Review: New and Old Beaches and Cream Desserts

Beaches and Cream is a hidden gem at Disney’s Beach Club resort. With it’s 1950’s ambiance and comfortable diner atmosphere, dining here is a lot like coming home for some guests!

We rarely make a trip to Disney World without going to Beaches and Cream. Even though the food is pretty basic, it’s the most wonderful kind of basic I know!

I stopped into Beaches and Cream on a whim with friends last week and was delighted to see a couple of brand new desserts on the menu: the chocolate cake, and the apple and craisin pie. We had to try them…and order a couple of old favorites, too!

Apple and Craisin Pie

I love apples. I love pie. And I love Craisins. So this order just made sense!

The pie comes cold, which I was surprised at, and there’s no ice cream accompaniment, so if you’re a pie-and-ice-cream kind of person, be sure to order a scoop on the side.

Apple and Craisin Pie

The filling was very gooey, which made me think it was canned apples with Craisins thrown in, but that would surprise me for Beaches and Cream. That said, expect a more gooey apple texture here than a fresh baked pie texture. Also, the crust isn’t really flaky. It’s thicker than traditional pie crust — another surprise.

Apple and Craisin Pie- close-up

While the pie wasn’t bad, I don’t think it would be my choice at Beaches and Cream. There are so many other wonderful desserts here that unless you are truly in the mood for a piece of apple pie, I’d advise you to choose something else (preferably ice-creamy) from the menu.

Chocolate Cake

The new chocolate cake on the menu (replacing the old version of chocolate cake here) is a towering slice of layer cake served a la mode with a drizzle of chocolate sauce.

For those who love chocolate-on-chocolate desserts, this will be a winner. Lots of fancy chocolate frosting on top, and plenty of moist, chocolatey layers inside.

Chocolate Cake

The servers at Beaches and Cream applaud this change. They’ve gotten lots of positive feedback from guests about the new version of chocolate cake. Plus, how can you resist that little Mickey on top?

Chocolate Cake - close-up

Fudge Mud Slide

Of course, we had to go back to a couple of our favorite sundaes, which have been on the menu for ages. These are the classic Beaches and Cream desserts that bring Disney World guests back time and time again!

First up, the Fudge Mud Slide. This concoction includes a huge brownie, three scoops of vanilla ice cream, Oreo cookies, whipped cream, and a cherry. Again, if you’re a brownie-lover or a choc-a-holic, this one’s for you!

Fudge Mud Slide

No Way Jose

And, I’ve saved the best (in my opinion) for last. Melted peanut butter is clearly the way to my heart, and this sundae does it every time!

The No Way Jose is a huge sundae filled with chocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge and peanut butter sauces (separate — not mixed together, of course), peanut butter and chocolate chips, whipped cream, and a cherry. It’s truly outstanding and has been my favorite here for years and years.

No Way Jose


So, while the new desserts are compelling, I’ll probably stick with my old favorites. Though I think the Apple Craisin pie would be much better if it was served warm with ice cream and caramel sauce (a la the apple pie sundae at The Fountain!)

Are you headed to Beaches and Cream soon? Don’t forget they’ve had a few other menu changes as well! We can’t wait to hear what you think!


  1. Pudge the Fish says

    The new pie and cake options sound good and in any other location I would give them a try. But first and foremost, Beaches and Cream is all about the ice cream sundaes for me. (I can’t believe that they would serve that pie without a scoop of ice cream.)

  2. Silent Cal says

    I understand that Beaches and Cream would probably not take my suggestion and that many readers will find it unusual, but a nice hunk of cheese would pair beautifully with that pie. Here in New England, serving apple pie with a slice of sharp Vermont cheddar is traditional. My grandparents–Midwesterners–also ate it that way, and apparently it is traditional in parts of England (Yorkshire). And I’d bet that old-time diners in New England used to serve it that way. The presence of the dried cranberries, the cranberry also being a regional New England product, seems all the more reason to add some cheddar. Deeeeeeeeelicious!

  3. DtownBlue says

    I agree with Pudge. Serve that chocolate cake anywhere else and I’d get it. But I’ve been getting the No Way Jose every single time I go!

  4. Frank Stefanec says

    Oh my oh my!!!
    When you look up comfort food, Beaches & Cream should be there!!!
    Love their burgers, fries, shakes.
    Atmosphere is great.
    Took my kids there and now my grand kids. Grandson hasn’t stopped talking about it.

  5. Alan says

    My wife will have about three drinks a year and they are usually mud slides. From across the room she saw the picture of the fudge mud slide sundae and said that’s the one she would like to try.

  6. marcellina says

    I’ll be going to Beaches and Cream for the first time in Feb of and can’t wait! I think I already know my order too.. the burger (I hear it’s great! I”m a big Sci Fi burger fan and people say the Beaches and Cream one is better) and for dessert the No Way Jose! How can I NOT order chocolate and peanut butter with ice cream? I could see my choc-o-holic husband ordering the new chocolate cake though.. so maybe I’ll get a bite of it. :)

  7. Angela says

    Oh no, pie should be COLD! Haha, I hate hot pie and I’ve been known to stick my pies straight in the fridge from the oven so they can cool down quicker. I would still stick to the No Way Jose for dessert though :)

  8. Janna says

    Did someone say, “Cheese, please?” Silent Cal – LOVE that idea! Yum (and I’m originally from Alabama)!!

    Is the pie supposed to be cold or did they forget to heat it? I ask because we had a chocolate lava cake at Sci-fi several years ago and the whole thing was as cold as the ice cream – no lava there! The server had forgotten to heat it. ;)

  9. Joe M says

    Does anyone know is the NO WAY JOSE gluten free?
    I would love the cake but unfortunately no can do, but it’s a great addition with a scope of vanilla ice cream.

  10. Cherry says

    Never been to B&C (the one time we tried they had just closed) but I may have to visit it twice one this next trip so I can try the No Way Jose and the chocolate cake.

  11. Sara says

    Yum! We love Beaches and Cream! Just out of curiousity, why does it surprise you that the apples in the pie are possibly canned? (I agree, they look canned to me!) It seems like with the volume they’d have to make at Disney, canned would be the best option. I know a lot of bakeries/restaurants use them to get a consistent product and it wouldn’t surprise me if Disney fell into that category.

  12. MinnesotaMarc says

    My grandpa always said apple pie without cheese is like a hug without a squeeze, so I am totally in favor of that idea!

  13. Candice says

    How is this compared to Ghiradelli’s for dessert? Both seem to have great reviews.

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