Photo Tour: Animal Kingdom’s New Sundowner Celebration

We’re excited to bring our readers more details about the new Sundowner Celebration, taking place in the Animal Kingdom from 3 p.m. each day until park closing.

Festivities will continue until “at least” the end of June, so plan your adventures accordingly!

Sundowner Logo

Don’t vacate the park in the late afternoon if you can help it — there’s lots to do before the sun goes down! Click the pic below to see a larger version!

Intro to the Festival -- click for larger version


Jambo! In Harambe — Animal Kingdom’s African Village — you’ll find a street party going on featuring the Burudika entertainers and the Tam Tam Drummers.

Harame Street Party Sign - click image for larger version

The wine walk is available every day in June. You’ll get four tastings for $8 and six tastings for $11. Or, try the non-alcoholic fruit juice tasting for $4.

Harambe Wine Walk and Juice Tasting Info

Start your wine walk near the Dawa Bar.

Harambe Wine Walk

Our friends Todd and Cheryl Perlmutter participated in the fruit juice tasting. Verdict? Todd liked the Soursop the best, while Cheryl preferred the Guava.

Tropical Fruit Juice Tasting Soursop Juice

Soursop Juice in Glass

Ingredient info for the Soursop Juice:

Soursop Juice Details

Sugar Cane Juice is another option on the juice tasting!

Sugar Cane Juice

And don’t forget to try the Guava Juice. Which will be your favorite?

Guava Juice

In addition to the wine and juice, Harambe Village is introducing some new foods just for the Sundowner: African-Inspired Spiced Popcorn (Guava, Africa Spice, Apricot); Dried Fruit; Plantain Chips; and Jungle Juice (a mix of passion fruit, guava, and orange juice).

Harambe Eats

Jungle Juice is also known as POG Juice when served at other Disney restaurants, and it’s DEEEElish. Yum!

Jungle Juice


There’s food, music, and fun in Anandapur, the Asian section of Animal Kingdom!

Anandapur DJ Dance Party

Anandapur’s special treats for the celebration include Asia-Inspired “Chex Mix”, Wasabi Peas, and non-alcoholic Ginger Beer.

Anandapur Eats

Before or after you join the street party, stop for an Asian-style hot dog!

Anandapur Hot Dogs

I can’t wait to hear more reviews from this new celebration in Animal Kingdom! If you have food pics or reviews, send them along to! Thanks! :-)

What do you think about the addition of the Sundowner Celebration? Will you stay in the Animal Kingdom longer to participate in the activities?

Thanks to Erin Foster, Andy Jackson, and Todd Perlmutter for these photos!


  1. Kristina says

    ewww….cane juice. I’ve only ever had the fresh from juicer stuff (family is Cuban) and it tasted nothing like I’d imagine sugar water to taste like.

    Does the stuff out if the can taste any better?

  2. Maggie says

    POG juice in our house is called Poly Juice. We fell in love with it when we stayed at the Poly and they served it in the CL Lounge. OMG, it’s so awesome, especially the spiked version. YUM!

  3. Nicky says

    We LOVE POG juice. We had it at the AKL years ago and make it regularly at home. The Sundowner Celebration looks like a lot of fun. If they still have it this fall, when we go to WDW, we would definately give it a try.

  4. Jon says

    Floridians sure have it good – will this be an annual event? If so, yet another event added to the bucket list. If not, at least I still have the Dawa Bar!

  5. Alan says

    There is no company better at finding under used assets and then making something out of them than the Disney Co. People do leave the AK early and the revenue stream dries up. If you want to be cynical you can criticize them for doing this but I think it is a positive. Most folks want to spend as much time as possible trying things, while on vacation, that they don’t have access to at home ( The juices for example). This celebration is certainly different and fun. And for the DFB followers this is right up our street. Good for our friends at WDW!

  6. Amy says

    This looks like so much fun! What do you think the chances are of their continuing this through the summer? We are headed there in August.

  7. Madoka says

    I love sugar cane juice and guava juice! :D Fresh squeezed sugar cane juice is hard to find (even in Hawaii where it is grown) but oh so delicious – naturally sweet but with a grassy (in a good way like a fresh herb!) note that makes it more refreshing and tasty than “sugar water”. I hope the canned version is at least decent.

    The guava juice is from a well-known beverage brand in Taiwan. I will have to see if I can find it in the local Asian grocery stores.

  8. Essie says

    If we had nothing planned for the latter part of the day/evening, I would definitely take part. It looks very tasty and it looks like a lot of fun.

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