Review: Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room in Epcot’s UK Pavilion

Recently, we heard that Epcot’s Rose and Crown Pub and Dining Room had undergone yet another menu change. You’ll remember that the Rose and Crown menu went through an overhaul last Spring, and this year there are a few more changes and updates.

I boycotted last year after they took away the Roast Dinner and Yorkshire Pudding, but I figured it was time to throw in the towel and head back for another visit! ;-)

We’ll highlight some of the menu changes in a bit, but first let’s take a look around and get a feel for this cozy spot.


Step up to the Rose and Crown, and you’ll experience some of Disney’s most authentic themeing. This place truly does feel like it’s on the corner of the High Street in an English town — at least in my experience!

Here, you’ll find  a pub fronting the establishment, and a full restaurant in the back. You can stop into the pub for a simple menu (like the English Bulldog and Scotch Eggs we highlighted previously…be still my heart), or choose the restaurant for a more robust meal.

Rose and Crown -- Outside View

To the side of the entrance, you’ll find the dining check-in area as well as a kiosk to get a draft beer as you’re passing by.

Check In Podium

Head into the pub area and you’re treated to an authentic set-up complete with a few pub tables and seating. Order your eats and drinks from the bar here.

Pub at Rose and Crown

And if you’re lucky enough to go to the pub on a weekday, you might get the chance to say Hello to Carl the Bartender — one of our favorite Disney cast members!

The World Famous Carl!

If you choose to dine in the restaurant, prepare for old-fashioned charm and coziness. Dark wood lines just about every surface in the place and guests are seated at tables and banquettes.

Dining Room

Stained glass emblems make sure you remember where you are, and bubbly leaded window glass elsewhere delivers an old world feel.

Stained Glass Detail

Should you choose to go after one of the most epic Disney dining experiences in the World, the outside front patio is your destination!

With one of the best views of Illuminations in the World Showcase, the Rose and Crown front patio is a veeeery hot ticket during the fireworks. You may be able to see the fireworks a teensy bit from the inside tables…but outside is your goal.

View of the Lagoon from Inside

Here are the coveted front patio tables. There are a few more situated down below (see the striped umbrellas), which give an even better and broader view of the fireworks.

How do you get one of these tables? Perseverance. Book an early reservation, request a front patio table when you check in, and cross your fingers. (I’ve practically seen people come to blows over these tables, so bring your A-game or choose to dine at La Hacienda de San Angel for the show instead.)

Patio Overlooking the Lagoon

Note that you can see some of the fireworks from this side patio, but the view isn’t nearly as incredible as it is from the front patio due to the awning stretched over the area.

This is why I recommend you don’t just request “patio” seating; instead, make sure you request a fireworks-view table on the front patio.


BUT, if all you want is some fun British-y food in a themed restaurant, definitely go for lunch to avoid all the crazy that happens at night with the table battles and what not! ;-)


As we mentioned, the Rose and Crown restaurant menu seems to change up regularly; but the pub menu has stayed relatively consistent for the past year or so. Here are a few of the eats you can get (with no dining reservation) in the pub section of Rose and Crown!

We do LOVE that Trio of United Kingdom Cheeses and the English Bulldog, as I mentioned!

Pub Menu -- Food, Special Drinks, and Wine -- Click to Enlarge

A strong menu of beers, ales, lagers, stouts, Scotch, and more makes up the rest of the Pub menu; but the place is a full-service bar  so you can get anything that strikes your fancy.

Pub Menu -- More Offerings -- Click to Enlarge

On my recent visit, however, we headed into the restaurant for a full lunch meal. As I said, the menu was similar to last Spring’s incarnation, with a few changes and updates. The vegetarian pie has replaced the Salmon dish from last year; and the steak is slightly different.

They also changed out the Pub Burger for an “English Breakfast Burger;” more on that later!

Lunch Menu -- Click to Enlarge

Lunch Menu -- Beverages -- Click to Enlarge

The day had been a bit rough up until this point for us, so we started out with a (truly lovely — don’t you want to just dive in?!?) Irish Coffee!

Smooth, mellow, and topped with a generous helping of whipped cream, this was a great way to relax and rejuvenate in the middle of a hectic Disney day.

Irish Coffee

And though the menu now lists a very vague and general “Seasonal Soup” in the appetizer section, it turned out to be the Potato and Leek Soup…which is what I’ve always had at Rose and Crown.

