Review: More Earl of Sandwich Brownie Creme Sandwiches

So, with the great news about Earl of Sandwich coming to Disneyland, I thought I’d do a little review about some new (to me) Earl desserts I tried at the Orlando Downtown Disney location a couple of months ago!

First, let’s start with a quick look back. When I first found what I call the “browning frosting sandwich” on a past visit to Earl of Sandwich, I was floored.

This was not only the best brownie I’d ever had; it was also some pretty reliable frosting, which is hard to find when you’re a frosting snob like I am!!

Earl of Sandwich Brownie Creme Dessert Sandwich

So I was pretty excited when I realized that not only do they have the vanilla frosting version of this giant dessert — they also have…wait for it…PEANUT BUTTER!!!! AND CHOCOLATE!!!! versions of it! I had to give them a try, too, of course, and here’s the review!

Earl of Sandwich Peanut Butter Brownie Creme Sandwich

You never know what you’re going to get with a peanut butter dessert. Will it be more like a “peanut butter meets sugar and heavy cream” kind of whipped fiasco, or will it be more like a Reese’s peanut butter cup — sweet, but substantial?

Peanut Butter Brownie Sandwich

In this case, I’d definitely say it’s more the latter. The peanut butter “frosting” here is less of a frosting and more of a filling.

PB Brownie Sandwich Close-Up

I imagine I could have peeled the brownies off of either side and the peanut butter would have stood on its own. But that’s not a bad thing. For folks who like peanut butter cups (like me), this is going to be exactly what you want!

Peanut Butter Fileld Brownie Cross-Section

It’s a “stick to the roof of your mouth” kind of not-too-sweet peanut butter filling, and since my regular way of eating peanut butter cups is to bite off all of the chocolate and then eat the peanut butter on its own, I actually prefer this type of snack to a more frosting-y version.


Earl of Sandwich Chocolate Brownie Creme Sandwich

OK, chocoholics, this is FOR YOU!!!

Chocolate Filled Brownie Sandwich

The brownies here are super-sweet — they even have chocolate chunks in them — so when you add the ooey-gooey chocolate frosting in the middle, you get a power-punch of chocolate flavor.

As you might be able to tell by the photo, the frosting here, while thick, has a much softer texture than you’ll find in the peanut butter version. Couple that with the rather crumbly brownies, and there’s danger that this giant dessert will fall apart!

Chocolate Filled Brownie Sandwich Cross-Section

But it’s well worth the effort. It’s clear from the pics that if you’re a chocolate frosting lover you’ll be well-rewarded. Once again, the brownies are super rich — more of a milk chocolate than a dark or semi-sweet chocolate flavor — so you’ll need to be able to handle a LOT of sweet on this particular version!



Once again, Earl of Sandwich is able to provide more truly unique desserts (I haven’t found anything else like these in Disney restaurants) that appeal to my deepest desires — brownies, frosting, and peanut butter.

Once again, though, these truly are giant, super-sweet snacks. It takes some training to be able to eat a whole one of these in one sitting, so it’s a good one to share!

OK, time to weigh in on your favorite! Which brownie creme sandwich would you sample first? Vanilla, chocolate, or peanut butter?? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Jeanine says

    Mmmm…The one neg of Earl of Sandwich to me, is how tightly they restrict the desserts on the DDP. I think the last time I was there, they pretty much limited it to a cookie.

  2. says

    Wow. That chocolate version, along with a cup of coffee, may very well be the most amazing breakfast ever. The sugar crash would be awful but totally worth it. So my question is: where is the closest cup of good, strong coffee?

  3. Pudge the Fish says

    I can never go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter. Your close-up photos are amazing. BTW, I suggest a dessert crawl for DTD: Earl, WGPE, Goofy’s, Ghiradelli, Raglan, Cookes, etc.

  4. Helen says

    mmmmm!! I’ll take them all!! and Jaia, since you can never have too much chocolate, i’d suggest a hot mocha from ghiradelli to go along with that amazing breakfast idea.

  5. Silvercat says

    When we left WDW last November at the end of our trip, having been on the (free) dining plan, we had loads of snack credits left. We were able to exchange them at EOS for lots of these Brownie Creme sandwiches, which we fitted snugly into our suitcases, and then flew them all the way back to the UK! Not only did they survive nicely thanks to their sturdy packaging, but they stayed fresh and soft for at least a couple of weeks past their ‘best before’ date – yummy! Our hands-down favourite was the choc peanut butter one, but the vanilla one was good too. We didn’t get chance to try the double choc one – boo!

  6. Va says

    For a truly yummy treat pick up these brownies and some ice cream from Ghiradellis for a make your own brownie sundae!

  7. says

    The brownie sandwich with white creme is our favorite use of a snack credit! SO yummy. We’ll have to try the other versions next time! I think there is an EOS in the Philly airport, which my husband travels to frequently. I’m trying to convince him to go over to the terminal with EOS and bring us home several of these!

  8. says

    I like the way you think Va! Personally I would head straight for the peanut butter version. Is there nothing more better than peanut butter and chocolate?!?

