Sneak Peek! Gaston’s Tavern MENU and Photos In the New Fantasyland

Woo-hoo!!!! More awesomeness from New Fantasyland!

This time — we get to see the MENU for Gaston’s Tavern, a brand new counter-service location in the Magic Kingdom! And — bonus — we get a peek INSIDE as well! Let’s go beyond the New Fantasyland Castle Wall for a look…

Wall into the New Fantasyland in Disney World's Magic Kingdom

Belle’s Village inside the New Fantasyland at Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom began an early soft opening today, and we’ve got the details! Check out these fun peeks at Gaston’s Tavern and Bonjour! Village Gifts.

Gaston’s Tavern

First up, let’s take a little tour of what you’ll experience when you head into Gaston’s Tavern in Disney World’s New Fantasyland. Thanks to the Disney Parks Blog for some wonderful pics!

Out front of Gaston’s Tavern, the centerpiece fountain features a comical look at Gaston and LeFou.

Gaston's Fountain

And here’s what you’ll see right before you enter Gaston’s Tavern!

Outside Gaston's

When the doors swing open, you’ll see Gaston’s larger-than-life portrait on the wall.

Gaston's Portrait

Also on the wall, you’ll see the score from a recent game of darts between Gaston and LeFou. Wonder who’s winning…

Gaston's Dart Board

Gaston’s hunting gear is on display for all to admire!

Gaston's Bow and Arrows

And his animal trophies hang on the wall, celebrating his prowess, of course.


True to Gaston’s love of decorating with Antlers, this over-the-top chandelier is a feature of the space.

Antler Chandelier at Gaston's

But enough of the atmosphere — let’s take a look at the EATS!

Gaston’s Tavern Menu

The menu has already expanded at Gaston’s Tavern since our earlier menu post about cinnamon rolls and Le Fou’s Brew.

While gooey cinnamon rolls and cold milk remain, a hearty pork shank ($7.99) has been added. (As “le shank du jour” of course!) We can’t wait to see if these become competition for the beloved turkey legs elsewhere in Disney World!

Gaston's Specialty Items -- Pork Shank and LeFou's Brew

A visit to the Tavern can also include chocolate croissants, fresh fruit and veggies, hummus, and drinks. Be sure to check out those Disney Dining Plan options! Note that the pork shank originally had a DDP snack credit logo next to it, but that’s now been covered up. :-( (Thanks to Kelly Tressler for the updated menu photo!)

Updated Gaston's Tavern Full Menu - click for larger image

Of course, as we mentioned before, there will be a specialty drink – LeFou’s Brew – a no-sugar added frozen apple juice with a hint of toasted marshmallow, then topped with all-natural passion fruit-mango foam. The souvenir goblets make this “brew” extra fun!

LeFou's Brew

If you don’t stop by the tavern for a LeFou’s Brew, stop here at the “water pump” for a sip of water. ;-)

Water Fountain

Bonjour! Village Gifts

After a stop at Gaston’s, step on over to the new gift shop: Bonjour! Village Gifts! This Disney merch location has merchandise inspired by details found in the New Fantasyland’s Belle Village as well as the film “Beauty and the Beast”.

Everyone needs a Gargoyle Chalice in their castle — especially one reminiscent of the guards of Beast’s Castle!

Gargoyle Chalice

Bring home the elegance found at the castle when you purchase dinnerware pieces or stemware decorated with silhouettes of Beauty and the Beast!

Beauty and the Beast Dinnerware

A specialty light-up castle goblet or Gaston stein will help you toast to your day in the New Fantasyland.

Castle Goblet and Gaston Stein

Belle items make practical take-home souvenir. I kind of dig the towels (Note that Reader Emily informs us that those cute “towels” are actually scarves! ;-)) Whoops!

Belle Kitchenware

And you should always give your “Beauty” a chocolate rose.

Chocolate Roses

But what else is available for eats?

Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine

Belle’s father himself invented Maurice’s Amazing Popping Machine. It’s an adorable kiosk for your popcorn cravings while in this part of the New Fantasyland. (Many of you have seen this specialty popcorn kiosk in Fantasyland for a while now. It’s finally been moved to it’s true location!)

Maurice's Amazing Popping Machine

While in this early soft-opening of these spots in New Fantasyland, there is no guarantee that these new venues will be open each day. Look for the official soft opening to begin on November 19th with a grand opening on December 6th.

Where will you head first in the New Fantasyland? Tell us what you’ll order at Gaston’s Tavern!


  1. Kim says

    DisneyandBeyond – LOL. I can picture carrying around a “pork shark” with a big fin sticking out. ;-)

  2. says

    What I find interesting is that the pork shank has the DDP snack symbol next to it. At $7.99 that makes it a great value for use of a snack credit.

  3. Galloping Gourmand says

    While I expected a slightly more robust menu, I can’t argue with roast pork shark. I mean shank. :)

    I kinda love the decor. It’s like a bar in Wilderness Lodge if it was run by an insane person.

  4. says

    I am more of a sweets person, so I know I will be stopping in for a warm cinnamon roll a time or two. With a side of pork shank of course!

  5. Corrie says

    Just a heads up, the Disney credit next to it is a quick service credit not a snack credit and you get a side and your drink with it. I think it is a little confusing to people.

  6. Kim says

    Rebecca – My heart pitter patters for that goblet too!

    Kelly – Reports from the MK today are saying that the DDP snack symbol is now covered up next to the pork shank. I wonder how many they sold before they realized the mistake?!

    Emily – Thanks for the FYI. I just might have to wear one of those “towels” too! ;-)

    Galloping Gourmand – LOL! I always enjoy hearing your perspective!!

  7. says

    Eek!! I hope all of this is open when I am there for the Wine & Dine Half Marathon!! I want to try LeFou’s Brew…but I especially want to check out the merch. Looks like there’s a teacup in the dinnerware photo you have, and I am a big tea drinker so that is right up my alley!

  8. Hayden Davis says

    Chocolate crossants sound like a yummy choice for a quick breakfast at Fantasyland! Skip the crazy lines at Main Street Bakery :-)

  9. Jessica says

    I wanted to take my family to dine hear when I first read about its soft opening on Disney Parks Blog. Is there anyway to call and check if its open? I don’t understand why it would be open sometimes and other times not. Truly unfair. I always thought soft opening just meant quiet opening and not much fanfare. Does soft opening to Disney mean it will open only on certain days till Grand Opening? I am totally confused & upset.

  10. Michael says

    Just got back from MK. Was able to get in tonight for preview/rehearsal. I order the pork shank … Could not resist. This was a large chunk of meat. Roasted to the point where it simply came right off the bone… Overall was pretty good albeit a little greasy… Meat was most and tender. As side this area really looks beautiful. My wife and caught the wishes fireworks show right in front of Gastons tavern. Great spot to catch the show!

  11. says

    Jessica — You can definitely call Disney to see if they think it will be open when you get there. A soft open or “dress rehearsal” is pretty much a dry run to see if they have everything running properly. If something goes wrong, they’ll close and fix the issue. That’s what the soft open is for. Right now, Be Our Guest Restaurant is not serving food at all, but Gaston’s Tavern is serving food. Barring any huge issues, it should be open when your family is there. I would plan to go there, then ask at the guest relations desk when you arrive in Magic Kingdom if Gaston’s Tavern is open that day. If not, have a backup location to dine. :)

  12. Allie says

    Are there any of these souvenirs at downtown disney? I will be there next Wednesday but only going there.. Hoping they have beauty and the beast stuff

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