News! Disney Restaurants Closing For Renovations in 2012 and 2013

Update: Hoop-Dee-Doo will now remain open in Fall 2012.
Update: Bistro de Paris will remain closed through early December. New name for Bistro de Paris will be “Monsieur Paul” — a fitting tribute to Chef Paul Bocuse!

There have been a lot of updates about restaurant closures lately, and I wanted to share the latest information we have so that it’s easier to make (or cancel or change ;-D) your Advance Dining Reservations.

Bistro de Paris

In today’s news, the Signature restaurant Bistro de Paris in Epcot’s France pavilion will be closed for renovations starting July 1, 2012, and lasting until the end of October.

Bistro Dining Room

According to emails being sent out to guests, Advance Dining Reservations are being moved to Chefs de France.

This closing is possibly due to the Epcot France bakery expansion about which we’ve previously reported. The French bakery, Boulangerie Patisserie, is slated for many changes, including an updated menu, expanded kitchen, and more.

Cape May Cafe

Cape May Cafe in Disney’s Beach Club Resort will be closed from July 9 – Aug. 4, 2012, for renovations.

Minnie's Ready for Her Close-Up at Cape May Cafe

Guests looking for a nearby character breakfast could head over to Akershus in Epcot instead. If you’re looking for a nearby seafood dinner to replace the Clam Bake, consider Coral Reef in Epcot or bluezoo in the Disney World Dolphin Resort.

California Grill

While this is still in the “rumor” stage, California Grill at Disney’s Contemporary Resort will most likely be closing in early 2013 for several months in order to undergo a massive renovation.

California Grill Seating

This has not been officially announced, but we’ve heard it from many sources, so it might make sense consider what other restaurants you’d like to dine in should the California Grill closure move forward.

Hoop Dee Doo Revue

Another closure that hasn’t been confirmed, Hoop Dee Doo will likely be closed for refurbishment in October, November, and possibly December 2012.

hoop dee doo revue

For a fun alternative, consider going to Trail’s End for dinner at Fort Wilderness, then going to the Chip and Dale Campfire and Sing a Long after dinner.

Is there a restaurant you were hoping to get to that might be closed? Do you have suggestions for alternative restaurants for these? Let us know in the comments below.

Note: All closures subject to change.


  1. Beth Masters says

    Thanks for all the info and love your Restuarant reviews!! Just wondering if Yachtsman steak house is also closed for refurb? Was hoping to try it for the first time this year however I’m sure I read somewhere it was closed end of Aug to mid September?! Thanks Bethx

  2. Jessica says

    I was thinking about CG for our wedding reception dinner next April…glad I decided against it!

  3. says

    So glad they are going to update CG – that carpet has been needing an overhaul for awhile now! Hopefully they will also make the space more intimate, similar to what they’ve done using booths at Tutto!

  4. Marc says

    Yes, we had booked Bistro de Paris for mid-July and received word about a week ago that our reservation had moved. Obviously, we very disappointed as we hadn’t been to the Bistro in a couple of years, and with all of the window seating we were looking forward in fine dining and watching the nighttime show. (We’re not on DDP so the use of 1 or 2 credits doesn’t apply for us.) We did have a question about our new Chefs de France reservation and the guest relations person (the same as who sent us the email) was very helpful — always a great Disney trait.

    Now, it looks like I’ll need to jump in early for the Clam Bake, too.

    Thanks for the fine reporting AJ.

  5. Wendy says

    Well I just booked us at Hoop do Doo for May since it looks like we won’t be able to do it in November

  6. says

    I’m just hoping the BDP closure doesn’t slip. We’ve got an ADR there during IllumiNations in the first week of October. We haven’t eaten there since our honeymoon 13 years ago!

  7. Essie says

    I’m so excited because we’re going (hopefully) to the CMC for the first time this year and when I saw it’s name in your blog, it SCARED me! But, the dates that it will be closed will have it back open long before we go down. I just feel bad for anyone else who was really looking forward to it on their trip dates. We can’t make our ADRs until the 28th. I can’t wait!

  8. says

    Beth — I think I heard that Yachtsman was off the chopping block, but I’ll double check! Just checked — Yachtsman may be closed from end August to mid-September!

    Emma — I hear ya!

    Jessica — Where WILL you be having your reception?

    Amanda — Interesting idea with the booths!

