Happy National Margarita Day!

It’s National Margarita Day around here, and I think that requires a little celebrating!!

You know I love my margaritas (and the Disney Food Blog is margarita-biased as a result, I fully admit), so I thought it would be fun to take a look at some of our favorite margarita moments! Here are three of my favorite ways we’ve covered Margaritas on the Disney Food Blog.

Disney Margarita Gallery

Yep — last year I created our official Disney Food Blog Disney Margarita Gallery in blog post form!

Twisted Margarita at Paradiso 37

This features lovelies like La Cava del Tequila‘s wide variety of delicious drinks, Paradiso 37‘s Twisted Margarita (layers of frozen margarita and sangria!), and Dawa Bar‘s African Margarita!

Avocado Margarita Recipe

One of my favorite margarita mentions is this great how-to by reader Ivis S.! She created an Avocado Margarita recipe approximating the great drink served at Epcot’s La Cava del Tequila!


The best part? She recently lost the recipe and had to come to DFB to look it up!! I love it when we’re useful!! :-)

Epcot Margaritas

With the advent of margarita hot-spots in Epcot’s Mexico pavilion and my favorite Italian Margarita at Via Napoli, I’ve deemed Epcot to be Margarita Central in Walt Disney World!

As such, we included several of these superstar margaritas in our new DFB Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks e-Book!

Screen Shot of our Margaritas Page in the DFB Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks e-Book!

I know — they’re not REALLY snacks in the classic version of the word. But they fill me up and make me happy, so that’s a snack in my book…literally. ;-) You can get your copy of the Mini-Guide at http://dfbminiguides.com/EpcotSnacks! Use code EPCOT for a $2 discount!

So what are YOUR favorite Margaritas in the Disney parks, resorts, and cruise ships?? Let us know what YOU love…and Happy Margarita Day!


  1. Eric says

    I think I can drink any Margarita in Epcot!!! Another Margarita that’s really good and seems to be a bit underrated is the Stop Light Margarita at DHS in the Backlot Express High Octane refreshment stand. It’s not to sweet, and it’s a great mix of flavors. But I will find something to like about any Margarita on WDW property!

  2. says

    AJ – I had an avocado margarita from la hacienda de San Angel last week and loved it! It was smooth and had a little banana flavor to it I thought… either way it was super refreshing and yummy! Wish I had one now to celebrate national margarita day! BTW, my husband noted that the margarita stand near Mexico is constantly busy! Margaritas are popular!

  3. says

    Marci — So glad you enjoyed it! And, yes, they are VERY popular!! :-)

    Diane — We’ll make Cinco de Mayo our second annual National Margarita Day!

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