Snack Series: Pocky in Epcot’s Japan Pavilion

OK, so while this isn’t technically a “Disney-made” snack (I’ve even found it in my local grocery store recently), many of us have our first experience with Pocky in Mitsukoshi Department Store in Epcot’s Japan pavilion. I know I did! Just in case you haven’t experienced Pocky yet, let me introduce you!

These slender, crisp cookies coated in chocolate (and occasionally other flavors) are one of my favorite snacks available in Epcot’s World Showcase. You’ll find the tasty sweets way in the back of the fabled department store — near the indoor sake bar.

There Are Many Flavors of Pocky Available

There’s a Pocky for every flavor preference, from the purist approach of milk chocolate to fruit-flavored options. You can also find chocolate and nut combinations.

And, of course, there’s “Men’s Pocky.” No, I’m not kidding. Men’s Pocky is a dark chocolate version of the snack. :-)

Front of Pocky Box

The cookies come in a range of quantities as well, from little pocky boxes to GIANT POCKY BOXES. Just in case you need to share (yeah, right).

On this visit, I went for the classic: “chocolate cream covered biscuit sticks.”

Back of Pocky Box - Nutritional Information and Ingredients

While I’m displaying my Pocky on a plate, one of the great traits of this snack is that you can definitely stroll and enjoy it. It’s an excellent World Showcase Promenade snack.

Open Box of Pocky

The 80-gram box actually holds two foil packs — one for you, and…one for you!

Open Pocky Box and Foil-Wrapped Packages

Once you open the packet, you see that there are a lot of cookies here! That’s one of my favorite things about this snack.

But know that these are addictive. I always try to eat them one at a time, but after a while I’m just stuffing four in my face at once. Sigh. Mindless eating, AJ; mindless eating.

Open Packet of Pocky

Pocky Sticks

These usually stay crispy even after they’ve been open for a day or two, so it’s a good traveling snack as well.

Pocky Up Close - Cross Section

So, these aren’t anything fancy, but they check a lot of boxes when it comes to a good Disney World snack. The flavors are simple and comforting, the cookies aren’t messy, and they’re shareable if they absolutely need to be.

Want to know more about all of the fantastic snacks available throughout the pavilions of World Showcase? Check out our newest e-Book, The Disney Food Blog Mini-Guide to Epcot Snacks!

What’s your favorite Pocky flavor? Let us know in comments below!


  1. Jill D says

    How much is an 80g box? I have seen these at my local Target. Wondering if they are cheaper at Target, maybe I will bring them with me as a treat! Thanks!

  2. Donald says

    I’ve loved Pocky ever since my best friend in elementary school introduced me to them (he’s from Japan). The strawberry one is the best! Good to know these are available in Epcot.

  3. Prof. Brainard says

    Men’s Pocky! I am quite relieved to hear it, since I would not want to be thought effeminate should someone catch me eating the more unmanly pocky flavors–I’m talking to you, Strawberry Cream! (For this same reason I only eat quiche lorraine and rose-flavored turkish delight while seated alone in a darkened room.) It would certainly make life easier for us macho men if more snacks were labeled thusly.

  4. Ally says

    I love pocky. My dad would get it for me from a shop in Chicago anytime he went there for work. When I first saw them at Epcot I was thrilled. I brought back one of the huge packs for my friends at school and they love them too. Everytime I go to disney, I buy some chocolate ones and strawberry ones. I know I can get them where I live, but there’s something about buying them in Disney that just makes them better!

  5. says

    Sean R. — That’s what I figured! Basically it’s just dark chocolate versus the milk chocolate version, right? Thanks for the interesting link!

    Jill D. — I’m not sure how much they are at Disney right now (prices may have gone up), but I can almost assure you — sight unseen — they’ll be cheaper at your Target! ;-)

    RCT — Yep! I still consider them “Disney” since that’s where I first saw them, so I love seeing them at the grocery store!