(More and more I’m starting to realize that when Disney ever lists a “seasonal soup” on the menu, it’s pretty much the same one all the time. Chicken and Wild Rice at Sleepy Hollow, Vegetable at Rosie’s, and now Potato and Leek at Rose and Crown. I mean, MAYBE it switches up from time to time, but it’s rare. Interesting observation we’ll have to watch…)

Sadly, this is still the “new” version of the Potato and Leek Soup and not the 100%-Cream-And-Butter version they used to have at R&C…which I was in love with and wanted to marry. But this version isn’t bad, and it did hit the spot on this cold day in Epcot! It’s creamy, savory, and would be just fine if I wasn’t comparing it to its former glory.

Potato Leek Soup

Now, on to that English Breakfast Burger I told you about!

Another Disney food trend seems to be burgers-with-eggs-on-them. We recently had the Bacon and Egg Burger from the new menu at Whispering Canyon Cafe, and now we see this version on the new R&C menu.

Breakfast Burger

It’s described as an Angus Beef Patty with Applewood Smoked Bacon, Cheddar, Fried Egg, and Homemade HP Sauce. Fun, right?

Breakfast Burger -- Up Close

I wanted to take a few close-ups for you, because the burger really was appealing to look at! The bacon was very thick-cut and hearty, the cheddar had a gorgeous color and  bubbly, melty look, and the veggies seemed fresh and colorful.

Breakfast Burger -- Up Close From Another Angle

And the burger was pretty good! I’m not a huge fried egg fan, but the flavors and textures all mixed together really did offer an intriguing and unique experience. And the homemade HP sauce was a great accent!

Overall, it was quite a good burger in and of itself (patty-wise), and the added flavors made it something special.

Now, alongside the burger was this thing…

Fried Pickle on Breakfast Burger Platter

What is it? you ask. Well, it’s a fried pickle, of course! (I actually had to ask our server what it was…I had no idea. Just goes to show I’m clearly not Southern…or English, I guess!)

Pickle lovers will adore this!

Fried Pickle -- Inside

The next entree took us back to classic Rose and Crown! I remember Cottage Pie being on the menu when I came to Disney World with my family during my childhood.

In fact, my family’s experience with Cottage Pie eventually got me reprimanded and sent to bed with no dinner at one point…but that’s a different story for a different day!

Cottage Pie

For those who haven’t had it, Cottage Pie is a big ol’ mixture of ground beef, onions, mushrooms, and occasionally other veggies all topped off with creamy mashed potatoes and cheese. Here’s an inside shot!

Cottage Pie -- Inside

The Cottage Pie was a relatively small portion for what I typically expect from Disney, so note that if this is on your menu to-do list!

We couldn’t head back out into the cold without dessert, so we requested the menu… (I still have never gotten the Jaffa Tarts here; if anyone has had them and has a pic, will you share it with me? I’m dying to know what they look like “homemade.”)

Dessert Menu -- Click to Enlarge

We went for an old classic — the Sticky Toffee Pudding, and a new recommendation from our server — the Queen’s Cake.

The Sticky Toffee Pudding was just as good as it always is. I was pleased with the amount of sauce we got here, too! The cake is spongy and pudding-y — very moist; and the combo of the Butter-Rum and vanilla custard sauces creates a warm, gooey, butterscotchy goodness.

Sticky Toffee Pudding

The Queen’s Cake is apparently Rose & Crown’s version of the “fancy desserts” Disney’s been adding to menus hither and thither.

I always love Flourless Chocolate Cake, because it’s usually very moist and dense…and uber chocolatey! This version was good, but I’ve taken to rating World Showcase desserts based on a scale of how much I’d rather go have a No Way Jose Sundae at Beaches and Cream instead of this, and the Queen’s cake didn’t cut it. ;-)

The eggnog shooter (yep — that’s how much came in the shot glass…was it supposed to be full do you think?) was interesting. Thick and creamy with a slight alcohol taste. A slight milkshakey feel. Nothing I would write home about.

My favorite part of the trio was that little tiny bit of cherry compote there at the end, believe it or not! I’m a huge sour cherry fan, and this hit the spot. Wish I could have gotten a big bowl of cherry compote and vanilla cream. Yummo!


(UPDATE! Thanks to reader Robin S. for sharing a pic of the Jaffa Tarts with us!! See below!)

