Snack Series: Mickey Face Cake and Yet Another S’mores Cupcake

Disney’s Boardwalk Bakery is located seaside at the Boardwalk Inn, and while it’s small, there’s always a new and inviting treat beckoning to be bought and dissected for DFB readers!! :-)

You’ll remember when we devoured the Cheesecake Brownie, of course; and the yummo Peanut Butter Cupcake was out of this world!

The Mickey Face Cake

On my recent trip, though, I decided to sample something old AND something new! First up, a snack that I’ve been wanting to try for years and years, but have never gotten around to: The Mickey Face Cake (Amazing that when my main focus at Disney is food I still miss out on some of these, isn’t it? Just goes to show how much there is to try!!)

Mickey Face Cake

How can you not smile when you see that thing?? It’s a giant Mickey head for heaven’s sake — and it’s chocolate!!

The cake itself is made of vanilla confetti cake, which is covered with chocolate ganache. A Mickey Mouse face made from white chocolate is stuck on the top!

Mickey Cake Ganache

I loved cutting into Mickey’s ear and finding the confetti cake — it made the treat that much more interesting and fun! How could a kid resist this?!

Maybe due to the ganache coating, the cake is extremely moist! And the ganache is rich and delicious. I probably would have thrown another coating of ganache on there, but I’m pretty extravagant when it comes to those things…like frosting…

Mickey Cake - Inside

The best part is that this is plenty big to share between two people…of course you’re going to fight over who gets to eat Mickey’s face, naturally.

S’mores Cupcake

You know we luuuuuuurve the s’mores cupcake we sampled at Wilderness Lodge’s Roaring Fork — and hated the s’mores cupcake from Grand Floridian’s Gasparilla Grill, so I wasn’t too sure about trying yet another s’mores cupcake from a resort bakery.

Smores Cupcake

But, as you can see, this one is actually pretty desirable looking, and it did indeed taste good! A chocolate cake base is filled with chocolate chunk frosting (there are actually chocolate chunks in there!), then topped with a vanilla-buttercream-marshmallow combo of frosting, and dusted with graham cracker crumbs. A few toasted marshmallows on top finish off the snack.

Smore Cupcake Close-Up

While the Wilderness Lodge s’mores cupcake still wins my top vote, this version was definitely in the running! If you’re more of a chocolate cake fan, this one might be the winner for you!

Smores Cupcake - Inside


Boardwalk Bakery snacks are always new and fresh, so I guarantee there will be something fun going on over there when you next visit! It’s a dark horse in the Disney bakery competition due to its small size and remote location compared to in-park bakeries, but it’s always a place I stop on each trip just to see what new and interesting item they’ve come up with.

The best part is that usually Boardwalk Bakery will have a few items that you can’t find anywhere else in Walt Disney World, and I always love to find those unique and fun baked items to share with you!

Have you tried the classic Mickey Mouse Face Cake, or do you think it’s on your list for your next visit? Let us know in the comments section below!


  1. marcellina says

    the mickey cake sounds great but I am skeptical about the smores cupcake. I had a smores cupcake recently at a vegan place here in town and it really had no flavor at all.. especially marshmallow, there was NO marshmallow flavor in a SMORES cupcake?!? What’s up with that?

    btw, have you ever tried any of the sandwiches from the boardwalk bakery? I had the Tomato Mozzarella Sandwich once and while that sounds simple it was REALLY good!

  2. says

    I love all the cupcake coverage and these look like winners. I have a request. It’s for a very simple cupcake. My wife fell in love with the chocolate cupcakes with vanilla frosting served at the food court in Port Orleans Riverside. No one ever seems to have pictures of these simple cupcakes. I would be forever in your debt if you could post a picture some time.


  3. Tracy says

    We stayed at the BWV a couple of weeks ago and actually picked up the s’mores cupcake a few times. I thought it was great. Next trip, I’ll try the Raoring Forks version to compare!!

  4. says

    Yeah that Mickey Cake Ganache is great for kids. My niece would love it, not sure she would share though… But what are those green and red spots inside? I hope they aren’t artificial coloring.

  5. says

    The mini Mickey head cake at Boardwalk Bakery is just as you described; moist and yummy. Both my husband and I are diabetic so when I took him to WDW for his 50th birthday, this was the perfect cake to celebrate with…just the right size and since it was his special day I let him have the white chocolate face.

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