    Marc — Sorry about the moved reservation. I do love Chefs de France, though, so hopefully that will be a wonderful meal!!

    Wendy — Have so much fun!!

    Shayne — So cool!! My fingers are crossed for you guys. (Can’t wait to see you in WDW!)

    Essie — Have fun with the ADRs!! I have to make mine for Sept/Oct!

  9. Heather Louise says

    Thank you again AJ. I have been hearing rumors everywhere about HDDR. We have reservations for the last Friday in September, but have a back up plan just in case. I had been meaning to write to you again to find out if they will cancel ADRs instead of just not allowing them to be scheduled due to possible renovation, but you answered that one with the Bistro de Paris.

  10. says

    I am CRUSHED about Hoop Dee Doo. We were planning on going to it in October and am soo dissappointed that I’ll miss out on delicious cornbread and all-you-can-drink sangria!

  11. Dave A. says

    We are also going to be at THE World in October, and now won’t be able to see the Hoop!
    Darn!!! I just hope that they don’t make any drastic changes! Yes, its been the same for thirty years, but that’s what gives it its charm. We’ve been to see it 10 times, and I’ve been chosen to be the Spirit of Davy Crockett twice!!! Was great fun.

  12. Jenn says

    California Grill is in need of something….. I love the food and we eat there almost every trip. However, since the fireworks view is incredible, a lot of families visit. The noise level is outrageous for a signature restaurant. I’d like to see them do something about that!

    Strange they are closing two restaurants in the middle of summer. I’ll have to talk to DD about booking Bistro in October to see what they did. (The hardship of research.)

  13. Jonathan says

    I agree with Dave A.’s sentiment! I hope nothing changes at the Hoop! Each and every time I’ve gone to the world, I always go to it! Love the foods, the show is still funny everytime around, and you can’t go wrong with a bottomless mug of beer/sangrai/wine! So now my better half I are going to have to figure something out this time around in October. I’m thinking ‘Ohana for some awesome grub.

  14. says

    We’ve had an email to say our reservation for Bistro de Paris, at the beginning of October, has been moved to Chefs de France. I’m gutted as I thought we were safe, but it seems like they’re expecting the renovations to slip into the start of October.

  15. says

    I’m going to side with Jenn, who commented just above. My husband and I ate at California Grill a couple of weeks ago (May 5, 2012, to be precise) and upon departing the restaurant, we looked at each other and exclaimed, “WHAT.” It was our first experience at the restaurant (we went expecting to be floored, because we’ve heard/read all the hype) and will likely be our last.

    We’ve had better food at Red Lobster or any standard steakhouse in America (it pains me to day that, but it’s true). Our waiter acted as if he was annoyed at having to serve us, as well as the tables next to us, the overall noise level was ridiculous, and the table across from ours was full of children, all with their shoes off, crawling under the table and generally being obnoxious. As a parent of two children, I wouldn’t dream of allowing my daughters to sit in any restaurant, much less one as “upscale” as California Grill, sans footwear. I know it’s WDW, but come on, y’all.

    I hope California Grill’s “massive renovation” addresses some of their issues, namely the ridiculous noise level. We might then consider giving the Grill another chance.

  16. Sue says

    Hoop Dee Doo…… I have been checking for reservations for the Hoop Dee Doo for Thanksgiving. We are staying on property so are with-in the 180 date window.. Have talked twice to a DVC person about them — have been told that they are not available ‘yet’!!! Today the gal went to ask a supervisor about it & was told the same thing. If they are planning on renovations at that time – why isn’t that stated??? We have made reservations for O’hana’s as a back up – but looks like it will be where we will be spending Thanksgiving meal — which will be fine — BUT — sad about the Hoop Dee Doo… Why would they do the renovations during the holidays — why not start them in January????

  17. Karen Williams says

    Is Rose & Crown at Epcot closed after Nov 22 2012? I can get reservations there until the 22nd but not after. This is a little bit of a problem since I don’t arrive until Nov 24. Does anyone know?

  18. catherine says

    It’s been noted that the French Regional Lunches hosted at Bistro de Paris for the Food and Wine Festival will not take place this year. This may mean that Bistro will not open at the end of September but will be closed for at least part of the festival.

    If you are having difficulty booking anything at Rose & Crown, Le Cellier, Coral Reef or Garden Grill after the start of the Candlelight Processional, those restaurants are being held for all reservations until the Processional dining packages are released for booking.

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