Jaffa Tarts! Thanks to DFB Reader Robin S.!


Rose and Crown — despite constant menu changes — remains one of my preferred restaurants in the World Showcase.

The place is so cozy and welcoming, and the food is rarely too pretentious. It’s good comfort food in a great atmosphere, usually accompanied by decent service and enjoyable cast members. When you find relative consistency like that in a Disney restaurant, be sure to relish it!

And while the prices do keep creeping up, you can still get a very generous table-service meal here for under $20 — and that’s a recommendation in itself.

I’m looking forward to hearing your thoughts and experiences from Rose & Crown in Epcot!

Have you been to Rose & Crown Pub or Restaurant? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!


  1. Clare says

    I am from England and I have never seen a deep fried pickle either !!
    Can’t wait till next week when we will be there for Flower and Garden festival and all things Disney.

  2. Tracy says

    I also remember the cottage pie from the early 90’s. I loved it so much that it has been a staple meal in our home all these years. Back then you received a decent portion. I was thrilled when it returned to the menu and tried it last year. I thought it was a tiny portion for the price and I found it a bit too sweet. It could have been overly sweet carrots as the cause but I didn’t care for the meal at all. My husband got fish and chips and received one smaller sized piece of fish and a couple fries. (The meal was 1/2 the size of the meal he received before they changed the menu). Luckily we are not big eaters at all but based on our last meal normal eaters would have left hungry.

    I love Rose and Crown but it makes me sad that the prices keep going up, portions and quality have gone down in my experience.

  3. Chris says

    I was excited to see this article! We’ll be celebrating our 15th anniversary while we are there. If I go early enough to put in that request — and let them know it’s a special occasion, I wonder if we’ll get a good table? When you mention that people fuss over the tables, how can that be? Don’t servers take you to your table? If seating is assigned, how could someone battle over the table? (Just trying to be prepared!)

  4. Elyssa H. says

    I went this past September and LOVED the cottage pie! We tried to get one of the coveted Illuminations-view tables but were sadly seated inside. To my surprise, they have a special section they rope off for indoor guests to go out and view the show. Even though it was standing room only, it was still a spectacular view and much better than trying to fight for a spot elsewhere. Plus, since the show occurred in the middle of our meal, we were able to go out and watch the show then come back and enjoy our desserts instead of rushing to finish before the show started.

  5. Lauren says

    I was there last September with my family and we unfortunately got an inside table for Illuminations. We were a bit bummed but our Server told us that they have a special section roped off for diners that are in the resturant and still want to see Illuminations. The only “problem” was we had to stand the whole time. We were able to eat our main course, walk down and watch Illuminations then go back in for dessert. It was a great experience!

  6. Rachel says

    Ohhh thank you for this! I am heading to Disney tomorrow night and that breakfast burger is now on my list!

  7. Tricia says

    I want my Mushrooms back…. But the Cottage pie looks good. Do you know if they still do candied pecans with the Cheese Tray?

  8. Ellen says

    As a local, I love to drop by the Rose & Crown at the end of an evening at Epcot. It’s so charming, and you nailed the point about comfort food! I have encountered 3 different seasonal soups there within the last year: a tomato bisque with croutons, a squash soup (butternut, I believe?) and the potato and leek. All 3 of them are quite delicious! I regret that I don’t better remember which “season” is which, though.

  9. Julie says

    I remember waaaayyy back when, at least 8 years ago it must be, when they had a lamb soup that was to die for! I wish it was still there!! Sadly I went here two days ago and was kind of disappointed. The scotch egg was good but the salad served with it was so salty it felt like they had over seasoned it. The fish and chips came with a pretty good size piece of fish but most of my breading was mushy, as were the other servings at the table. I loved the flavor of the pudding but we all remarked that the plating didn’t have much flair. However, props to the drink menu, and especially the signature cocktails with fun Irish names and tasty combos!

  10. Jess says

    Have there been big changes to the dinner menu? We have ADR for April and hoping to be able to get a front Patio table. Is 7:50 pm too late to get a table?

  11. says

    Clara — Ha ha! Have so much fun in Disney World next week!

    Tracy — I was pretty surprised at what seemed like a small size on that cottage pie. Thanks for sharing your experience!

