Top Five Must-Eat Chocolate Covered Disney Snacks

If you’re of the opinion that dunking something in chocolate makes everything better, I’ve got a few snacks that you really need to sample!

Here are my top five chocolate-covered snacks in Disney World and Disneyland (not necessarily in order of beloved-ness ;-)). And I can’t wait to hear yours (mostly because then I get to go find them and chomp them)!

Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramel

I found this treat on one of my many Karamell-Küche visits in Epcot’s Germany! One of several chocolate-y and caramel-y treats, it’s got the benefit of three distinct tastes and textures.

Chocolate-Covered Sea Salt Caramel

The chewy, super-sweet caramel is the central feature and taste, and it’s complemented by that creamy milk or dark chocolate (the dark chocolate will give a slight bitterness to the taste, which gives even more depth to the flavor!). The sea salt on the top gives a slight crunch and a solid kapow to your taste buds, making the sweet even sweeter! If you’ve been avoiding the salty-sweet trend that’s become so popular, this might be the best way to take your first step into that taste juxtaposition! You can always brush some of the salt off if you don’t like it. :-)

Peanut Butter Sandwich

This gorgeous confection, which I simply refer to as the peanut butter sandwich, used to be sold at Disney Parks on both coasts, but lately we’ve only found it in Disneyland. (It IS in Disneyland, though…I promise!)

Chocolate-Covered Peanut Butter Sandwich

With peanut butter piled high on a graham cracker then enrobed in chocolate, we’re pretty sure there’s nothing in the candy counter that tops this. It’s easily one of my favorite chocolate-y snacks in any Disney park.

Peanut Butter Sandwich Cross Section

Mickey Premium Bar

Who can deny that the Mickey Premium Bar is one of the most beloved theme park snacks ever made?? This cold, creamy treat can certainly take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile.

Yep — the snack is simple. Creamy vanilla ice cream covered in a sweet chocolate shell. It’s a Klondike Bar on a stick. The perfect sweet treat for walking, park touring, and enjoying the day with your family! (Don’t forget that you can also get these on the Disney Cruise Line, where they can even be delivered to your state room!)

English Toffee

This is a classic treat that is hand-made in Disney parks (Main Street Confectionery and Candy Palace)! Sweet, crunchy, buttery toffee is covered in a thick layer of chocolate and dusted with crushed nuts.

English Toffee

While many folks don’t like the addition of the nuts, it does give the snack an extra dimension and another flavor. I could go with or without, honestly, as long as I can have that toffee and chocolate! :-)

Goofy’s Candy Company Custom Snacks

And who can forget the most customized of Disney snacks?! At Disney World’s Goofy’s Candy Company you can choose from several snacks and get them created just the way you like them.

On my last visit, I had some white chocolate-covered pretzels with crushed butterfinger; and a gorgeous white-chocolate-drenched, crushed-Oreo-covered, milk-chocolate-drizzled Mickey rice krispie treat!! Oh, yes. I did.

White-chocolate, Crushed-Oreo, Milk Chocolate Mickey Rice Krispie Treat

And they tasted like stars and unicorns because Annie made them. How awesome is Annie?!


SO, my friends, there are lots of amazing chocolate-covered treats in Disney’s parks and resorts and these are just my top five. (And trust me — there are plenty of runners-up!)

I’d love to hear about your favorite chocolate-y treats! Let me know about them in the comments section below so I can get to chompin’!!

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  1. Bonnie says

    You left out the chocolate peanut butter cupcake from Starring Rolls. And I want one of those peanut butter sandwiches. :( Cant believe we dont have them here.

  2. says

    I remember Annie! She made the snacks for my group, and she was a total sweetheart! She made our treats taste even better because the experience was excellent!

  3. TJ says

    Those peanut butter sandwiches *may* be at the candy cauldron at Downtown Disney in Florida. I feel like I got something similar there only a few months ago. The toffee definitely is, though.

