New Fantasyland Grand Opening Eats and Treats

If you’ve been following my twitter, instagram, and facebook streams, you’ve been inundated with photos and reports from this week’s New Fantasyland Grand Opening!

And, of course, I was busy trying all of the goodies you can now find in New Fantasyland! Let’s take a peek…

New Fantasyland Cupcakes

During this Grand Opening weekend, guests will be able to find lots of fun eats, treats, and memory-making merch to indulge in. A couple of my favorites? These New Fantasyland cupcakes!

These can be found at Big Top Treats and Main Street Confectionery.

Find these at Main Street Bakery!

Gaston’s Tavern

Over at Gaston’s Tavern, they’re open for business serving up Pork Shanks, Le Fou’s Brew, and cinnamon rolls among other eats.

LeFou's Brew

Gaston's Tavern Cinnamon Roll -- with extra icing

And commemorate your visit with one of these fun Gaston t-shirts!

Be Our Guest Restaurant

Over at Be Our Guest Restaurant, the three distinct dining rooms are officially open for business! Don’t forget to check out our Everything on the Menu! review of dinner!

Be Our Guest Bridge Entrance

Storybook Circus Big Top Treats

For those headed over to Storybook Circus, be sure to snag some of the unique sweets made in the on-stage kitchen at Big Top Treats!

Big Top Treats Counter Service Area

Their specialty? Home-made caramel corn!

Big Top Treats Caramel Corn

New Fantasyland Grand Opening

Of course, I’ve gotta show you the grand presentation! This fun showcase, featuring Jordin Sparks and Ginnifer Goodwin, was put on for all Magic Kingdom guests Thursday morning.

Don’t forget to get your very own commemorative t-shirt… ;-)

Are you ready for New Fantasyland? I’m looking forward to that Seven Dwarfs Mine Train coming in 2014!

Seven Dwarfs mine train mash-ups

See ya real soon!

What New Fantasyland attraction or food are you most looking forward to?


  1. Agnes says

    The picture of the castle is beautiful!
    But Mickey in those Romeo and Juliet pants will take some getting used to.

  2. Joy O says

    Is it just me – but in the t-shirts from Gaston’s Tavern why does the one say “Gastod’s”? Is it a typo or some weird play on the word “stud”? Other than that – cool photos!! What I wouldn’t give to be at an historical opening like that! Love the commemorative shirt too. It wasn’t free was it?? (silly question I know – just curious)

  3. thebackgroundartiste says

    “These ones…..” Oh my goodness. Someone needs to check their grammar before they post!

  4. Liz says

    We were there last weekend and ate at Gaston’s tavern. I had the Le Fous brew which was surpisingly good. Hubby had the pork shank which we actually ended up splitting since it’s quite big. It was also really good and very flavorful. I’d definitely eat there again!

  5. says

    Agnes — Ha ha!! Romeo and Juliet pants, indeed. That’s a great way to describe them.

    Sara — YAY! Have SO much fun.

    Joy O — Shirt was decidedly NOT free (I didn’t actually buy one, though). And, yep, the “n” in GAston’s just has a weird font. They did get the spelling correct. :-)

    AFoodie — Ha ha! ;-) Great point. I should add my Grey Stuff pic to this post!

    Stitch.Loves.Lilo — Yep; just the font. :-)

    thebackgroundartist — Whoops! Guess that’s what happens when you’re writing a post at 2am. Thanks for the catch!

    Mark D. — It IS fatty, but it’s pretty good. I was impressed…

    Liz — I did like the Le Fou’s Brew! Thanks for your review of the Pork Shank, too. I’ll get my review up soon. :-)

  6. Tleshia Farrar says

    we were just there and we never saw the cupcakes and be our guest was closed thursday and friday :-(

  7. Sarah says

    Mmmmm we had the Le Fou’s brew, and wow it was sooo good. Sweet and appley goodness with a yummy marshmallow topping. I nearly got brain freeze eating it so fast. ;)

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