    Chris — Yay! Happy Anniversary! Definitely arrive for your reservation early and put in the request with the note that it’s your anniversary. When I say they “battle,” I mean that the line to check in for the restaurant can get very long at around 7:30-8:30pm with people hoping to get those patio tables; and I’ve seen folks elbowed and cut in line to get up to the podium faster. I’ve also heard nasty comments made to those who have taken up patio tables for extended periods to make sure they see the fireworks. There seems to be a lot of stress that goes along with wanting those coveted tables.

    Elyssa H. and Lauren — Thanks for sharing your experience! From what I can tell, that area where they direct inside guests is a small private event space so it may not always be available for viewing if there happens to be an event. I’m so glad you were lucky!! That’s awesome! :-)

    Christa M. — That’s great! Let us know some of your favorite dishes for next time!

    Rachel — Yay! Enjoy, and safe travels!

    Tricia — Not sure on the candied pecans! I’ll have to get the cheese tray again and check it out.

    Ellen — Awesome! Thank you for the heads’ up on the soup schedule!! I would enjoy any of those!

    Julie — So glad you enjoyed the drinks, but bummer on the rest! Maybe you’ll have another chance to check it out while you’re in Orlando…Disney restaurants are so inconsistent, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on a return visit if you go.

    Jess — I didn’t get a peek at the dinner menu on this visit, but you can check it out here: You never know on thost patio tables. Arrive about 30 minutes early and request a front patio table.

  12. Coop says

    I love their original Pub Burger. I told hubby that we had to go back for lunch just so I could get a burger – now they changed it? It now sounds unbelievable! I HAVE to go back for this. I also adore fried pickles!

  13. jo says

    The staff and service are always BRILLIANT. But what is that menu about? Even the Brits don’t eat Scotch Eggs (not since the 70’s anyway) and a battered pickle??!! I’m nearly 50, British, and have never heard of that ever. Battered Mars Bar, yes, in Scotland, but never a pickle. Thank you so much for your wonderful review. I LOVE them. Very informative. What a wonderful job you have.

  14. Liana says

    On behalf of vegetarians everywhere – I have to say I am glad to see the vegetable curry go to recipe heaven. It was by far the most disappointing thing I ate last year on our DW trip. A “vegetable stone pie” sounds promising though!

    The waiters here are great ALWAYS though – Make sure to get a beer flight – then ask what their favorite “and black” beverage combination is… By the time we were done, I didn’t care about the “meh” curry.

  15. says

    That looks like a perfect fried egg. Yum!

    I don’t think of fried pickles as particularly English, but they are delicious when washed down with a pint!

  16. Josephine says

    What time would be a good reservation time if you are hoping to be there for Illuminations?

  17. kirsty says

    Just ate here for the first time after the princess half marathon, we loved it! I got there and requested and sit outside and we were front and center the front row! They even came over to my daughter and request that she “start” the fireworks! It was a great night! Oh we all had the soup and I had the chicken curry which was so delicious and a huge portion!

  18. kirsty says

    Josephine we went at 730 and the fireworks were at 9. The waitress even asked us if she should go slower so we could watch them!

  19. says

    Grand Floridian Cafe used to serve fried pickles with the Grand sandwich. Back before the GF sandwich changed from being an open-faced boursin and onion-straw topped wonder to being enclosed in that awful, too-thick focaccia bread. Those were the days (early 90s).

  20. Andrew Adshead says

    To Jo, Scotch Eggs are a big, big deal at the moment in Britain, they’re probably one of the most fashionable items on menus at the moment. I challenege you to find a gastropub in the uk that doesn’t have a variation of a scotch egg on it’s menu.

  21. Joni says

    Just a bit of trivia here.
    Our waitress at BOP told us that Cottage pie is always hamburger and shepherds pie is always lamb. I didn’t know that just thought some called it shep. some called it cottage.
    The Veg. Stone pie is like a very dense savory cheesecake / quiche served cool with a small salad on the side. not bad I was just expecting something warm. Was pretty good once I got over that it was cold.

  22. Lynn says

    Are here in June for the first time. Went back a second time on this trip. Loved the Scoth Egg, Bangers and Mash, Corned Beef Sandwich and especially the Sticky Toffee Pudding! Friendly service, fun atmosphere and great food!

  23. Rose says

    Thank you so much for the tips and thorough review and photos! If you score a coveted outdoor table, do people stand over you and hover you during the fireworks? I know that I would not like that. Thank you!

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