  4. Samantha says

    When I saw the title of the article I was hoping the sea salt caramel would be on the list! I had one when I was visiting a couple of weeks ago and it was amazing! And of course, everyone’s favourite treat, the Mickey premium ice cream bar!

  5. Jayme says

    The chocolate covered sea salt caramel is one of the the best things I have had in a long time. My husband and I were seriously kicking ourselves for not buying more. I really wish they would deliver! Cannot wait to buy some more in December.

  6. says

    Chocolate covered sea salt caramels?! I’ll need to hunt those down!

    Does a chocolate covered caramel corn exist or did I make that up?

  7. Eric says

    I can eat just about anything at Karamell-Kuche but my favorite is the Apple Pie Apple. It is a white chocolate covered caramel apple dusted with cinnamon and sugar. I also love the customized giant Oreo at Goofy’s Candy Co. I love it dipped in milk chocolate, rolled in Butterfinger and drizzled with white chocolate. As a distance runner, I love my sweets :)

  8. Gaylin says

    I love the dark chocolate sea salt caramel from Kuche. I actually cut it in 4 and managed to have a bit a day for 4 days . . .

    I usually bring an english toffee home with me and try to save it for a few days, until the post-vacation blues hit and then crunch!

    And who doesn’t love Mickey’s Premium!

  9. Brandy says

    Of course the dark chocolate sea salt caramel is my fave as well! BUT,I have to give close seconds to the chocolate covered pecan caramel thingy at Karamel Kuche.The caramel was a little harder than I expected it to be but zapped in the microwave for like 10 seconds-#%&*$ AMAZING!! And the Pecan Bud or Paw from Goofys Candy Company was seriously awesome too-I could not get over how massive it was-the size of my palm&the caramel was like an inch&a half thick!The dark choclate peanut butter cups were pretty darn massive&tasty too!

  10. Sharon C says

    WDW needs to come out with a “snacks only” option – I use my credits at Karamelle Kuche every time.

  11. Deb B. says

    Gaylin…that’s what I did with my dark chocolate sea salt caramel, too. I saved the last fourth for the plane ride home. It was my favorite ‘sweet treat’ of the trip. SO good!!! Next time, I’m going to get more than just one!

  12. says

    Bonnie — Mmm! Love those chocolate peanut butter cupcakes! Deadly!

    Rachel — Isn’t she the sweetest, nicest person? She was so kind to post for a photo for me.

    TJ — Sometimes the s’mores sandwiches look a lot like the PB sammiches, but I’m still gonna look at the CC on your suggestion!!

    Chantel — Hope you’re having a blast in WDW!! You’re there now, right?

    Samantha — I loved the sea salt caramel! Now it’s hard to get anything else! Well, except the chewy caramel bar!

    Jayme — I’m trying to convince myself that it’s a good thing they don’t deliver! ;-)

    Jaia — They have chocolate drizzled caramel corn pre-packaged at Karamell-Kuche.

    Melissa — Thanks for the suggestion!! Next time!!

    Eric — I love the Apple Pie Apple! But, oddly, I like the regular Disney version better than the Werther’s version!

    Gaylin — What is this about WAITING to eat the chocolate?!? ;-)

    Brandy — Love the microwave tip!!! Awesome!

    Sharon C — Ha ha!! Such a good idea!! Especially during the Food and Wine Festival!

    Deb B. — OK, you ladies with your cutting it up and saving it — what’s that all about? ;-)

  13. TJ says

    It absolutely may have been the s’mores sandwich come to think of it. But it’s still worth a shot just in case!

  14. Emma says

    Hate to burst your chocolate-coated bubble, but the toffee is NOT made in the Confectionery! I’m not sure how it’s done in Disneyland, but the toffee at WDW gets shipped in. That doesn’t stop it from being delicious though!