    Donald — Yum — I’ve never had the strawberry one!

    Prof. Brainard — Ha ha!! I’m so glad you’re able to branch out to Pocky safely now!

    Ally — That’s exactly how I feel. I never buy them here at home, just when I’m in Disney. ;-)

  6. Prof. Brainard says

    Not to take us away from the topic, but, now that I learn from Sean R. that this is a cultural phenomenon, I am mildly (only mildly) abashed by my earlier satire. There is an antiquated practice in British dining that I am reminded of, namely the savoury course, which was traditionally served at the end of a meal, sometimes in place of dessert and sometimes in addition, and which, from what I gather, was preferred by males in place of a sweet. It included such treats as sardines on toast, Scotch woodcock, devils-on-horseback, etc. Here’s a link . . .

  7. jeffk says

    I’m a longtime fan of the occasionally hard-to-find Pocky Milk, which are dipped in a sweet white cream (it’s somewhere between frosting and white chocolate). More or less the opposite of Pocky Men’s.

  8. T says

    my experience with pocky was that i moved to a new place when i was a kid and it was like everyone there loved pocky and had it and talked about it all the time. i definitely wanted to try it and so i jumped on my first opportunity. i remember thinking…….”that’s…it??” i mean, it was good, but for all the “big deal” i’d seen the kids making about pocky, i was expecting it to be amazing! i wouldn’t say i was disappointed with pocky, but just that i was expecting more!

  9. Galloping Gourmand says

    The Japanese students where I work always, always give Pocky as a gift. Most of the time I get men’s pocky, but they also give me regional, seasonal or special eddition flavors they get at a local Japanese store or via care packages. I wish they sold some of the more exotic ones at Disney. I’ve had Pumpkin Pocky in the fall (terrible and not pumpkin flavored), chocolate and salt (fantastic), soy bean (worse than pumpkin), melon which has a very slight and bland honeydew flavor (disappointing), some kind of tea (surprisingly good), grape (not bad), strawberry (great), and…cream cheese (oh dear god no!).

    We made the executive decision to skip the sweet potato Pocky that was brought in a few years ago around thanksgiving. I regret that.

  10. Anastasia says

    I do enjoy Pocky (I first had it at an anime convention) but it is a little bland. If I’m getting a snack from the Japan pavillion, I much prefer those little strawberry and marshmallow filled mochi. Yum!

  11. Dana says

    Pocky has always been a favorite treat of my husband’s, and when he’s not looking, I usually steal a couple of them. Our favorite is the good-old original Pocky in the red box, but the hazelnut is pretty good too. The one nice thing about buying it at Epcot is that is usually much fresher than the Pocky you’d buy at Target or World Market, so we usually stock up a bit while we’re down there.

  12. Essie says

    I definitely want to try these and then maybe take some as Christmas stocking stuffers on my holiday trip. They look like they’ll be a very nice treat. Thanks for the great idea, A.J.! :)

  13. says

    Ah, you’re clearly on my wavelength with the inevitable stuffing of one’s face with four at a time. Great overlooked snacky bit!

  14. Cindi says

    My son loves Pocky, I don’t get it. It’s just a thin cookie stick dipped in chocolate. We find it at our local store, WalMart, Target, HEB, and I think even Dollar General has it.

  15. Jill D says

    My local Target had both the milk chocolate and the strawberry Pocky. The chocolate was $2.09 and the strawberry was $1.09. Yummy!

  16. Gwen says

    Strawberry all the way!!! And Green Tea.

    I still remember the old made for Malaysia TV commercials with the jingle …

    “Get the taste, the taste of Pocky! Glico Pocky! Get the taste!!!”


  17. Lissa Parsons says

    I love Pocky theres this store in a near by shopping district close by my college. Called Lotus foods…. A asain food store they probably have the best selection of Pocky and other japanese junk food I have ever seen… My personal favorite flavors are Green Tea Chocolate and Pineapple as well as strawberry… :D

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