Halloween Goodies at Disney Parks — What Are Your Favorites?

DFB is getting into the Halloween Spirit sharing tons of fun, spooky treats! We love this time of year when Halloween goodies materialize inside the candy shops, bakeries, and quick-service locations around the Disney Parks.

A few weeks ago, we highlighted the Pumpkin Beignets and Jack Skellington Popcorn Containers in Disneyland!

Let’s take a peek at some more of our favorites! Let us know in the comments below what you’re top choices are!

Disney Halloween Snacks

Of course, we can’t pass up taste-testing some of the seasonal fudge selections at the Confectionery on Main Street in the Magic Kingdom. Here’s this year’s Pumpkin Fudge!

Pumpkin Fudge at Confectionery

And there’s always room for Disney cupcakes – especially when they are seasonally themed!

Don’t settle for plain Candy Corn. Get a candy corn cupcake for super sweetness.

Candy Corn Cupcake at Main Street Bakery

The Animal Kingdom bat cupcake we reviewed last week is one of my favorite additions this year!

Bat Cupcake at Animal Kingdom

And the Main Street Bakery features this pumpkin cupcake.

Pumpkin Cupcake at Main Street Bakery

Check out this cute Minnie Carrot Cake Cupcake that reader Carolyn Houle sent in! You can find these at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.

Minnie Witch Hat Carrot Cake Cupcakes at Hollywood Studios

Of course, you can’t miss the classic Ghost Mickey Popcorn Container found in all the parks!

Mickey Ghost Popcorn Bucket

Holiday sugar cookies are always sprinkled with festive decor. Love these pumpkin and candy corn cookies at the Main Street Confectionery!

Pumpkin and Candy Corn Sugar Cookies at Main Street Confectionery

This fun and spooky Jack Skellington Candy Apple is back in action again this year, too!

Jack Skellington Candy Apple

Minnie’s Witch Halloween Costume is making appearances everywhere! This Minnie witch hat cookie is simply bewitching with cuteness!

Minnie Witch Cookie

Or dig into a Minnie Witch candy apple. It’s a friendlier version than the apple from Snow White (thanks, Bryan!), right?!

Minnie Witch Apple

This Mickey Pumpkin cookie shows off a familiar face, and it’s YUM!! (You can take my word for it. Usually pre-packaged treats leave something to be desired, but I loved this!)

Mickey Pumpkin Cookie

Let’s scream for ice cream! This fun Halloween version of the classic ice cream sandwich includes two homemade sugar cookies with festive sprinkles! Find it at Main Street Bakery.

Halloween Themed Ice Cream Cookie Sandwich

Or just snag the cookies by themselves! Sugar cookies are fun for every season!

Halloween Sugar Cookies at Bakery

Go into sugar shock with this Jack O’ Lantern caramel apple found at many confectionery and candy store locations.

Jack O' Lantern Caramel Apple

Or try this super-sweet Jack O’ Lantern cake pop.

Jack O' Lantern Cake Pop

Sprinkles help accent your holiday baking. Dust your treats with these Halloween Disney sprinkles!

Halloween Sprinkles

Boo! These ghost marshmallows are more adorable than spooktacular.

Ghost Marshmallows

Gobble up these candy corn and gummy pumpkins found at several Disney merchandise locations!

Candy Corn and Gummy Pumpkins

Gummy Pumpkins Close-Up

Gummy Pumpkins Nutrition Facts

As we mentioned in earlier posts, Halloween-themed Goth Goodies first appeared this year in the candy shops at Disney parks.

These Skulls n Bones and Candy Corn were our first spotting:

Goth Goodies in Disney Parks

Chocolate roses will delight rather than frighten your taste buds!

Chocolate Roses

Chocolate Rose Close-Up

Chocolate Rose Label

Follow up with these terrifyingly tasty gummy worms.

Goth Goodies Gummy Worms

Goth Goodies Gummy Worms Nutrition Facts

And remember those Madame Leota Lollipops that we brought to you earlier. Find them in Walt Disney World and Disneyland as part of the Goth Goodies candy line!

Close Up of Leota lollipop

Haunted Mansion fans — there’s no reason to beware of these hitchhiking ghost lollipops!

Hitchhiking Ghost Lollipops

Disneyland’s candy kitchens have stirred up crazy concoctions including a Dirt and Worms Apple for the season. The cookie crumble and white chocolate drizzle add a ghoulish effect.

Dirt and Worms Apple in Disneyland

And speaking of Dirt and Worms, we have a review coming up soon of this adorable Dirt and Worms sundae we found at Disney’s Animal Kingdom!

Worms and Dirt Sundae

Disney Halloween Trick-or-Treat Accessories

Of course, if accessories are on your must-get list, check these out!

Themed drink cups add to the Halloweeny experience.

