News! LeFou’s Brew at Gaston’s Tavern

We finally have some insight into the brew that will be served at Gaston’s Tavern when it opens in the Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland section later this year!

Approaching the tavern near the Be Our Guest restaurant, guests will find a huge statue of Gaston hoisting kegs of his favorite brew. Gaston’s Tavern will be a quick-service restaurant, resembling a comfy lodge in the French countryside. Of course, an enormous portrait of the egocentric Gaston will don an interior wall.

Gaston Statue

The signature beverage – LeFou’s Brew – is a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow. Named after Gaston’s sidekick, the beverage is topped with an all-natural passion fruit-mango foam! Sound familiar? It’s the same frozen concoction served at the new Cozy Cone Motel in Disneyland!

Apple Freeze

Served in souvenir steins and goblets, the LeFou’s Brew is sure to be popular with the young and young-at-heart!

LeFou's Brew

To complement the brew, Gaston’s signature sweet is warm, gooey cinnamon rolls!

What do you think of this brew concoction? Let us know in the comments!


  1. says

    Red’s Apple Freeze is one of my favorite drinks at Cars Land, so all I can say is, WDW fans have something awesome heading their way! Don’t like the new name, but I love the stein — and the cinnamon rolls sound like a great idea!

  2. says

    So in other words, Disney took the cliched way out and made their own version of Butterbeer. This is so disappointing. I thought this would be an awesome opportunity to create some specially brewed “only available at Disney World” varieties of root beer, birch beer, etc. Instead we get Disney copying Universal.

  3. says

    I think it sounds yummy and will definitely be trying it (and buying the souvineer stein – which I think is cuter than the goblet for some reason). I see NT3’s point about having signature drinks but really, with so much new stuff in the Magic Kingdom coming out way, I’m happy just to have this new drink to try out! the marshmallow and apple combo sounds interesting!

  4. Prof. Brainard says

    This looks delicious and a frozen apple/mango/marshmallow drink sounds very refreshing! I’m glad they didn’t just make their own version of butterbeer, which, from what I understand, is basically cream soda. Perhaps because I live in northern New England, I associate apple tastes with old-time things and with enchanted rural settings. And I LOVE the souvenir tankard! As I child I would have coveted that item. In fact, I still do!

  5. Jeff says

    Does anyone know if they use real marshmallow in the drink or if it’s just a flavoring? Trying to figure out of the drink is vegetarian or not (marshmallows are not vegetarian because of the gelatin, but most marshmallow creme is vegetarian). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks all!

  6. says

    I love this. I don’t even care that it’s not beer. BUT I will be taking that stein down to Epcot and filling it up with a Moosehead or two. ;)

  7. Tara L. says

    Nt3 – I have only been to universal studios a few times. But, have been to Disney World a lot. Hands down universal can not even compare to Disney in any area. Especially where food and drinks are concerned.

  8. Essie says

    The drink itself sounds interesting…. I’m really anxious to try the tavern itself as it sounds like a lot of fun. The stein and goblet look great; I can imagine standing at the ‘bar’ with one in hand with my friends!!! Is it just going to be drinks and sweets or are they going to offer sandwiches and other light fare? Thanks.

  9. Galloping Gourmond says

    Ruben – From the description it’s quite different than Butterbeer, which is more of a cream soda shlushie with a hint of butterscotch. I have it on good authority that Butterbeer is great, I just happen to dislike cream soda.

    Nate – The Magic Kingdom doesn’t serve beer, so they couldn’t name it “beer” anything. :) I’m surprised they don’t call root beer “sarsaparilla.”

    This sounds like a good cold treat on a nice warm fall day. I wonder if they can do a warm version for the winter. (or what passes for winter down there.)

  10. Kim says

    Rich- Thanks for the heads up about the tastiness of this “brew”!

    NT3 – I’ll be trying butterbeer at the end of this month. It seems that Disney has been mixing up some “signature” beverages lately but not actually brewing/bottling their own brand. I’m sure it’s in the name of cost-effectiveness rather than lack of imagination.

    Marcellina – I agree! I can also see our nearly-13 year old son enjoying a “brew” in his own souvenir stein.

  11. Kim says

    Prof. Brainard – It does sound rather Olde World, right?! And mango is one of my favorite flavors.

    Jeff – I haven’t heard about the ingredients for the beverage but I have it on my list to try to find out. Anyone from Disneyland have the deets for us?

  12. Kim says

    Nate – Cheers to that drinking plan!

    Ruben – It is fun to try new beverages. I can’t wait to hear what WDW visitors think of this new drink.

    Tara – Great point, although I’ll have a better comparison after I visit Universal in the near future.

  13. Kim says

    Essie – I have the same picture in my mind! Good food, a “brew” and great friends at Gaston’s. No word yet on other menu items. I think this news only served to whet our whistle. Sorry, couldn’t help myself. ;-)

    Natasha – I’ve heard this from many readers. Is butterbeer more butterscotch cream soda tasting? I think I’ll like the fruity combo of LeFou’s brew. I’m just going to have to put a taste-test on my to-do list.

  14. Kim says

    Galloping Gourmand – Awesome points! When I hear “sarsparilla”, I feel like I’m in the Carousel of Progress. Oh, a warm, toasty version – LUV that idea!

    Everyone – I am SO thirsty now. Cheers!

