Dining in Disneyland: Cookie Decorating at the Jingle Jangle Jamboree

We just told you about the awesome new S’mores Bake in Big Thunder Ranch at Disneyland, and now we’ve got another awesome treat to share!

The Jingle Jangle Jamboree is proving to be a super fun, and not to mention, delicious place to spend some time.  We’ve already shared the amazing Monte Cristo Bites, and now we’re back to tempt you more because it’s cookie decorating time!

Cookie Decorating!

For just $6.00, you can choose one of three different sugar cookie kits to decorate.  Options include a Mickey Gingerbread Man, Santa’s Stocking, and a Snow Mickey.

Jingle Jangle Jamboree Menu

The kit includes the cookie of your choice (we went with Mickey); 3 cups of colored frosting in green, red & white; mini M&M’s; a cup of red, green & white nonpareils; white crystal sugar sprinkles; and a spreading stick.

Unveiling Our Cookie Decorating Kit

I was quite impressed with the amount of supplies that came with the kit. The portions were all very generous.

Ready to Get Down to Business.

There are plenty of tables set up at the Jingle Jangle Jamboree, which means lots of space to set up your cookie decorating space.

I let my son take the reigns on this one.

It took him a good 20 or so minutes to decorate and enjoy.

The Finished Product

As for the taste? I had a bite and it was quite good for a prepackaged cookie. A little almond-y tasting with vanilla flavored frosting.

My son had no problem devouring his entire masterpiece.

Now it's time to say good bye...

We were lucky enough to pop by when Billy Hill and the Holiday Hillbillies were on stage, so we enjoyed some music while we were there.

If you time it just right, you can do the same! Here’s their schedule:

Jingle Jangle Jamboree Hours & Show Times


I honestly feel that $6.00 is a great deal for this fun cookie decorating kit at the Jingle Jangle Jamboree. It doesn’t ever seem to be extremely crowded in that area, or at least it hasn’t been when I’ve visited. I think it would be really fun to take a group of friends or family over to decorate cookies and watch the show together.

I do have one tip for you though: the tables were a bit messy with leftover cookie decor from other decorators.  Definitely break apart your box and use it as a work space to keep your cookie germ free!

Jingle Jangle Jamboree Display Cookies

Although their display cookies are shown on plates, there are no plates available for guest use.

Have you been over to the Jingle Jangle Jamboree for any treats? Have you tried the cookie decorating or do you plan to? Let us know in the comments below.

Heather Sievers is the Disney Food Blog’s Dining in Disneyland columnist. See more of her columns here!

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