First Look! Epcot’s Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar to Open in Early May

Tutto Gusto, a new wine bar that will be adjacent to Tutto Italia Ristorante, is set to open in early May as part of the restaurant’s recent refurbishment.

We can’t wait to add this location to our Drinking Around the World itinerary!

Nestled next to Tutto Italia Ristorante in Epcot’s Italy pavilion, Tutto Gusto will feature a cozy 96-seat space located in the former lobby space and extending toward Via Napoli.


The new wine bar will take over Tutto Italia’s former lobby space. Stone walls and floors, vaulted ceilings, and a fireplace will create the atmosphere of an Italian wine cellar.

The soon-to-be-hot-spot will be open to patrons from 11:30AM to 9PM to enjoy over 200 Italian wines and what sounds like an amazing selection of small plates and appetizers.

Gusto Wine Cellar


According to the DisneyParks Blog, this venue will be part of the Disney Dining Plan. We’re not sure yet if it will be considered a one-credit or two-credit location, but either way, this will make Italy the only pavilion with three table-service eateries and zero counter-service spots.

On the Tutto Gusto menu, choose from sliced meats, Italian cheeses, Panini sandwiches, and small plates. Cavatappi pasta will be used in all pasta dishes, and guests will be able to choose from tomato and bufala mozzarella; shrimp, chilis, garlic and tomato; and arugula, potato, pancetta, tomatoes, and asiago cheese to accompany their pasta (I’m all about that last one!).

Imported Italian Beers in the Italy Pavilion

Classic Italian eats will include Prosciutto de Parma and creamy Burrata Cheese and Mussels. And sweets (Dolci) will round out the menu.

To drink at the wine bar? Well, of course, you’ll get to indulge in a few incredible labels.

Wines will include sparkling, red, and white wines. Imported beers will include La Rossa, Moretti, and Menabrea (read our Italy Beer Pairing review to learn about a few of these)!

Grappa, espresso, and cappuccino are other house specialties!

So, who’s with me?! Ready to get a peek at the new Tutto Gusto Wine Cellar?!


  1. says

    So… My wife is gonna love this!
    But, any idea what the kid’s menu is like, or does it share a menu with Tutto Italia? We have reservations at Tutto Italia in October, but will probably switch now!

  2. says

    Ok so I am having all sorts of sensory overload here. Disney, wine, cheese, cured meats, and now BURRATA?!?!? Ohhhh hot diggety dog this just makes me more obsessed and I didn’t think that was even possible. :)

  3. Rob Crawford says

    This is going to sound weird, but I really hope they base some of the sandwiches off the ones sold at the Autogrills along Italy’s highways (oh, and a few odd other places, like in the middle of Pompei!) The one I had a couple of times — robiola cheese, prosciutto, and arugula — was great.

  4. Carolyn says

    It sounds really good! I have an ADR at Via Napoli right now, but may be switching it to this once I can.

  5. says

    This sounds great! Can’t wait for some pics and reviews. I won’t be able to try it until end of October. But it is on my must do list!

  6. says

    Allen — It sounds like the menu is totally different from Tutto Italia. I think this place will be smaller and more intimate, with appetizer plates primarily (like a tapas bar maybe?). No idea on kids’ menu! Will let you know when we hear anything :-D

    Megan — I know!! I’m hoping that this spot is in soft opening on my next visit!

    Rob — I know EXACTLY what you mean. I had a “rustica” sandwich at the Autogrill that I’ve never been able to duplicate!! Why can’t the USA have gas station food that’s as good?!?

    Carolyn — Let me know if you do! Would love to hear the review.

    Dr. Nigel Channing — Me, either!!

    Rose — Hopefully we’ll be able to get you some pics/reviews soon!

  7. says

    Interesting. I thought it would be more like Cava del Tequila with a few snacks but focus on drinks (and not a place to bring a kid). This sounds more like a restaurant. Will be eager to see it complete.

  8. Alan says

    The good news keeps happening. The food and bev choices are multiplying. The folks who run Tutto Italia are great and this little wine bar is sure to be great.

  9. John says

    Im so excited – its like they set it up special for me before our trip in June. Our usual routine was to head straight tothe French bakery when the World Showcase opened … But I think at least one day, I am bee-lining for this place.

    Does anyone know whether it will also be part of Tables in Wonderland for those of us who are trying not to encourage Disney to cafetriarize their dining scene any more via the dining plan ?

  10. catherine says

    Wellk according to the Disney blog this is a full-service restaurant. Not what I thought it would be. I do hope there is a walk in bar area for those who just want a glass of wine and some small plates without having to book reservations six months ahead of time.

  11. JoVonn says

    Cant wait to visit! I thought it was going to a wine bar with small plates, Not entrees.

  12. Amy says

    Actually Via Napoli does have a walk up window which serves (bad) counter service meals.

  13. says

    Amy — sadly that window is only open during very busy park days; it’s not always available.

  14. Teresa Wendolovski says

    I hope that this is more like a bar than a table service restaurant. I am hoping for somewhere we can just stop in and have a snack and try some great wine – on a daily basis when we are in EPCOT. Having to make an ADR 6 months out will kind of kill the mood.

  15. Adhi says

    I’m delighted to hear of this addition and cannot wait to try it out. It seems like it will be in the spirit of la cava (plus more food options); a place to relax and enjoy some excellent wines and delicious small plates!

  16. AMB says

    As a “cozy 96-seat” bar, it sounds like a place for adults, and therefore wouldn’t need a ‘kid’s menu’. Like Teresa and Catherine, I’m hoping it is a place to stop in for a nice glass of wine and perhaps a small plate item as an accompaniment.

  17. Chris says

    Any update on when this opens? I’m hoping early May means later this week or I’ll have to wait until October.

  18. says

    I cannot wait for my first visit to Tutto Gusto! Probably beginning of June–as that’s when I’m moving to Orlando!

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