Butterfinger Cupcake Revisited at Starring Rolls Cafe

We found this amazing butterfinger cupcake waaaaaay back in early 2009, and at first, I wasn’t sure it was real!

You can find it at what has become the holy grail of Disney cupcakes and all things yummy, Starring Rolls Cafe, in Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

I decided (nearly three years later) that it was time to re-visit this treasure and see if it still garnered high marks as a snack (or breakfast ;-)) worthy cupcake.

I’m all about in-depth research — especially where frosting is concerned! So what’s underneath that crushed butterfinger topping?

Butterfinger Cupcake

The answer is obvious, isn’t it? Chocolate, frosting, and more chocolate! As you can see, I got the lighting a little better this time! You can see this monstrous cupcake in all its glory…

Undressed Butterfinger Cupcake

Once you carve through the butterfinger topping, your first stop is that lard-y vanilla buttercream frosting — the perfect accompaniment for this particular baked good. I’m so glad they didn’t go with straight chocolate; the vanilla gives a lighter flavor and look to the cupcake while still delivering lots of texture.

Cross-Section of Butterfinger Cupcake

The chocolate cake here is one of the best when it comes to Disney cupcakes. I’ve never had it be dry, grainy, or tasteless as it can be at some other bakeries.

And, of course, you get the surprise of the rich chocolate fudge frosting in the center of the cupcake! Sadly, no more butterfinger (would be fun to see pieces of butterfinger in that central frosting), but the chocolate punch is a great complement to the vanilla frosting on top.

As always, this cupcake remains in my top tier list of favorites!! I’d love to hear about yours!

Have you tried the Butterfinger Cupcake? Let us know your thoughts — and your other favorite cupcakes in Disney parks!


  1. says

    I love all your cupcake reviews so much and I can’t believe I didn’t have a single cupcake on my last trip to WDW in February! I’m going to have to fix that in September. If you had to pick ONLY one cupcake as your favorite which would it be??

  2. Eric says

    I absolutely love this cupcake. It’s so rich but it will satisfy any sweet craving. Couple this with a turkey sandwich at Starring Rolls and you’ve got a tremendous meal. And for a great value!

  3. A Newton says

    Hate to nit-pick on this buuuuuut, haha… “DOUBLE-CHOCOLATE Butterfinger Cupcake” *chuckle*

    Seriously, I wanted to love this because I love love love butterfinger. But there’s so little Butterfinger on it… I kinda cried a little when I finally had one. :(

  4. kirsten says

    If I had to have one cupcake it would be the red velvet cream cheese cupcake at starring rolls, OMG so good!

  5. says

    I’ll have you know, AJ, that you and all your cup-cakery science postings occupy pages 14-18 of my Big Binder Of Things To Try This Time.

    You are Good and Evil all at once. It’s a talent, I say.

  6. Jennifer says

    I definitely have to try this one out as well as the Red Velvet Cream Cheese Cupcake next time I’m in the Studios–and I’ll need to make sure I have some friends with me! I don’t think one person can manage those cupcake on their own. But they look amazing!

  7. canadianslovewdw says

    we got one of these last time we were at Disney… but.. we didnt pay for it.. we got it and a large orange soda , then something distracted me and we walked out and ate it at the tables provided. when i went to look at my receipt, which i also do to make sure my DDP credits are right.. i could not find it . so i assumed i didnt pay, but im honest so i went back in to tell them what happened and they said… “dont worry about it ” so i didnt …

  8. Stephanie says

    This is my favorite cupcake, and I savor each visit to Starring Rolls. Last April we didn’t stop there until after 2pm, and much to my horror, they were closed. We checked at the candy store front next door, which shares a kitchen, to see if they had any cupcakes left. The girl at the counter said “Wait a minute, I think there’s still a chef here…” He custom made me a butter finger cupcake while I waited. Totally awesome.

  9. Fubr says

    I actually found this cupcake to be way too sweet…
    I was so excited to try it, after the first one I bought wasn’t to my taste, I thought maybe it was a bad batch, so I got it again. But no… It’s just too sweet for me.

  10. Jillijo says

    Ok, I’m not a cupcake girl but I love sweets. After seeing the close-up pictures I have to get some of these when I go in June. This looks fabulous!!!

  11. Sharon C says

    My favorite is still the chocolate peanut butter from Starring Rolls. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Mmmmmm cupcake…..

  12. Essie says

    Oh no, I just drooled into my keyboard again. I’ve been to WDW 15Xs and I’ve never had any of their cupcakes! Because of finding this blog, cupcakes are on my ‘must do’ list for this year. I’m even planning ahead to provide a proper container to take some back home with me. How did I overlook them for so long?

  13. Laura says

    We had this for the first time a couple of weeks ago and OMG!! It will be on our must do list from here on!! It was absolutely sinful. Hubby and I easily split one and it was more than enough. I can’t wait for Oct so we can share another :)

  14. Frank says

    Without a doubt, I MISS the Mickey profile jelly filled donuts along with the glazed twists.

    Oh myyyyy they ware goooood!!!!!

    Disney stopped making them years ago…


  15. says

    I agree that this is a wonderful treat and still holds up to this day. Is it any surprise the best snacks come from Disney’s Hollywood Studios?

  16. Carrie says

    I tried this cupcake in January after I finished the Goofy Challenge (while attempting the DFB Cupcake Crawl. I tried 5 total. Hey, I figure I earned it!). It was absolutely delicious! This, along with the white chocolate elephant cupcake, were the favorites from the crawl. Next time I’ve got to get to Boardwalk to try the Oreo cupcake :-)

  17. Jenny says

    I’ve read lots of reviews here about the cupcakes and yet I have not tried any of them. (shame on me) I must try one they do look oh so good and oh so bad for me to,

  18. Doug Zdanivsky says

    Just way,way too sweet, I found. Like diabetic coma sweet.. Even by scraping off the butterfinger-encrusted buttercream frosting on the top, the cakey bottom is still filled with chocolate frosting.. I added little bits of the top part to my bites of the bottom. I felt a little ill after eating this, I must say.. It might have been alright if I wasn’t going to be doing any walking around after, but as it was it sat uncomfortably in my stomach even though I waited a good 10 minutes for my stomach to settle before pushing on with my wandering.. It would have been alright to take and eat while waiting for one of the live shows to start, for example. I think lots of milk to wash it down and dilute the sweetness would have helped as well (I had cappuccino with it, which wasn’t that good, and very stingy).. I should have gone with the banana split!

  19. Jenna says

    Tried one of these last Sept. for the first time. The most disappointing part was the fact that these cupcakes stay in a refrigerated area so the cupcake is very cold and somewhat hard when you eat it. I prefer room temperature cupcakes so that the frosting and filling are soft and you can actually taste their true flavors. Overall it was good. Not too rich, but I certainly couldn’t finish it alone. It had more chocolate flavor than butterfinger flavor.

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