Review: “Extreme” Japanese Candy in Epcot! (Or, How I Ruined the Hotel Pipes With Pop Rocks)

Just about every veteran Disney World visitor knows to block off at least 30 minutes to wander around the black hole of awesomeness that is Mitsukoshi Department Store in Epcot’s Japan pavilion, right?

Mitsukoshi - Exterior of Store

In addition to everything else under the sun — from plush toys to bamboo to coffee mugs — Mitsukoshi offers a plethora of Japanese packaged food items!

Back in December, our fearless guest author Galloping Gourmand (a.k.a. Eric) wrote up a rad review of some more unique Japanese eats found at the store. And we all love indulging in some Pocky now and again.

But the last time I was there (spending my allotted time wandering through kimonos and Hello Kitty paraphernalia), I picked up a couple of appealing-looking packets of “extreme” candy to sample for you! :-)

Japanese Pop Rocks

The first thing I couldn’t wait to try for this “extreme” candy session was a Japanese version of Pop Rocks!

I originally picked these up to give to Heather‘s kids, but decided that you guys would totally want to experience what would obviously be a truly incredible candy adventure. So I’m doing a review instead. ;-)

Japanese Pop Rocks

For those who haven’t seen Pop Rocks before, they’re basically tiny crystals of candy that have been exposed to carbon dioxide at high pressure and allowed to cool. As a result, when they come into contact with liquid, the carbon dioxide is released making the candy pop and sizzle.

Contrary to popular belief (why?!?), nobody has actually died by eating Pop Rocks and drinking carbonated beverages (I know you were wondering). ;-)

Back of Japanese Pop Rocks

On my excursion, I picked up the Grape version and the Cola version. At least that’s what I understood them to be by looking at the excited pictures on the packets!

The packets contained the pop rocks crystals as well as little pastel candies. The pastel candies weren’t “poppy,” so I’m guessing there were there for an added sweetness? Upon trying the Pop Rocks, there were just as I’d remembered them from my kid-hood: fun and explosive without too much flavor. ;-)

Close Up Look at Contents of Japanese Pop Rocks Packets

BUT, here’s a word to the wise…

If you do have a packet of Pop Rocks (Japanese or otherwise) that you’re reviewing for a food blog about 5 minutes before you have to be checked out of your hotel room and the housekeeper is knocking on your door telling you she has to get the room ready for the next occupant, do not…I repeat DO NOT…wash your sticky hands sending the remainder of the Pop Rocks down the drain and into the hotel plumbing.

Talk about snap, crackle, POP!! IN the PIPES! So weird… .

Super Lemon Candy

OK, next up was one of my new favorite candy options in the World!

Super Lemon Candy

Super Lemon Candy may look from the package like it explodes in your mouth like the Pop Rocks, but I can promise you the explosion is only one of flavor…not carbon dioxide. No fireworks in your mouth with this one.

Back of Super Lemon Candy Bag

As you can see by the diagram below, Super Lemon Candy is basically the opposite of Lemon Head Candy here in the States. Lemon Heads start out sour, then get sweet in the middle. Super Lemon Candy starts out mild and delivers a kick of super-sour flavor in the center.

Diagram of Super Lemon Candy

The candy comes individually wrapped — perfect for sharing (or saving, since you probably won’t be able to eat too many at a time).

Super Lemon Candy Wrappper

And I’ve gotta say, I’m the kind of person who eats lemons straight, and even I found this to be quite sour! I’ve still got most of the bag left nearly a month later!

Super Lemon Candy Piece

But, if a super sour jolt is what you’re looking for, pick up a bag of these.


There are TONS of incredible packaged food options to sample in Epcot’s Japan, and it’s always hard to pick just a couple to try. That said, I’m pleased with these choices.

Obviously, Pop Rocks are more of a novelty than an actual candy — you buy them for the fun of them, not for the flavor. It’s a pretty cool thing to get for your kids to try, though!

And, like I said, the Super Lemon is right up my “sour-is-better” alley! I can’t wait to hear what you think!

What candy do you like to pick up from Epcot’s Japan? Let us know your favorites in the comments below so that we can try them next time!


