Guest Review: Croque Monsieur at Magic Kingdom’s Be Our Guest Restaurant

Please welcome guest author Julie B. as she shares with us some great details about the traditional Croque Monsieur at Be Our Guest Restaurant. To read about other lunch items at Be Our Guest Restaurant, click here. To experience Be Our Guest dinner review, click here.

Today, I’m excited to bring you news about another item from the counter service lunch offerings at Be Our Guest Restaurant in Magic Kingdom’s New Fantasyland.

On a cold Florida morning recently, we were delighted to find Be Our Guest Restaurant was open for lunch service! With such interesting options on the interactive kiosk screen, it was a little difficult to make a decision.

I had a couple of opportunities to try lunch during my recent visit, but on this particular day, I couldn’t wait to sample the Croque Monsieur.

Adult Lunch Menu -- Click to Enlarge

The bread was a hearty whole grain variety, which I prefer (I’m a big fan of seeds and grains in my bread, especially to add a little crunch to the softer sandwich fillings). The ham was cut in thick slices, and lent itself to more of a rustic French cafe feel, which seems to be what they are trying to achieve at lunch time.

The cheese was nutty and salty, and the béchamel blended in a bit with the cheese and soaked into the bread. I enjoyed a little extra sauce that oozed out of tiny pockets in the bread. A side of béchamel would be great dip for your fries! It was a perfect combo.

Croque Monsieur and Pommes Frites

I did find it to be very salty, however, with the combination of béchamel, gruyere cheese, and ham — especially when paired with fries.

The Pommes Frites tasted like standard french fries to me. They’re served with ketchup on the side, but I’d suggest asking the servers for a side of the Carrot Ketchup (featured on the kids menu) — it was amazing!

A nice balance of sweet and salty from the carrot juice and spices, I was delighted with the flavor. I think kids will really like having bright orange ketchup without realizing it’s actually a healthy option.

Overall, I really enjoyed the sandwich and would order it again!

Are you interested in sampling the eats at Be Our Guest Restaurant? What menu item is your first choice?


  1. Matt says

    Awwww, I was hoping they’d make this sandwich like the way they make it in France, with the bechamel sauce on top and broiled. Seems like that’s all I ate the 2 times I was in France, and was sure wishing this would be the same. Not that I wouldn’t order this mind you. :-)

  2. Alan says

    I hate to hear that the sandwich was judge to be salty by Julie. Those are all naturally salty ingredients to start with, and it would be hard to cut it back in any of them. Lets hope they can tweak it for better balance.

  3. says

    I will have to try this next time! looks good. When we were there we split the steak sandwich and it was good although Hubby found it too dry. In all honesty it was dry but that is kinda how I like it! ;) Although some au jus would have made it better!
    I agree the so called pommes frites were just like every other Disney fry on property!

  4. Rune says

    Like Matt, I too was hoping this would be a replica of the ones they serve in Disneyland Paris which are absolutely delicious. But saying that, I’d be more than happy to give this one a go, roll on mid December. =)

  5. Jill D says

    this is the sandwich i was looking forward to, but it doesn’t look as good as i thought it would. I would like to try the french onion soup. anyone try the soup yet?

  6. says

    I’m heading over to the Magic Kingdom today…I think you just picked my lunch for me! You really intrigued me with the carrot ketchup.

    I really wish that Disney offered more grilled cheese options like this for grownups. AJ, have you ever done a “grilled cheese” wrap up feature? If not, that would be awesome!

  7. Greg M says

    Apparently nobody has reviewed lunch there recently. Below are the new lunch prices as posted at EasyWDW

    Tuna Nicroise Salad: $10.79 – $13.49 (25.02% increase)

    Quinoa Salad: $7.99 – $9.99 ( 25.03% increase)

    Croque Monseiur: $8.79 – $10.99 (25.03% increase)

    Carved Turkey Sandwich: $8.79 – $10.99 (25.03% increase)

    Grilled Steak Sandwich: $8.79 – $10.99 (25.03% increase)

    Vegetable Quiche: $7.19 – $8.99 (25.03% increase)

    Braised Pork: $9.59 – $11.99 (25.03% increase)

    Cupcakes/Cream Puffs: $2.39 – $2.99 (25.1% increase)

    French Onion Soup: $3.99 – $4.99 (25.06% increase)

    Fountain Beverages: $2.33 – $2.79 (19.7%)

  8. Jayne says

    Wow on the price increases, Greg M. That’s substantial, in my opinion.

    We were having a discussion on one of the message board threads because as of that time, it didn’t seem like the Disney Dining Plan would have much value in 2013. My thought was that if prices go up severely as predicted due to drought issues, the plan may in fact prove valuable once again.

    I’m going to keep watching menu prices.

    The sandwich looks good.

  9. Pudge the Fish says

    Perhaps Disney was offering an unstated 25% discount during the test and adjust phase. Earl of Sandwich just did this with their new location at Disneyland during its first week of operation. I find it too coincidental that all of the prices increased by 25%. Likewise Gaston’s offered the pork shank as a snack credit the first few days of operation. Most likely to built buzz from people who otherwise may not have ordered it.

  10. Joy Ousterout says

    Good call Pudge. I concur. Excited to try the quinoa salad! Nice to have different options and lighter fair than standard burgers and nuggets. Might be just the thing to get me in the door despite my issue with the alcohol being served. Braised pork looks like a great option for a late lunch/ early dinner. Getting excited……

  11. Arthur says

    We ate here yesterday during our Passholder Preview of New Fantasyland. The restaurants looks amazing and the food was great, but what I found most amazing was the way the food is served.

    As you enter the restaurant you get a small red plastic object in the shape of a rose. When ordering at a terminal you have to swipe your rose or when you order with a person they will swipe it for you. After this you can sit at any table you’d like and put the rose on the table. Servers walk around with carts and they carry around iPhones (or iPods?) that tell them where roses are located … so they can find where to bring the food!! This was very cool. I felt a box under the table that felt kind of warm, so there are computers in every table. The iPhones are also used to mark cleaned tables: the cast member lays the device on the table and clicks “cleaned”. This way they know how many available tables there are.

    I thought this was amazing and I was very impressed. I talked with one of the waiters and she said that there were still some bugs. When she laid her phone on our table it wouldn’t recognize it for a minute; she had to move it around.

    Dinner is full service, so the roses are only used for lunch.

  12. Greg says

    I’m pretty sure Disney doesn’t have to create any “buzz” for BOG. It was a given due to the lack of TS restaurants in that park.

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