Disney Food Trend: Popcorn on the Menu!

Sure, you expect to see Popcorn in Walt Disney World! It’s all over the place, from Main Street to Dinoland and back again!

BUT, you don’t often expect to see popcorn hitting the menu at some of Disney’s signature restaurants and lounges. I’m kind of excited to note that’s exactly what’s happening!

Three of my favorite dining locations in Disney World are featuring popcorn on their menus, and I’m sure they’re not the only ones! Let’s check it out…

Flying Fish Cafe

Over at Flying Fish on Disney’s Boardwalk, popcorn takes center stage on a new dessert trio called “Out on the Boardwalk,” featuring a twist on treats you might find ocean-side.

From the Flying Fish Dessert Menu

This dessert comes to the table like this:

Out on the Boardwalk Dessert Trio at Flying Fish Cafe

And the popcorn mousse is delicious. It doesn’t have a strong “popcorn jelly belly” kind of taste; instead, it’s more caramel-like in flavor, with rich, buttery undertones.

Popcorn Mousse and Caramel Corn

This dessert is extremely fun, but I’ll warn you — that Popsicle packs a punch! It’s sour!!

Wilderness Lodge

While visiting Artist Point last week, I was treated to a taste of a new soup! This isn’t on the menu at Artist Point, but you can find it at Whispering Canyon Cafe (thanks to the comments!) and, I think, over at Territory Lounge as well. This gem is made with beer, cheese, candied bacon, and…popcorn!

Territory Lounge Beer Cheese Popcorn Bacon soup

Boy was this a treat! The candied bacon gave a slight sweetness to the dish, while the cheddar cheese offered a bright, salty base. The popcorn was a garnish, but that little crunch made a big difference!

Run, don’t walk, to Wilderness Lodge…and order this!

Victoria and Albert’s

Our Disney Food for Families columnist, Erin Foster, chimed in on this post with a photo from her recent meal at Victoria and Albert’s, Disney’s most critically-acclaimed restaurant. The dish is Kurobuta Pork Tenderloin, and it’s topped with…popcorn!

Victoria and Alberts Pork Tenderloin

If it’s good enough for V&A’s, it’s good enough for me!

The Wave…of American Flavors

And at Disney’s Contemporary Resort, the dessert menu at The Wave is again graced with popcorn! Back in January, I had the chance to try some of their Popcorn Gelato!

This was on the dessert menu as part of a gelato trio, and was teamed up with Rocky Road Chocolate Gelato and Peanut Butter and Jelly Gelato!

The Wave Gelato Trio -- chocolate rocky road, peanut butter and jelly, and popcorn

The flavor here was very subtle, and the addition of the caramel corn on top gave a fun, sweet texture!

Where are you seeing popcorn “pop” up on Disney menus? Are there any of these options YOU might like to try? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. says

    I’ve always thought that a restaurant that should have popcorn is Sci-Fi Dine-In. How fun would that be instead of a bread basket?

  2. marcellina says

    how fun! I love that popcorn is being taken to a more “gourmet” level with these dishes and I have to say they all look amazing! The one that is catching my eye is that soup though! I might have to take a special trip to the Wilderness Lodge to have a taste! It’s so fun to see culinary playfulness like this and unique ingredients!

  3. Sara says

    The popcorn topped cheese soup is also being served at Whispering Canyon. We had it there the other night – yum!

  4. says

    We had the dessert at the Flying Fish last week — frankly, I thought it was one of the best desserts I’ve ever had, and my husband and I both told the waitress that they need to keep this one on the menu! Plus, it’s just fun, and really fits the theming of the Boardwalk area :)

    You’re right, though — that popsicle was incredibly sour!

  5. Michael says

    I had the popcorn gelato at the wave a couple weeks ago and it was one the most surprising and wonderful desserts of my whole trip!

  6. Alan says

    This is an interesting development. I haven’t run into popcorn in any of my local restaurants or even on the Food network (except maybe on Chopped). If this is a Disney born trend, it is good news to see them innovating.

  7. says

    Yes!! I just remembered that you’ve got caramel corn over at 50’s Prime Time and at Sci-Fi on some of the desserts! :-D

  8. Stephanie says

    It seems that popcorn is being sneaked into more upscale restaurants at Disney! While my 2 girls love carrying their little buckets of popcorn around the parks, I enjoy that popcorn soup!

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