Food Challenge: The Disney Food Blog Waffle Crawl

It’s been a while since we’ve had a good Disney Food Crawl around here, don’t cha think? Let’s take care of that right now!

My friends, gather ’round — for we are about to carb load like never before!


The Disney Food Blog Waffle Crawl!

Now, I know what you’re thinking. Waffles are just for breakfast. But you’d be only half right! There’s plenty of waffle-ness to be had at all hours of the day throughout Walt Disney World, believe it or not.

But since this one is definitely going to challenge your stamina, I heartily recommend you plan to cover two days with this one, and enlist the help of some able-bodied and empty-stomached friends. Sharing will be beneficial! ;-)

So what are you waiting for? Grab your butter and syrup and let’s go!

Sleepy Hollow Waffle Sandwiches

We’re starting at the Magic Kingdom first, since some of our favorite waffles can be found here!

When I’m looking for a treat at Disney World’s very first park, it’s pretty hard to imagine finding anything as rockin’ as a waffle from Sleepy Hollow Refreshments. And of all the amazing choices available, the Nutella and Fresh Fruit Waffle usually wins out with me!

Nutella Waffle Sandwich With Fruit

A fresh-from-the-iron waffle, malty and thick and still warm, is slathered with Nutella chocolate hazelnut spread. Then it’s heaped high with a mix of fresh bananas and berries. It’s big enough to share — if you want to! ;-)

Looking for a more savory waffle experience? My second favorite is the Spicy Chicken Waffle, an sweet-and-spicy Asian riff on fried chicken and waffles that is nothing short of incredible. (We’ll have a full review of this one coming up soon on DFB!)

Sweet and Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow

You may think you don’t want arugula and coleslaw on your waffle. But I promise. You do.

If these two don’t float your boat, you can always sample the Prociutto and Swiss waffle sandwich as well!

Swiss Ham and Proscuitto Waffle Sandwich

And if you head over at breakfast time, grab the cheesy, eggy breakfast waffle!

Plaza Ice Cream Sundae in a Waffle Bowl at Main Street Ice Cream Parlor

And for our next stop in the Magic Kingdom, let’s skip straight to dessert!

When is a waffle a bona fide dessert? When it becomes a vehicle for ice cream! That’s right, one of my very favorite ways to eat a waffle in all of Walt Disney World is at the Main Street Ice Cream Parlor, where they serve the delectable Plaza Ice Cream Sundae.

Plaza Ice Cream Parlor Sundae

That’s a waffle bowl, heaped high with vanilla ice cream and covered with hot fudge. It’s then crowned with mounds of whipped cream and many, many cherries! Order this one — with extra spoons, of course — for enjoying as you sit curbside, awaiting the afternoon parade!

Specialty Mickey Waffles at Roaring Fork

If you manage to cross stops 1 and 2 off your list and it’s still breakfast time, then you’re doing something right!

For your next waffle adventure, hop on a boat from Magic Kingdom and head to Wilderness Lodge, where you’ll make a stop at Roaring Fork. This is one of our favorite spots to score that most coveted of breakfast treats — the mini Mickey Waffle!

And how do we love ours? Well, there are options to choose from, like Chocolate Lovers Waffles and Strawberry and Orange Waffles.

Chocolate Lovers Waffles

But hands down, our favorite is the Bananas Foster Waffles! Here, those crunchy on the outside, soft on the inside waffles come smothered in a buttery rum banana sauce that’s out of this world!

Bananas Foster Waffles at Roaring Fork

And the bacon on the side? The perfect salty foil to all that sweet goodness!

Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe Waffles with Jam

Okey-dokey — are you still with me?? Time to grab a bus (or a boat and a monorail) over to Epcot!

When it’s waffle time at this park, I love to head over to Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe for their warm Heart Shaped Waffles Filled with Jam. This is a thinner waffle affair than many, and its shape puts me in mind of a six leaf clover, folded and spilling over with lots of ruby red lingonberry jam!

Waffles at Kringla Bakeri Og Kafe

And again with the sharing. Break sections off into little heart-shaped sammiches for you and your compadres.

Kouzzina Waffle with Mascarpone

Whew!! Within walking distance of Epcot, we head next to Disney’s BoardWalk and grab a table at Cat Cora’s Kouzzina. Once there, you might have a hard time resisting all of the incredible options, but stay the course and order the Classic Golden Waffle.

