would make more sense :P

    Oh and that cupcake looks yuuuummmy!

  15. Kitak Law says

    @LC and Angela – Well…I wouldn’t say North Bay is incredibly well-known for smoothies consumption. I simply found that out because I googled “North Bay Smoothie” because I thought there was a specific smoothie named after the place that I didn’t know about. Plus, part of it does sound like an advertising gimmick in hindsight, so don’t take my word for it, alright?

  16. Bree says

    Just got back from Walt Disney World two weeks ago and LOVED this cupcake. Will definitely have this dessert again when we go back. Delicious!!

  17. Shirley T says

    So here is the story of the North Bay smoothie. It is inspired from a classic kid’s beverage, the Shirley Temple. But not any Shriley Temple, the Canadian Shirley Temple, which is different. The Canadian version is made with orange juice giving it a tart citrusy taste. (Order a Shirley Temple while in Canada if you don’t believe me!) While pop based beverages may not necessarily translate well into smoothie flavors, this one is pretty good if you enjoy tart flavors.

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