Guest Review: New Quick-Service Eats at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Thanks to one of our readers, we have a mini-review of the new food happenings at Disney’s Animal Kingdom — including a vegetarian cart in Asia, and fresh-cut fruit bowls at Harambe. And just wait until you see the gorgeous fruit salad at Tamu Tamu Refreshments…

Disney’s Animal Kingdom has introduced several yummy new treats this Summer! We’ve told you about the brand new Sundowner Celebration already, and here are a few other new additions for those trekking through this gorgeous theme park in Walt Disney World!

Bradley Falls Kiosk

As we announced on our Disney Food News Pin Board this week, Bradley Falls Egg Roll stand has changed its menu.

It now offers Summer Rolls (a different recipe than was there before), an Asian Noodle Salad, a Lychee Salad, and Fresh Edamame!

The Asian noodles are sweet, sour, and spicy with fresh broccoli, snow peas, carrots, and red pepper with a hint of sesame oil. The dish is garnished with black sesame seeds and green onion!

Asian Noodle Salad

And Bradley Falls has a yummy-looking fruit salad, complete with pineapple, mango, grapes, blueberries, kiwi, and lychee! Pretty amazing looking, eh?

Fruit Bowl

The edmame were cooked perfectly and served chilled, according to our reader.


Tamu Tamu Refreshments

Available until the end of June at Tamu Tamu Refreshments, as part of the Sundowner Celebration, guests will find fresh melons, pineapple, berries, grapes, and another lovely fruit bowl!

Tamu Tamu Refreshments offers good eats and cold drinks.

Fruit Bowl

You’ll recall that Tamu Tamu has an updated breakfast menu that sounds wonderful…

Tamu Tamu Breakfast Offerings

Tamu Tamu Breakfast Menu

Harambe Fruit Market

The Harambe Fruit Market in Africa is offering fresh cut pineapple spears, watermelon, strawberries, and mango halves, too. A refreshing snack before or after your safari!

Fruit at AK

I can’t wait to get over to Animal Kingdom to try these out. This looks like some seriously intriguing quick-service fare; it’s so good to see all of the fun variety Disney has introduced in the past few months!

Have you tried any of the new options at the Animal Kingdom? We want to know if you’ve spotted any new vegetarian options!


  1. Tammi says

    The Asian Noodle Salad looks delish! I can’t wait to try it. I’ll eat edamame anytime; it’s such a tasty and nutritious snack. I love all of these healthier food options that Disney is offering.

    Do you know if these new items at Bradley Falls Kiosk are considered snacks under the DDP?

  2. Alan says

    I love it. Up and out early at the AK, that luscious fruit salad will keep me going until the Dawa Bar opens.

  3. says

    mmmmmm! That asian noodle salad looks so good! I was debating going to AK on my trip in September because I’m not really going to have a lot of time (I was thinking of doing Epcot twice instead for food and wine) but I don’t know now! That lychee salad would make a great breakfast after riding Expedition Everest a few times to wake myself up during extra magic hours!!!!

  4. Susan says

    Would love to see the pineapple fruit bowl somewhere at Disneyland. They look wonderful.

  5. says

    Hooray for the Asian Noodle Salad! I can’t say this frequently enough–I’m so glad AK finally has some themey food going on. And that fruit salad looks divine.

  6. says

    Tammi — I’m not sure! I’ve sent an email to Marilyn (our guest reviewer) to see if she caught a glimpse of the menu. :-)

    Amanda — I hear it, too! ;-)

    Melissa Sue — Me, too. Looks amazing!

    Alan — Ba ha ha! It’s always good to see you have your priorities straight. :-)

    Kb — I agree. These are a great summer addition.

    Marci — Agreed! Just double check to make sure it’s still there in September. I’m not sure if these are just summer items, or if they’ll go the distance.

    Diane and Dana — Let us know what you think when you try them!

    Susan — That does look like something that would fit right in in Disneyland!

    Tracy — Agreed. Plus, I love the freshness of the items. Nothing frozen or pre-packaged.

  7. Karen says

    These constantly changing menu choices is one of the things I really like about Disney. I have been alerting my vegetarian and health conscious friends about all of the healthy and vegetarian options they have been coming up with. The Disney Food Blog photos are a definite deal maker in my attempts to convince folks who otherwise would not consider Disney as a vacation option (because they are single, traveling solo or just don’t have any children). Keep up the good work!

  8. Julie says

    I sure hope these aren’t just summer items! We won’t be there until mid-october. Hope they are still there. Love all the fresh fruit.

  9. Sharon C says

    I would love to see the Mini Pastry Breakfast Basket. Does anyone know what is in it?

  10. Essie says

    The fruit looks delicious and I would love to try the edamame. I’ve seen Ming Tsai (a TV chef that we like) work with edamame and it looks like something that I might enjoy. It’s nice that they now have so many snacks that you can enjoy and not feel guilty about.

  11. says

    C. Evans — Thanks for the review!!

    Velma — Ooh, great question. I’m not sure, but I would think so…

    Shawna — Me, too!

  12. Peter says

    So glad to see so many new vegetarian/vegan items at DAK, a park which has been strangely lacking in veggie options thus far.

    It would be great if one could use the DDP at Bradley Falls kiosk, since vegetarian options are so limited at Animal Kingdom QS locations. (I’ll never understand why this is so. You’d think a park dedicated to the love of ANIMALS would be much more vegetarian-friendly than the others!)

  13. Jean says

    Yak and Yeti in Asia has Vegetable Lo Mein on menu to which you can add Tofu. However, they will substitute Tofu for any meat dish on menu. I’ve had Bourbon Tofu, Sweet ‘n Sour Tofu, Honey Tofu and Miso glazed Tofu (instead of the Salmon) which was fantastic! Also the Maple Tamarind chicken made with Tofu instead is really good. For an appy, the wok-fried green beans are vegan. You can get some of these at their quick service next door because they share same kitchen. Enjoy!

  14. Karen says

    The edamame was really good. The portion was twice what it should have been though, unless you have someone to share with. I got a Yak Attack and went here to order some edamame and – even though I didn’t finish all the edamame – I felt like my stomach was going to burst. I recommend it highly for delicious nutritiousness. Just – hopefully you’ll have someone to share it with so you don’t have to throw some away.

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