Served with whipped and decadent mascarpone cheese, honey, chopped pecans, plus your choice of bacon or chicken sausage, this takes your waffle experience to a whole new gourmet level.

Waffles topped with Mascarpone Cheese at Kouzzina

You might need to do this one on morning two of your crawl, however, since it’s only served for breakfast. :-) Then again, if you’re realllly driven and started the crawl at 8am, you may make it just in time for a late seating at Kouzzina!

Pop Waffle at Pop Century

When you’re ready for your second breakfast of the day — and really, we’re not judging — you’ll want to hightail it over to the Everything Pop Food Court at Disney’s Pop Century Resort!

When you get there, head straight for the waffles — and find a true one-of-a-kind experience with the Pop Waffle!

Pop Waffle with Strawberry Sauce

Sure, it’s basically the same mix that you get when you order the Mickey Waffle, but this one says POP on it! And that’s going to guarantee a smiling start to your day. We love to top ours with strawberry sauce, but you can always go classic with butter and syrup!

Didja Make It?!?

If so, I tip my hat to you, sir!!

But if this crawl wasn’t challenging enough for you, we’ve got a BONUS SECTION!! Looking for even more waffles in Walt Disney World? Then be sure to check out our Disney World Waffle Gallery for more waffle goodness. DFB favorites here include the Salted Caramel Waffles at The Contempo Cafe. We also love to head downstairs to The Wave for Multigrain Mickey Waffles — a healthier option.

Will you be trying the DFB Waffle Crawl? Leave a comment below and tell us all about your plans!


  1. Pudge the Fish says

    I miss the pine cone shaped waffles that were served in the breakfast skillet at Wilderness Lodge back in the 90’s. They tasted the same but they were unique.

  2. Lauren says

    We will be staying at Wilderness Lodge in a few weeks, I had read that the mini Mickey Waffles were no longer available at Roaring Forks. Are they back?!? I hope so!

  3. SharonCW says

    Salted caramel waffles??? Why have I never heard of these before? Well, there’s another thing I am sure I will be addicted to at WDW. Oh AJ, thanks for making me more of an addict ; )

  4. Katie says

    I absolutely LOVE the Swiss Ham and prosciutto waffle, the only problem for me is that it needs mayonnaise and mustard to me so I walked all the way over to Colombia harbor house to get it. Next time I will come prepared :p

  5. says

    Pudge — I do, too!! Those were so awesome, and I think they tasted even better than Mickey Waffles (probably tasting better in my mind since they’re gone).

    Lauren — Last I knew, there were certain versions that were gone, but the ones we mentioned were still there. Things can change at any time, though!

    SharonCW and Janel — Ha ha! As far as I know, Contempo Cafe is the only place to get them! They were there on the menu on my last visit in February, so I’m hoping they stick around for you!

    Katie — I love the innovation!!

  6. says

    I wish there were more waffle options available all day, not just at breakfast! When I’m not in MK and need a waffle fix, I start twitching!

  7. Ashley F. says

    Ditto the chicken waffle – my hubby and I shared one on our honeymoon in December and it was the first meal we planned for our trip in May. I am needing one of those banana foster waffles too.

  8. Linda says

    My all time favorite waffle is Nutella fresh fruit waffle. That is a must do every trip. Thanks for adding more to that list!

  9. Roz says

    Had the Spicy Chicken Waffle Sandwich at Sleepy Hollow yesterday. First of all, the sandwich is too top-heavy to put in a small paper boat…tips over on the table. Second, the honey sauce that was too liberally applied was sickeningly sweet. I tried to wipe some of it off but it was soooo sticky. The thin breaded spicy chicken filet itself was ok. The slaw was ok. The belgian waffle was perfect, but as is sectioned, it falls apart so there is NO picking this sandwich up to eat it. Awkward meal. Not worth getting it again. Just to mention, my son got the plain waffle with cinnamon and loved it.

  10. Colleen Grace says

    I used to get the Mickey waffles for breakfast at the hotel but years ago they switched from pats of butter to “butterine”. NOT COOL!

  11. Sherry says

    While eating at Sleepy Hollow Refreshments on Thursday, a squirrel came out of nowhere and snatched part of my sister’s waffle! They replaced it , but folks beware! Don’t sit near the wall in the outdoor eating area!!

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