Halloween Drink Cups at all Disney Locations

Don’t leave home without this Glow-in-the-Dark Mickey trick or treat pail!

Light Up Trick or Treat Pail

And this glowing lantern makes a candy-laden evening extra fun!

Glowing Trick or Treat Lantern

Look at the glowing light below!

Glowing Trick or Treat Lantern in Use

Whether you’re looking forward to a spooky season or a not-so-scary party, Disney’s themed candy and treats make Halloween scary-good!

What goodies do you look forward to the most during Halloween season in the Disney Parks?


  1. Alan says

    I don’t like sweets that much and there is really nothing on this page I would eat, but I so admire the creativity of the Disney folks when I see the beautiful looking treats.

  2. Miranda says

    I love the look of that Mickey pumpkin cookie and I always love Disney’s sugar cookies with the little mickey sprinkles!

    I know most DFB readers will know this, but what is Candy Corn? We don’t have it here in the UK. I see from a quick google it’s a sweet candy made in the shape of corn, but what is it like? Is it a soft, gummy candy like the jelly worms? Or marshmallow? Or more like a hard caramel or toffee? Does it taste like popcorm or just sugar? I love popcorn (particularly Disney’s!) and am wondering if I am missing out :-)

    Disney are so inventive with their seasonal food. One more reason why it’s the happiest place on earth!

  3. Katie says

    Where did you spot the glowing mickey ghost lantern? I am headed there in a few days and would like to pick that up

  4. Jenni says

    We were at Disney World last week and we had dinner at Tony’s Town Square. I had the pumpkin cheesecake for dessert and it was awesome. It was like eating an airy version of pumpkin pie. I wish I could make it at home for Thanksgiving. I saw a lot of cute Halloween snacks while we were there, and even sampled a few,but the pumpkin cheesecake was by far the best dessert I had all week (at ten sit down restaurants). I will have to stop in just for dessert next year to see if they have it again!

  5. Bryan Irrera says

    um..re: friendlier version of the apple from Sleeping Beauty. I think you mean Snow White!

  6. Sara says

    Does the pumpkin fudge stick around for all the holidays (i.e. Thanksgiving & Christmas) or just Halloween?

  7. Elizabeth says

    @Miranda – Candy corn tastes like straight sugar pretty much! It is not chewy like gummy worms or caramel. It is firm and dense, but not brittle.

    Not sure if that cleared anything up! Ha!

  8. Elizabeth says

    @Miranda – Just thought of something you might compare candy corn to…it’s similar to marzipan, but without the almond flavoring.

  9. Brenda says

    Definitely the cupcakes and the apples! I love seeing all the Halloween varieties but now looking at the post, I want to add the cookies, rice crispy treats, candies…ok, all of is my favorite :) Maybe it is just a Halloween thing??

  10. Wendy says

    Are those drink cups just the paper cup used in quick service places right now? Or are they plastic and for purchase? Super cute! Can’t wait to get some Halloween treats when I’m there in 5 DAYS!!!! Woohoo!

  11. Essie says

    I don’t know if I’m allowed to say this and if not, just erase it and please forgive me. Anyway, for the reader who loved Tony’s pumpkin cheesecake, checkout on your computer for, ‘Paula Deen’s Pumpkin Cheesecake’ recipe; it is heavenly and not difficult to make at all! I made it last year and it was an absolute hit for the holidays.
    For Miranda, the candy corn is a type of candy referred to as ‘butter cream’ candy, but I suspect that it is made with less ‘butter’ than it used to be.
    I love all of these ‘Treat’ articles; they’re absolutely ‘delicious fun’ to read and have photos to enjoy and savor, but they have no calories! Thank you, everyday I look forward to my daily treat!

  12. Marianne says

    Almost 20 years ago, I took some candy corn with me on a trip to the UK as a little gift, where it was treated as quite a novelty. Surprised that it still hasn’t jumped the pond! Its texture is soft, smooth, and a little waxy–a bit similar to very firm fudge. The taste is very, very sweet and simple. I always think it tastes like honey, but it’s actually just corn syrup and vanilla, from what I’ve read. Sometimes you’ll get a variation where the different colors are different flavors, typically a chocolatey flavor (think Tootsie Roll) for the darkest color, and basic vanilla flavor for the white. I don’t think most people eat more than 1 or 2 pieces (or maybe that’s just me), but it’s traditional this time of year.

  13. Kelly says

    We had the Minnie Carrot Cake cupcakes at Starring Rolls in Hollywood Studios…on the same day that we also ate a Butterfinger cupcake AND a peanut butter chocolate cupcake from there as well…it was a good day :)

  14. Miranda says

    Thank you so much to Elizabeth, Essie and Marianne for trying to help give me an idea of what candy corn is! DH and I are trying to save up for a WDW vacation next October, so hopefully I will get a chance to try some then. Thank you!

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