  1. Lori says

    It’s been forever since I’ve had Poprocks, I’ll give these Japanese ones a go. But the Super Lemon Candy I absolutely must try ASAP. When I was a kid, I used to bike every Saturday to the one store in our area that carried Lemonheads. I loved them but always wished they were more sour. Sour lemony-ness and a special trip to get it? I’m in.

  2. Steph says

    Japanese kids eating those Pop Rocks would be totally familiar with the hard candy included. They are the candy version of a traditional Japanese citrus soda. You can buy that type of candy by itself in Japan and it has been around for at least 30-40 years. Must be that company is trying to appeal to the younger generation while still using the traditional candy too.

  3. Prof. Brainard says

    Never use the sink. It’s always best to flush the rocks down the toilet if there is an unexpected knock on the door from the authorities. Hehe.

  4. Georgeanne says

    I have never been brave enough to try any of the packaged goods from that area, but I cannot walk by without getting the yuzu sake they sell at that in-store sake bar. To die for!

  5. Katie says

    Try the soda candies! They are really good and definitely extreme they also have a fizzy feeling in your mouth. Those lemon candies look awesome and that will have to be a new must try for me :)

  6. Christa M. says

    I love that store! I am going to have to try the lemon ones. I love sour candy!!!

  7. Lisa says

    I gotta get me some of this. We have grands who will love this stuff. If I can get it past the parental units….

  8. Kristen B says

    We love the candy in the japan pavilion! I have one complaint though, my favorite candy “coffee Beat” is not carried anymore! Its a delicious coffee latte “m&m”. I always look forward to getting a tube of them on every trip and they haven’t carried them for the last year. Bummer!

  9. Paula says

    I have a 10 year old that I can never find anything that is sour enough for him. I will have to buy him those super lemons. He will be so excited. :)

  10. Steve says

    For an added delight, get the pop rocks that are inside of cotton candy. Those are wicked fun!

  11. Jen says

    My husband loves to hand out the lemon candies to unsuspecting people.

    Very very sour at the beginning, sweet at the end.

  12. Wendy Snelgrove says

    What would we do without snopes?! Truly one of the better uses of the internet!

  13. says

    Lori — Awesome!! I love long-distance efforts for Lemon Heads! Let me know how you like the Super Lemon.

    Steph — Ooh, thanks for the info!!

    Prof. Brainard — So true. So true.

    Georgeanne — Great tip!

    Katie — I did try them! The seemed pretty mild next to the pop rocks, but good!

    Christa M. — Rock on! Let me know what you think.

    Krissy — Ha ha! So glad I could uncover a memory for ya!

    Lisa — Hee hee… good luck!

    Kristen B — Bummer! Can you get them online?

    Paula — Yes, try these on him! They’ll probably be too mild, but it’s worth a shot.

    Steve — Wha?!? Must try!

    Jen — A prankster!

    Wendy Snelgrove — Srsly!

  14. Galloping Gourmand says

    If you put a a Super Lemon and a Lemonhead in your mouth at the same time do they cancel each other out? We must find out… For Science!

    The pop art on the Super Lemon wrapper is fantastic. I’d buy one just for that.

    I use Pop Rocks to loosen slow drains. The carbon dioxide pops in the grease, realeasing the debris so that it can be flushed away!*

    *note: please do NOT use Pop Rocks to loosen slow drains.

  15. says

    I’m always looking for unique things to bring to my friends…who don’t really want a coffee mug or Vinylmation. This stuff would be perfect!

  16. M C Johnson says

    I’ll have to be on the look out for that lemon candy when we go in June. My son LOVES lemons, eats them raw. He will love these.

  17. JoAnn says

    I need to start a list of things I want to try on my next trip – Super Lemon would be on that list.

  18. Heather Sievers says

    How did you deny my children (and I) from this awesomeness!?! Next time, I want to go on an Epcot candy spree.

  19. Kat says

    I remember when I went there was this one sweet that I absolutely loved. Don’t remember the name of it and have been trying to see if I’d be able to get it anywhere else. It was a ginger folded over thing with a sugar glaze. Sort of tasted like funnel cake but with ginger.

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