Snack Series: Hot Salted Caramel and More at Prost! Kiosk in Epcot’s Germany Pavilion

It’s baaaack!! As expected, and for third year in a row, the Epcot Germany kiosk selling warm, spicy glühwein for the 2012 holiday season. But this year it’s bigger and better than ever!

In the past, it’s been a great little place to grab a glühwein (mulled red wine) or Radeburger Pilsner. This year, the offerings have been expanded and the kiosk has a brand new name: Prost!


Situated on the edge of the Germany Pavilion in Epcot’s World Showcase, you’ll find Prost across the walkway from the World Showcase Lagoon, set back in the same area where the German Marketplace was located this year for the Epcot Food and Wine Festival.

Prost! Holiday Kiosk in Epcot's Germany Pavilion

To the left of the kiosk is a seating area, and to the left of that is the Glaskugel selling hand-made glass ornaments!

This seating area (over by the giant nutcracker) is also where the Germany storyteller shares fun and historical holiday tales throughout the season.

Prost! Seating Area

Glaskugel -- German Glass Christmas Ornaments For Sale Next Door

But I was really interested to see what Prost was offering this year besides mulled wine and beer! Just walking up to the kiosk I knew it was going to be good!

Eats and Sips

Turns out, there was a much expanded offering here this year. With a wine bar menu as well a nice assortment of sweets from Karamelle-Küche, there are also a couple of new drink treats that I had never seen before. More about that in a minute. ;-)

We sampled three of the brand new offerings on the menu!

Prost! Menu -- Click to Enlarge

And here’s the awesome news: if you like any of the spirits offered here — Nürnberger Markt Glühwein, Schonauer Apfel Schnapps, or William’s Punch — you can take a bottle home!

Bottles of Holiday Drinks For Sale

Fans of the stand’s original offering — mulled wine served hot with hints of cinnamon, vanilla, and citrus — will be happy to see it return. The full-bodied wine is a mix of sweet and spice, served at around 170 degrees. It’s the perfect cup of cheer to warm you up on chilly Florida nights!

Warm Holiday Glühwein

You’ll also find some pre-packaged Werther’s Original candies and caramel popcorn, as well as some other fun German finds.

Assorted Pre-Packaged Caramel Goods

More Pre-Packaged Werthers Goodies

And if you’re looking for a sweet snack and don’t want to stand in line at Karamelle-Küche, you’ll be happy to find some of their best sellers right here, like their Caramel Apple Oatmeal Cookie and their Caramel with Milk Chocolate and Sea Salt.

Karamelle-Küche Goodies -- Unwrapped

And now, onto what we actually sampled during our visit!

Spiced German Tea

The first drink I sampled was the Spiced German Tea. Here, you get a glimpse of it before the whipped cream is added.

Spiced German Tea -- Without the Garnish

Generous amounts of whipped cream are piled on top — the perfect way to sweeten up a spicy drink!

Spiced German Tea -- Whipped Cream!

The drizzle of Werther’s caramel added to the top makes this apple-flavored tea more of a caramel apple!

Spiced German Tea -- Adding the Caramel Drizzle

The finished product is beautiful and delicious! It’s the perfect non-alcoholic warmer-upper as you stroll around World Showcase and enjoy the holiday sights and sounds.

And the flavor is very apple-y — it’s not a weak, watery tea as you may expect. It’s actually quite robust, and I would highly recommend it.

Spiced German Tea with Whipped Cream and Caramel

Hot Salted Caramel

But while it was good, this next one was even better!! Introducing, the Hot Salted Caramel. This was completely amazing.

I read the board wrong at first and thought it was cocoa. But no. It’s pretty much just straight up melted caramel with the perfect hint of saltiness.

Fantastic, and exceedingly rich. It’s so good that I raved to my friend later that evening that she had to get one! The drink looks thin in the photo, but it’s actually quite thick.

Hot Salted Caramel

Really, the Epcot food and beverage team knocked one out of the park this time. Both of these drinks are incredible!

Spiced Tea and Hot Salted Caramel

William’s Punch

The fearless Erin Foster also visited this kiosk recently and added her two cents regarding the NEW William’s Punch:

I had never heard of William’s Punch. I asked Lena, the cast member at the booth, what it was and she answered that it was “like eggnog with whipped cream.” I love eggnog. I love whipped cream. What could be better?

Creating Williams Punch at Germany Pavilion

As it turns out, lovely Lena neglected to mention that this is a hot beverage, so I was surprised to find that the mug was warm when I picked it up.

It took me a few sips to get into it, but once I wrapped my mind around the warm dessert drink concept, I found Williams’s Punch to be positively dreamy.

William's Punch

There were definite caramel and apple notes to it. With the sweet whipped cream, I felt like I was sipping on a bright, boozy caramel apple. (Again, what could be better?)

Since I was trying it on a warm afternoon, I didn’t end up finishing my drink; but if you’re headed over to wait for the Candlelight Processional on a cool evening, this would be the perfect accompaniment.


Special holiday treats are a staple of Walt Disney World, and the expanded Prost! kiosk is a welcome addition!

