First Look! 2011 Epcot Food & Wine Festival Merchandise

We gave you a sneak peek of some of the Epcot Food and Wine Festival Merchandise here, but, as usual, there are a few more pieces added in once you arrive at the Festival Shop in the World Showcase!

As always, read all about the 2011 Epcot Food and Wine Festival, see booth menus and photos, and more, on our Epcot Food and Wine Festival pages!

Food & Wine Festival Coffee Mugs

The Food and Wine Festival Cookbook is extremely popular every year, and they only sell it for a limited time! Check out the UPC code below and order one! To order, call 407-363-6200 or email to place an order.

2011 Food & Wine Festival Cookbook

Price and Code for Cookbook

And are we surprised to see Chef Duffy making an appearance…?

Chef Duffy the Bear for the 2011 Food & Wine Festival

2011 Food & Wine Festival Gift Card

2011 Food & Wine Festival Artwork

Front of Food & Wine Festival Shirt

Back of Food & Wine Festival Shirt

Food & Wine Festival Women's Shirt

Food & Wine Festival Women's Shirt

Food & Wine Festival Men's Shirt

Food & Wine Festival Men's Shirt

Food & Wine Festival Men's Shirt

2011 Food & Wine Festival Wine Carrier

2011 Food & Wine Festival Wine Glasses

So what’s going home with you?! :-)


  1. Chris says

    Wait, you didn’t show the bags made from last year’s banners! They’re back to messenger bag form factor instead of last year’s totes.

  2. Heather says

    I love the purple “burn” shirt–that one is going home with me for sure in 2 weeks!

  3. says

    I did the Korean wine tasting event on Friday and my advice to all is to avoid it. I wanted to be enchanted by Korean “Grape Wine” but there was none in their inventory. I found it was not wine but spirits and very forigen to western tastes. I did not finish any of my 4 sample glasses. One left an after taste that lasted several hours (yes, several hours).

    I did Mixology at 6PM and it was FANTASTIC!

  4. Charles says

    Do you know a UPC number (and price) for the first men’s shirt pictured? (The brown looking one with the Passport to a World of Flavors on it) and the white one with all of the booths?

    I love the brown looking men’s shirt! This is the only website I’ve seen it on!

    Also, did you happen to see any other glasses (not the wine glasses)? Mail order is telling me they have 3 different “set of 2″ glasses, but they didn’t have any picture to describe them to me, and I haven’t seen any set online!

  5. Ann Nuccio says

    I bought the recipe book and alas, nothing from Argentina! It was the steak/chimichurri with boniato puree that I purchased it, can ANYONE tell me how I can obtain their recipe?

  6. Charles says

    Thanks for offering to get the UPC code for the brown shirt! I would greatly appreciate it! (white one too, if it wouldn’t be too much to ask!)

    It makes it difficult when they don’t give mail order pictures!!!

  7. says

    Charles — Code for brown shirt is 4 0000421868 3. Didn’t see your comment about the white shirt before heading out. Will grab that one later! ;-)

  8. Charles says

    I can’t thank you enough!!

    I’ll be at the event for the first time ever on the last week and am going to order it now so I don’t risk it being sold out!!

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