  9. Eric says

    I’m really interested in trying the peanut butter version!!! We love Earl and the brownie only makes it better!

  10. says

    Those look awesome. I am going to be at WDW in March and couldn’t decide whether to try T-Rex, Earl of Sandwich or stick with a favorite and go to Raglan Road when we visit Downtown Disney. These desserts have me sold. Hopefully my family will want to split a few with me because I want to try all of the flavors!

  11. says

    Oh… and there is an EOS in the Detroit airport (where I fly out of)… but I am never in the right terminal! I might have to stop flying Delta so that I can get these more often :)

  12. says

    I love peanut butter, but I love thick, sugary frosting most of all. Which of them is best from that angle? Is the peanut butter version definitely frosting, or is it really just thick, sugary peanut butter like inside a cup?

  13. says

    The brownie with the peanut butter filling looks DELICIOUS!! I wonder how it compares to a No Way Jose?? I might have to make a special trip over to EoS next time I’m down…

  14. says

    Jeanine — Editing my response to you now that Wendy below has clarified! Bummer that they offer so few options for dessert on DDP!

    Jaia — Hmm… great question! Earl has some decent coffee, I’ve heard. Ghirardelli, maybe? I’ll have to do a quick search of DTD! Just asked the facebook fans what they think!

    Pudge — LOVE the dessert crawl in DTD idea!!!! I’ll get to work on that!

    Helen — Great suggestion!

    Silvercat — That just leaves a treat for you to try next time!!!

    Va — Sounds amazing! :-) Earl also has brownie ice cream sandwiches, too!

    Lauren — Ha! Definitely butt into hubby’s next business trip to get EOS!!

    Marci — I agree! But I love all three — can’t decide on my favorite!

    Eric — I know! That brownie is an addition to an already delicious menu!

    Susan Smith Hall — No reason why you couldn’t go to one of the others and pick up an Earl brownie on your way! ;-)

    Jenn — Thick, sugary frosting means the vanilla version is the way to go for you! Unless you LURVE chocolate, in which case you’ll be fine with that one!

    Sarah — Hmm… I think I’d take a No Way Jose over this when I’m in an ice cream mood, but these are still amazing! Or you can use Va’s plan from above and get some ghirardelli ice cream, peanut butter, and hot fudge to go over top!! ;-)

  15. Brandy says

    Can’t wait until EOS opens at DLR! It was on our list to try when we were at WDW(mainly because of the frosting filled brownie)but sadly,we weren’t able to get to it. The peanut butter one looks right up my alley! When I eat a PBcup,I bite off the chocolate&discard and just eat the peanut butter inside!The choc doesn’t taste rich enough for my liking so why waste the calories? Those brownies look so heavenly!Can’t wait,can’t wait can’t wait!

  16. Nicole T says

    We’re heading to DL the weekend of March 10 and I pray that EOS is open so we can not only have a delicious sandwich but I totally want to try the PB brownie!

  17. Wendy Snelgrove says

    Just to clarify regarding Jeanine’s comment, she was saying that the good desserts were restricted as desserts as part of the meal, not that they were unavailable as snack credits.

  18. says

    Brandy — Yay!! I’m guessing you’re closer to DLR?

    Nicole T — Fingers Crossed!

    Wendy — Oooooh! I get it. Sorry about that, Jeanine — I must have lost my head. Great point on the restrictions of DDP desserts.

  19. says

    I LOVE these! In fact, I went to EOS last night, and still have half of the vanilla brownie creme sandwich..yummy!! They also had a mint frosting one time but I liked the vanilla one so much better!

  20. chantel says

    is it sad that this PB brownie is one of the things I am MOST looking forward to on our trip next week?

  21. Jeanine says

    Thanks Wendy! Yes, that’s what I meant. Last year we tried the free counter service DDP and I found that the meal desserts were a little more restrictive than I had noticed in the past–I think Cooke’s of Dublin had changed to just letting you get a cookie with your meal as well.

  22. Colleen says

    I think the vanilla filled one is the best counter service dessert choice in all of Disney World. I LOVE them, even went back on my last day and bought two to take home.
    I too am picky on frosting and also think these are great!

  23. Jeremy says

    Interesting – I was there for “dinner” before leaving for the airport on Thursday, and with the QS DDP they let us get “any item under $2.50″ for the dessert (At least I think that was the amount – whatever it was, I know the brownie creme sandwich was 1 cent under the amount). Still not the best use of a QS credit ($6 sandwich, $2.50 dessert and the drink), but if you have a credit left and are going to eat there anyway…

  24. Allison & Chris says

    Just wondering – we don’t see the Peanut Butter Brownie Creme Sandwich on the menu on the EOS website anymore. We’ve been dying to try it since we first saw this post, and are finally planning to go to WDW this fall! Do you have any news on this? Thanks!!

  25. says

    Allison and Chris — Looks like none of the dessert sandwiches aren’t showing right now, but we’ve seen them on and off the menu before. It’s kind of luck o’ the draw where they’re concerned. :-)

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