  15. Marie says

    At Goofy’s Candy Co, one of the options for the custom-made treat is a giant oreo cookie. The best part is that the oreos come in regular flavor filling (vanilla), peanut butter filling, and yes, CHOCOLATE FILLING!

  16. jenifer says

    wow that rice crispie you made looks awesome i will have to try that next time i am at down town disney

  17. Heather says

    My favorite is the chocolate covered caramel strawberry at Karamel Kuche. I get it just about every trip. :)

  18. Cindi says

    I’ve only tried the sea salted chocolate covered caramel so far, and I shared it with Mom. It was big enough for sharing and it was delicious with the salty and sweet together. I am definitely getting it again and sharing with hubby on my next visit since he missed out!

  19. Jen says

    No one has mentioned my all time favorite, no one does it like disney, amazing chocolate cover carmel apples. These are great for breakfast lunch or dinner right (apples are healthy). I love love love them. I have had chocolate covered carmel apples all up and down the Eastcoast but no one has one as good as the mickey chocolate covered carmel apple.

  20. Erin says

    I would add a Dark Chocolate covered Pineapple spear to this list from Goofy’s Candy Co. at Downtown Disney. Simply amazing!!!

  21. Laura says

    We discovered smores squares on our last visit! We had them at goofys candy co and te confectionary!

  22. Dana says

    The sea salt caramel is great for sharing, but it’s super rich. I’ve never been able to finish one on my own. :) But you really cannot find a better treat!

  23. Sue says

    Each time we go we have to get the Marshmallow, caramel, chocolate sticks. But you are right the salted caramel is VERY tasty!

  24. Trish Castro says

    I cannot leave DL without buying the English Toffee! :) I’ll even call ahead to find out what candy The Candy Palace is making fresh that week to plan my visit accordingly :) Addicted??? Nahhhh! ;D

  25. HC56 says

    Dark Chocolate covered pineapple gets my vote too. The ones at the sweet shop at DHS. Not the ones at KK in Epcot. It doesn’t need the added caramel.

  26. heather says

    I found the sea salt caramels on line after reading about them on one of your posts. Amazing. We are also in love with the Chocolate covered peanuts found at disney ( and on line too!)

  27. Denise says

    The dark chocolate almond clusters from
    Disneyland’s Candy Palace are my downfall.
    I will sometimes pick up two packages to
    hold me over until my next visit and dole them
    out slowly.

  28. MJS says

    Oreo Bon-bons!!! Not sure if they are still currently off the menu at Cape May (Grrrr…), but as of our last trip, they are available at the Beach Club Marketplace.

  29. Stefania says

    I wish you were able to buy them and have them shipped to your home!!!! Is it possible???

  30. LCB says

    Last time I went to Karamell-Kuche, I bought 4 of the sea salt caramels. Two with milk chocolate and two with dark chocolate. I also split them into quarters so I could stretch out the enjoyment. They were put in a pretty sturdy plastic container that made the transport home fairly easy. They are SO good….looking forward to getting them again my next trip in May.

  31. Pam says

    I met Ms Annie in Goofy’s confectionery….she is a delight to talk with. She is so sweet!!!!! She gave me some hints on what to choose…she was spot on!! Thank you, Ms Annie!!!!

  32. Rosie says

    I use to LOVE the chocolate covered rice crispies treats they made in the candy store that was on the right side as you come into the Magic Kingdom. Haven’t been there in awhile, not sure if they still make them there. Those were so good!

  33. Dawn says

    The Poly used to sell chocolate dipped chocolate chip Mickey cookies. I was addicted to those during my stay :) Also, anything chocolate from Ghiradelli’s is awesome too!

  34. kev says

    Gotta second that nod to my new personal fave in the world, the chocolate-covered pineapple spear. Discovered this perfection at the Big Top Treats in Fantasyland.




  35. Hayles says

    I can get English toffee any time as I live there but I adore the Mickey Icecreampremium bar but next time will definitely try the salted caramel chocolate

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