There’s been something so cheering about those warm and inviting signs in the past couple of years, and with the additions of the various wines and caramel treats, it seems that this spot is becoming an annual Christmas tradition. Here’s hoping we see it in 2013 as well!

Which one of these beverages would you choose first? Let us know in the comments below!


  1. Brooke says

    I think my biggest problem would be deciding which one to have! I might need to visit Prost!, like, four times. Or more.

  2. Alan says

    Whenever I’m at WDW, I get frustrated as I watch so many folks chasing the rides and not seeing the “small” things that make Disney World the magic place it is. A small stand like this one can leave you with as many memories as any ride or show, unless you have too many glühweins and have no memories of the say at all.

  3. says

    Oh, that hot salted caramel is calling my name….. But the eggnog looks delish too! I think this seals the deal and ill have to book a 2013 December trip to WDW! Hopefully these drinks will be there next year!

  4. Kaitie says

    I had the opportunity to purchase the hot salted caramel last week to sip on while watching Jodi Benson narrate the Candlelight Processional – is there any Christmas memory more perfect? :) .

    Mine was served with whipped cream topped with a sprinkle of some spice, nutmeg I believe. It was delicious but too thick for more than 2 or 3 sips. I let the friend I was with have some sips and then, regretfully, had to toss the rest. For the low price ($3.49) I didn’t feel too guilty! Just keep in mind that it may be a treat to share!

  5. says

    Out of curiosity, if you buy the bottle of William’s Punch, are you supposed to warm it up when having it at home? Or can you drink it at room temperature or even cold also?

  6. says

    Amanda — It’s ah-maz-ing! :-)

    Brooke — Ha ha; get over there, girl!

    Alan — I couldn’t agree more on all points. ;-) I especially love that they’ve added the little seating areas so that you CAN sit, indulge, relax, and really enjoy the fact that you’re in Disney for the holidays.

    Marcellina — It’s absolutely incredible. I was caught completely off guard!

    Katie — No, ma’am! That’s just about the best Christmas memory! So glad you mentioned that yours was served with whipped cream. It certainly isn’t needed, but it would make the presentation much more festive.

    Mary — SUCH a good question. The info I’ve read about William’s Punch online is that it’s usually served warm. But, of course, I’d love to hear what you think of it served cold or room temp.

    Kenny — Actually, YES. I would probably choose the hot salted caramel over the cocoa at ghirardelli. Great question; had to think about that one for a while!

  7. Essie says

    How did I miss this on my trip???? Every single night I was chilly and I would have loved to have warmed up with this hot drink; it sounds delicious.

  8. MattPinKentucky says

    Just got back this week and I must say, Williams Punch is now in the holiday drinks rotation now. That is a great drink EVEN if you don’t like egg nog. Just brilliant in so many ways. 82 degrees and that hot drink was still wonderful.

  9. Max says

    AJ, great little review of the Prost! kiosk.
    I am also going to try and answer mary’s question:

    I used to be a cast member at this pavillion from Aug 07 – Aug 08 and we had a Glühwein kiosk outdoors back then, too. But since the Werthers Store wasn’t around yet (RIP Goebel and the lovely Stefan, who worked there until he was 80 and then lost the fight against cancer) we didn’t sell any of those products back then.

    The eggnog-punch (that’s what it’s basically called in Germany) is meant to be served warm, especially during winter time.
    As for the Glühwein: 170° Farenheit is crucial! Don’t let it boil, it will destroy the flavor!

    Hope this will shed some light in the dark :-)

    Keep up the great work!

  10. John says


    Love the review and I hope they are back for next year so I have the “difficulty” of deciding which to try! I was recently going through the wine’s at our local Yoke’s grocery store and spotted the Guhwein bottle I saw in your review! Same bottle, same company! I grabbed one to look at it and could hardly believe my epcot favorite was here. So I grabbed it and noticed next to it was the William’s Punch! Mind you I dont get out much and so little things like this make my day, but having read this review only a week or so previous to finding them I totally had to fight the hoarding instinct to clear the shelf! Thanks for the review and if any readers have a local Yoke’s you may want to try and see if yours stocks them as well! Was there yesterday and they were still out so give it a try!

  11. Rick says

    I am so sad I will not be able to enjoy the Egg Nog or the Hot Salted Caramel… I am literally sitting here salivating looking at these pictures. We’re going in September, far too early to enjoy these treats. Sad day :(

  12. Chris says

    This is the first time I’ve heard of this kiosk and it sounds like a must-do. I want to try just about everything on the menu. Is it open the whole month of December (please, please, please) or just Christmas week?

  13. Bethany says

    Hello, I am planning my trip for this year and remembering just how tasty everything at this kiosk was last year. Unfortunately, due to work restrictions we had to move our vacation to before Thanksgiving this year.

    Does anyone know if this kiosk is set up with Christmas decorations or if it is more on the opening schedule of the Candle Light Processional?

  14. says

    Bethany — This was up the week after Thanksgiving last year, so there’s a possibility that it will be there on your trip!

  15. Elizabeth says

    Any idea if this might still be open in very early January? I’ll be there on Jan. 2 and I’d *love* some Hot Salted Caramel!

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