  15. Jenny says

    this drink defintely is NOT copying butterbeer!!! I had this in cars land at disneyland right after it opened and it was AWESOME!!!!! It is not by any means a soda but more like a fruit juice slush or specialty smoothie. I got mine without the foam on it because the idea of the foam flavoring grossed me out, i had heard less than stellar reviews on it and it didn’t seem like the apple freeze and the foam would go together.

  16. Becca says

    Honestly, that sounds horrible! I do wish they’d get over this no alcohol nonsense already. I barely drink at WDW, but just the idea of toasting your engagement at CRT with sparkling apple cider, or hanging out in a pub drinking sugary-sweet fake-foamy stuff just feels silly. I kinda want something that tastes like an adult would drink it! You can only have so much soda… Even Walt enjoyed a scotch-and-water at the end of the day.

  17. says

    @ Becca:

    Seriously, give it a try. The Apple Freeze at Cars Land is flat-out amazing and not overly sweet. And, remember, this is an animated-feature-based fairytale tavern in Fantasyland next to a princess meet-and-greet. It’s not Raglan Road. :)

  18. Becca says

    Ha! Fair enough – nobody wants the dads going all Gaston on the princesses… But it’s a shame that everyone has to be treated like they’re on the naughty step because of a few bad eggs. Even a tonic water would be nice… Just something a little drier that doesn’t send me into glycaemic orbit!

  19. Alan says

    I think it is silly to argue whether LeFou’s Brew is a copy of, or is better than Butter Beer. They are both made up drinks to resemble beer or ale, which is what the movie studios have been doing since the dawn of movie making. I’m sure they both will appeal to their target audience. What it shows is that both resorts are trying to bring us new experiences and ideas and that is to be applauded.

  20. Pudge the Fish says

    I had the Apple Freeze at Cars Land and I was not overly impressed. It was an apple slush but I could not detect any marshmallow flavor. It was on par with a 7-11 slurpee. Butter Beer in my mind is vastly superior.

  21. Kim says

    Jenny- Nice tip. I’m sure there’s other guests that would opt out of the foam experience.

    @thehodge11 – thanks!! I can always count on our readers to help.

    Becca – I’m a Magic Kingdom traditionalist. Although I do love sipping on a tasty adult beverage by the resort pool. ;-)

    Rich T – LOL!

    Alan – Well said!

  22. Eric says

    Unfortunately, I wasn’t a huge fan of the Apple drink at CarsLand. Although… it tasted much better to me without the Passion Fruit-Mango foam on top. I’ll have to give it a second chance. On the other hand, the Pear-O-Dise soda in another cone was beautiful to look at and very tasty.

  23. Rachel says

    NT3- I don’t understand how this is copying Butterbeer or Universal…It isn’t anything like Butterbeer, I wish it was copying butterbeer because I love butterbeer!! It may be Disney trying to recreate a specialty beverage similar to what Universal did, but there is no copying.

    If it is copying anything it is copying CarsLand in California, considering it is the same exact drink except with a different name.

  24. Amie says

    Doesn’t sound good to me. I was kind of hoping for a really good root beer. That would look more authentic for a “tavern”.

  25. Val says

    This sounded great…except that it had toasted marshmallow! Not safe for vegetarians like me unless they use a gelatin free recipe which I’ve never heard of!

  26. Essie says

    Just wondering if anyone noticed the hidden Mickies on the steins and the goblets? Great Fun!
    BTW, now that I think about it, we had candy cigarettes when we were kids both white sugar and chocolate types, and no, I’ve never smoked a real cigarette in my life. :)

  27. Emily says

    I hope they will let me get a Coke or something in the Gaston mug! I’m allergic to apple so I can’t have this marvelous looking drink! :(

  28. Becca says

    @Emily – unless it was in the private members club, of course. Seems to me that it was all about keeping the riff raff under control rather than about any other reason! ;)

  29. Tommy Henderson says

    The candy cigarettes comment was EXACTLY my first thought ! I am sure Budweiser appreciates us romanticising a big frosty mug of BREW and serving it to our toddlers. The mugs are cute, my kids would love them. Maybe STARBUCKS should start selling candy cigarettes and bubble gum cigars for the kids whos parents buy them big coffees there. You think I’m kidding? NOT I guess some parents think you cant teach bad habits early enough, or they just dont think at all. Teach your children well.

  30. says

    Had this drink last month – was pleasantly surprised! It was a more sophisticated flavor than regular apple juice, and the foam topping was good too- hints of coconut and marshmallow! We will definitely be getting this again!

  31. Jay says

    Tommy, we do teach our children well. Well enough that they know that an apple drink at WDW doesn’t not correspond in any shape or form with actual beer, which they do not, of course, touch. Oy.

    BTW, enjoying a beer now and again, if you’re of age, isn’t really a bad habit. If you wish to abstain, that’s cool, but there’s a responsible way to inbibe.

  32. JBirecki says

    Sheesh, I’ve had candy cigarettes and fake “adult” drinks, and I don’t smoke and I’m a responsible social drinker, even then it’s rare. If you’re a responsible parent, kids can have the fun fake stuff and still be responsible adults.

    That aside, I know the apple juice has no sugar added, but is it sweetened with anything? Usually when they label something like that it has aspartame or another chemical sweetener.

  33. Kaci says

    If there is marshmallow in it, then it is not a “no added sugar” beverage.

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